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January 27, 1961     The Observer
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January 27, 1961

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f iDAY" JANUARY 27, 1961 ICARDINAL RITTER STATES: t THE OBSERVER ROME--Joseph Cardinal Rit- to the Sacred College of Cardi- ter has stated that he into-rials. ~r~*e~ scho"Is in hi~ archdio ] Cardinal Ritter was asked to c2 :im l % ,ovid our eo- State his views on integration, " P Y P+ P -'which he had pioneered in his ple with what is their right in own archdiocese in 1947. the sight of God." Concerned Bishop The Archbishop of St. Louis "In the problem of integra- spoke in a television interview'tion my role has been simply destined for "my fellow St. that of a bishop concerned with Louisians." He gave it shortly the spiritual welfare of his before his elevation (Jan. 16) flock," he said. Notre th of Dr. "If I have done anything to further integration, it has not been done particularly to pro- mote integration from a civil rights standpoint, but simply to provide our people with what is their right in the sight of God. "The principle of integration is certainly in keeping with the precepts of Christ." Cardinal Ritter, who has gained wide attention in Eu- rope as a champion of racial iustice, continued: Some Contribution "It has been just so hap- oened, I think, that I made some contribution as a church- man to the solution of this PAGE 3 JOURNALISTS REFLECT ON AMERICA--The current Catholic Hour series, "Catholic Reflec- tions on America," co-produced by the National Council of Catholic Men and NBC-TV, will pro- sere a distinguished panel of journalists, Jan. 22 and 29. The panel members are (from left) Msgr. Francis J. Lally, editor of the Boston Pilot; William Clancy, editor of World View; James O'Gara, managing editor of Commonwealtb; and, as moderator, Philip Scharper, American editor of Shoed and Ward Publishers. Eucharistic Guild CFM Meets qPL .1 .urs.ay NOTRE DAME, Ind.--(NC)--Dr. Thomas A. Peeler was laud- problem in integrating our ROCKFORD -- The Euchar- Catholic schools. The reaction istic guild of the Catholic Wom- ed here for his "spirit of selflessness and Christ-like charity which . I . :,LO Snls In me way ol pro~es~ an'sleague WI*I near a olscus-] i has earned the admiration of peoples throughout the world was rather limited but in the ,-, t NOTRE DAME, Ind.--More than 150 top level members of the ,sIOnon rtecreauon ano bamo / ~ ~ ~ , "His death is indeed a loss ~ lon'~ run it had a wholesome ' " -Christian Fami4 Movement throu~,hout the United States met ~,lic Morals" following prayers!here Jan 20 21 and 22 The purpose of the meeting was to con- for our nation," declared Father serv,ce to me memcaHy under- effect rather than an adverse . . i . " ' ' ' . ' ~, , ~ r. privileged of southeastAsia ono It insnired others to fol- and BenedictionThursctayat}tlnue me preparauon ior u~e lUbZ Lr:vi program ano make pmns Thcud. ~ M He.burgh C I earned hlm t admnatlon and lore cha for the 1961 Convention whM1 will be held at Notre Dame m president of the University of he. ' lowsuit and provoked, I think, 7:30 p.m. at the Poor C - A t ~" " "ame aflection o~ mimons, general approval " el "~" l~otre 1) . u --~. ~.,s " P ' From All Parts of Country .LVIUIII~U&~ UL Lilt:: Ultll l~ ~,y ' " t O " o" ' " - ' Dr. Dooley was a 1948 gradu- u ,~. ~.~ ~+; ~,~ Cardinal RiOter old h w a Takm+, part ,n the panel dis Durmg the coordmalmg meet- ~ v .i; ~u.