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January 26, 1947     The Observer
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January 26, 1947

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News Section--Page 4 THEBSERVER EDITION OF OUR SUNDAY VISITOR Sunday, January 26, 1947 Confirmation Power Limited To Certain Priests Cardinal Dies Continued from page 1, News Sac. all those who are within the bounds of his parish. The decree expressly authorizes him to act as extraordinary minister of Con- firmation to the Catholics in all hospitals, orphanages, homes for the aged, seminaries and other re- ligious institutions located within the boundaries of his territory. This means, for instance, that when an unconfirmed person is lying in a hospital in imminent danger of death and desires the Sacrament, the Bishop not being available, it is not the hospital chaplain who is called in, but the parish priest of the neighborhood, in which the hospital is located. I The faculty can be used even in I the city in which the Bishop re-I sides, in case the Bishop is legiti- mately prevented from conferring I Dontb the Sacrament and no other Bishop  -. ..... came suddenly to His in communion with the Holy See is ' ,;mmence Rodrigue Cardinal Vii- available. The Sacrament is to be leneuve of Canada while visiting conferred without any stipend or fee. Administration of the Sacrament beyond the limits set forth in the decree is invalid, and penalties are prescribed for improper adminis- tration. Loss of the faculty is the penalty for those who presumptu- ously exceed the limits; those who attempt to confer Confirmation without authority are to be sus- pended. In noting the fact of Confirma- tion in the register of confirma- tions the extraordinary minister "shall, in addition to the usual" in- formation, insert a note explaining the extraordary nature of the Confirmation. The notation regard ing the administration of Con- firmation is also to be inserted in the baptismal register. If the sub- ject belongs to ano#her parish, the information is to be sent his pastor. It is to be sent each time also to the local Ordinary. The latter iS required to send at the beginning of each year a report, informing the Sacred Congrega- tion of .the Sacraments of the number of persons confirmed in the preceding year and of the manner in which this faculty is used by the extraordinary minis- tars. The rite is that which was given in the third section of the InStruction of the Sacred Congre- gation of May 20, 1934, found in the Appendix of subsequent edi- tions of the Roman Ritual. It is reproduced in Acta Apostolicae Sedis, with 'appropriate minor Woodstock i Jen-A-See Laundry Co. "For Better Work and Faster Service Carl 655" 410 Clay St. Woodstock II Spring Grove Fuel, Lumber TIBBITS-CAMERON LUMBER COMPANY A. W. SCq-IMELTZER, Manager telephone Richmond 364 Lumber and Building Mnterlol Cement, Coal, reed and Paints McHenry Paul H. Schwermonn I General Repairing f SHELL Gas and Oil Phone 277 Corner U. S. 12 end ILLINOIS 20 :in California, where he hoped to rest and recover full strength. changes suggested by the circum- stances in which the faculty will be used. A noteworthy provision is that after the administration of the sacrament, the priest cleanses his fingers with breadand'water, and that he places the used bread, cot- ton, and water in a clean recep- tacle and brings them back to the church. He burns the bread and cotton, and places the ashes with the water in the sacrarium. An admonition, is inserted that is not found in the rite as presented in the Roman Ritual, i.e. that thex- traordinary minister shall take 'care that no heretics or schis- matics are Ikrtsent, much less as- sist in the "dministration of the sacrament. ./ Corrections For Priests' Ritual For Con[irmation The ending of a prayer needs to be added to complete the rite to be observed when a priest adminis- ters the Sacrament of Confirma- tionn, as published in our issue for January 12. The story was headed: Official Ritual Priest Must Observe Administering Confirma- tion Is Disclosed. We are infol'm- ed that the prayer-ending which has been omitted will not hate af- fected the validity of the Sacra: ment as administered by lbis formula to date. To complete this ritual, the fol- lowing prayer-ending must be added to the text (the part to be added is underlined): V. Spiritum scientiae et pier- ati. R. Amen. Adimple eum (earn) Spiritu timoris tui, et consigna eum (earn) signo: Crucis Christi, in vitam propitiatus aeternam. Per eundem Dominum Nostrum $esum Christum, Filium Tuum: Qui tecum vivit' et regnat in uni. Late e]usdem Spiritus Sancti Deus, per omnia saeeula saeculorum. Afterwards the priest asks the name of the person to be confirm- ed, and, having dipped the tip of the thumb of the right hand in chrisln, he confirms him, saying: Signo te signo Crucis (While he says which, the priest, with his right hand placed on the head of the person to be confirmed makes the Sign of