~ ate of Notre Dame. The famed ;tv'7"~;3rde:O~.;otto S;n' t;e Brlt*sh bishop from Africa VlS-cussion will be the Rev. Law-ing which began Friday night, chm~l';~n' andUthe Re,+'~'-~Vv'~l~i;~n "" r" f Laos died s ited him in St. Louis and re- ~" ' ' ORIGINAL MARIAN PORTRAIT--Shown above is the original 3ungle docto o onmnu~ to nrav for Dr Doolev - renee London moderator, Ed- Jan. 20, and concluded the tel- F Me Mahon cha lain for the V rk c n -- ~ ~ ~+ - ' ~ coumea me mtegrauon proD- " ' . ~ . " ' P portrait of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, housed in the Church (Jan. 18) m New o of a- as he lay near death He ask- ( : o-e-e "he ward Callahan head c"ach at lowm~. Sunday alternoon. CFM Rockford region were present. of St. Alphonsus Ligouri. the titular church assigned to Joseph cer the day after his 34th birth- . " . ~ems m -,~ own u* c s . * . ' " - couples representing diocesan o~--- ' ~ =, eft Ior me smocmsprayers m, . at.; ;.~ ++'e" re.u ~,~.l=n high school hi~ ' t.rm uumue~ rome u~a. ow Cm-dinal Ritter, Archbishop of St. Louis. The history of the dav pzc~a~c .u ~' ""z" ~" ' ~ f,'~l~ra+ions from ~vo~ otter 2', +. . ~. a letter sent to Fatner ties- do what *he" can but that often ~ / ; coupJes m 35 pansnes tnrougn- original Greek painting is ancient. Many experts believe it is ~olemn r~eqmem lwass was ~. ~. +,~ ~ ~ + +z ~. ~, + a,~ ~ ~ assistant coach,cnanes vau- of the country met with the ex- ~, +u^ ~; .Pu ;~ a Byzantine work of the 12th or 13th c;entury. In 1866, Pope offered(Jan 20) in No+re ---~ --,-s s ~ - they have to go along with the ~ ~. ,'~ ~,', --% "'~'~',~*~'~" ' ~ fore he returned to thts country "+overnment and as a result are t,on seeks to auect Dotter Ia~Tl- Plus IX authorized the Redemptorist Fathers to house the uame s ~acrect rieart cnurcn ~ ' Ior me last ~lme. ~ ~;+;~ e.~ ilv life throu~,b personal forma- painting at St. Alphonsus Church. for the young doctorWhOSe . u.=. ~ ~ Dr. Dooley s most recent visit t~on and through efforts to ira. : ----- -- . ~ut ne aiso ~om me Arch to h,s alma mater x~ as last June prove those areas oi hfe whxh Society to Meet +no .u,s nat -- 5, when he and former Presi- s p '' ' " ' ~' ~ i- affect family living. 't ~ dent Eisenhower were among ~ea~ra:~ ;::t si~ ::t mn hJs~3~ -- -- - ROCKFORD- The Rev. Jo- ,] those receiving honorary de- g P e-. v . t, :. ~ir,ean Olocese. ~ .~u ~w . seph Healey, pastor of St. Jo-~vaa"ee'e" Not grees. seph, Harvard, will show slides Father Hesburgh said in a Cardinal Ritter credited the THE OBSERVER taken during his pilgrimages to ~ statement issued (Jan, 19) in press for the impact his actions connection with his death:]rod outside the Archdiocese of Family Europe at the meetin~ of the NEW YORK--(NC)--"Pray-lthrough discussion or 'dialogue' "T h e University of Notre St. Louis. . Vatican Pastor orous instances where CFM'ers ,a, are extending hospitality to for- Enjoymenff Altar and Rosary society of St. er and fasting " more than the alone." . ~ Dame grieves at the passing of He addressed the St, Louis VATICAN C I T Y -- (Radio, eign students. At present, there James parish Thursday, Feb. 2, Discussion ot tneology anal one of its most distinguished television audience. "I have left NC)-- His Holiness Pope John are also many projects being THURS, at 8 p.m. "dialogue," are needed to bring[ very dear friends back home t - "" resbvter of carried out to increase under- 7 P.M. to come to ~ome Ior mrs occa- . " . . .standing between .n.ations. WD[~[TV -- -- about religious unity, Bishop] xAui v~s~ oct tnc p y mon, ann ~ want mem to Know Chaplains Meet "-- lllIOfll)A John J. Wright on Pittsburgh[ vaucan tAtys only par,sn to what I think of them," he said. p:aY/at~:rt~,c~F2~t2sipa(~- CFM federation and national Chonnd l~ii~Ul/q said here. I Bishop Wright stated: I "i hope I may represent there'S A ' " chaplains met Thursday night, l r " " ' ,-, ; x,"Academic discussion of doe-{ we 1 he e. !Father Fattorini died (Jan. Jan. 19 and Friday. During their ] ~' ~ " " " He concluded the mtervlew [i'~//~ ~ ]trme and mcreased fr,endly{ ' . '. ]18)after 30 years as pastor of meeting, they made plans for Fhotae~gr~vmg~F~j)][in. t;'~ cooperationthe humanin gOOdeommunitydeeds with- { prayerhave ing of thePrayerheartandwhlehthe" search- I death should I natm . n-!S indeed a loss for ourEnglishbY' ~mpat tmg' to' the h~Stelevisionblesslng, au'{ersm iSt. Ann'SincIudedchurch.theHiSpapalParishion-Gen therecommendationsAUgust conventiOnto andthe gaVepro ~ .l[~ ~.~''~' servic;'+.'+N~.U~,{helped impr0ve,the climate for/be part of all prayer, so thati----~---~.' dience. [darmes and the Swiss Guards gram committee for the 1962 ~fs~ow .~- ~///] unit amon~ men arhcularl the wills of men may be m per - ~Y] "Y P Y{ ' -Elect Officers ~ ias well as citizens of Vatican program. The Rev. Francis J. . gearea "]1{"-~ lamong Christians. lfect conformity to the will of " ~ ~ ICity and other persons resident Io yourneeds I1{ I"But one can almost graph the{ Christ." ' AUI=IORA--Newly elected offi- AUJ~ORAeee a.=n=a Ill [steady growth of the desire for/ Bishop Wright stressed that cers of the Altar and Rosary so--- Ithere. Patronize I The Italian Augustinian had Ill [reunion through the Christian!the obsta;les to religious unity ciety of St. Rita of Cascia par- ~ ~ " ENGRAVING CO. [world in proportion to the in- are "more often spiritual, too- ish were installed at the ,lan, -- [been parish priest at Cave and a/ .* /Castelgandolfo before becom- P. o. so, ~s0 [crease of prayers for unity " ral, emotional, sometimes even uary meeting. They are: Mrs. uur aavemsers ling pastor of St. Ann's parish, ALL HOME APPLIANCES ' ' ri ht s eke Jan tern eramental" than they are H L Kreeger president' Mrs B,shop W g p ( " P " |which embraces virtuallythe 18) at services in St. Patrick's intellectual. Paul Rudigier, vice president; ~'~-'-'~"~~""[whole of Vatican City. Sales and Service---TV--Records---Stereo---Wiring 1 n he start of ' Such obstacles will not be Mrs J o h n Schah secretary cathedral marki g t - " ~ ', '~ the annual Chair of Unity Oc- overcome by reasoning and dis- and Mrs. Robert Jungals, tread- A II1~11~ A i i,IM~~II"" rave. The octave is an eight- putation so much as. by .prayer-i urer. . ~. 1~ JI~U~,~ . . . { f~,'~ ' Ilday period of prayer for roll- and fasting, by pemtentml a s- Mrs. Lester Johnson, chair- "tiff: Aurora [{gious unity, cipline of the spirit and humble man of organization and devel. ~ e. ~ |~ He declared that the unity of purging of the heart in order opment, r e a d the installation I Keal-Mlx |{all Christians in the Church:that Christ,may be all and in ceremony after which gifts . I{"can never come to pass{all, he said. were presented to Mrs. Arthur Concrete ]or all " ' Noonan and Mrs. Edward Gar- i,Cash Terms Lay-Away--All Repairing--Parts ~ ~{[~I~{[~ ' rity, retiring president and vice rlr t~ ! lit ] ~ 61 Fox St. ~ Auroro TW 7-9171 purposes l'!~ ~~1~!'I[ president, The Roy. respectivelYB Thomas e r m' m g- ~[J'* 3CrlOIIS / //// //. . Concrete .+ llP ]l[f~ ham, spiritual director, wel- / /7~ // ,~ "~ I~P /-II-l|~ comed the new officers and [g~NT l [ ~[^ [k],~[ LII'II~ , Coo ~-- MaybeIam, butthat~~~l/llm- -l"q~ hanked the retiring officers. ILEal [~ /,',~~./, ""' ! A lie )DIAL TW 6-9714 hasn't stopped me from,havlng I~IJ-+I~--U~'~ " /~x~ I / ~~/~ fun ! At Arthur Murray s, /ii~J t~k ~ ~ (-."~. -- A $~ ~~~ there are lots of folks my ~ IL i~ ~iii~]: ~ ~ '~'x Your Doctor ~~P~I all have good timcs together,' ~al, l~|~l~]~ ' I,] ]+ AlL Will Prescribe ~ J.S.H. ~ ~, '/' TWO CON EN ~I~II You, too, ,ill hayed good t!me at ~" LOCATIONS IN AURORA ~;::~, "~ ~ / We pay all postag ~77.~ {ties are included in ,our course. And' ~ I X~[ High on+ Liberty Street,~~:++ + /+ / u z You receive o full 4% profit ~"~----~d~ !1 " "n to dance is so mum when,t t t - So. Lincoln Ave. and Clork Street Pot me "X~%~+ + + 1 o t ~ [ ea*n* g . Y ' / ] J ~ Womanin White~'?': |. F ! 9 vou put yourself ]n the bands of an St le 2702A White {+ ]. Downer P/ace - // '~, 'X ALL PHONES TW 6-7734 $-I~0~A.White "~'s,~",l~ J-/ ~ Your savings insured to $1o,ooo by "' ~h "~'~ 7 961"Arthur Murray reamer ~vn0 guaran- / / |l X AMBULANCE SERVICE Elk. 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