the Cross on the fore- head of the person, and then con- tinues:) et confirmo te Chrismate, etc. For purposes of clarification, an insert should be made as follows (the insert is underscored): The priest carefully removes the sacred Chrism with cotton, dries his fingers with a piece of bread and washes his thumb and hands. He places the cleansing water, bread and cotton in a clean recep- tacle and (later) at the church burns the bread and cotton and 31aces the ashes with the cleans- ing water in the sacrarium. Following this, the priest says: Confirma hoc, Deus, quod oper- atus es in nobis, a templo Sancto tun, quod est in Jerusalem; V. Gloria Patri, et Filio et Spiritui Sancto, Sieur erat in rin- TONYAN CONSTRUCTION 0. GENERAL CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS Phone McHemy 152 West McHenry Illinois Card. Villeneuve, Quebec Prelate, Dies Suddenly Continued from page 1, News Sec. Church in Canada on the occasion the fourth Cardinal in Canada's history, was a close friend of both Pope Plus XI and Pope Plus XlI. He also was a warm friend of the late President Franklin D. Roose- velt and of Britain's wartime Prime Minister, Winston Church- ill. Two days before his death, the Cardinal was visited at the Acad- emy by ArchbishoTJ John J. Cant- well of Los Angeles, and Bishop :Timothy Manning, Auxiliary of Los Angeles. Shocked at the news of the Cardinal's sudden death, Arch- bishop Cantwell stated: "We of Los Angeles extend our most heartfelt sympathies to the of the death of its princely Card- inal. In the short days he was among us, he already had symbol- ized the holiness and dignity of the Church by his gracious pres- ence. We thank God that in His Providence. He-called this holy than to his eternal reward from this city of Ouz Lady of the Angels." Card Party And 'Smoker'. Planned- By Subleffe Parish Sublette--Masses at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church on Sun- day are at ight and ten o'clock. The first Mass will be a Low Mass followed by Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament. The second Mass will be a High Mass. Confessions are heard Saturday l afternoons and Saturday evenings. Novena Regular Novena devotions int honor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help every Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock followed by Benedic- tion of the Most Blessed Sacra- ment. Card Party The card party last Sunday eve- ning was well attended. The committee for Sunday eve- ning, February 2 will be, Mrs. Raymond Dinges, Chairman, Mrs. Anna Glaser, Mrs. Max Letl, Mrs. Kenneth Glaser, Mrs. Francis Farley, Mrs. Ieonard Vaessen, Miss Maude Theiss,-Mrs. Lambert Malach and Mrs. Paul Lauer, Jr. "Smoker" The Holy Name Society will sponsor a "Smoker" in St. Mary's School Hall, Wednesday evening,. February 5. There will be lunch and refreshments. All men are cor- dially invited to attend. Captains of the Holy Name So- ciety are: James Malach, Arthur Burkard, Matt Kelley, Leslie Dinges and James Boyle. Muldoon Sodality Votes Msgr. Fulton J. Sheen I 'Catholic Of The Month' Rockford--In a recent election l held throughout the school, Mul-I doon students voted Monsignor Fulton J. Sheen the Catholic of the month. Second 21ace in the election was won by wonnie Mack. The results of this election will be sent to the Queens Work Maga- zine for :the nation-wide election. The Muldoon Educational Aux- iliary held its first meeting of 1947 on Thursday, January 23, in the school auditorium. After the bttsi- hess meeting refreshments were served and entertainment provid- ed by the Vested Choir, Verse Choir and Band. Third Order Of St. Francis Meets January 26 The Third Orde-'---r'--of St. Francis i in Aurora and vicinity will have the regular monthly meeting next Sunday, Jan. 26, at 3 o'clock in the Madonna Chapel. Fr. Gervase, O.F.M., will officiate at Benedic- tion and give the conference. cipio et nunc et semper et in sae- cula saeculorum. R. Amen. Aiken Bill Proposes 60 Million Yearly Aid To Non-Public Schools As Part Of Gigant,'c Education Fund Washington, Jan. 20.--(NC)--Senator George D. Aiken of Vermont has introduced into the 80th Congress a bill authorizing a $60,000,000 federal grant to help non-public schools finance their essential school services such as "neces- sary transportation, non-religious instructional supplies and books, health examinations and services." All non-public schools exempt tram income tax@ are eligible. It is proposed that the funds be distributed among the States in proportion to the non- public school enrollments and be disbursed through the State treas- urers. In those States in which the State Educational Authority is not permitted by law to pay the funds to non-public schools the Commissioner of U.S. Office of Education will assume this respon- sibility. The bill requires non- public schools to bear at least 40 per cent of the cost of services for which federal funds are used, and to submit to an inspection or audit as to the manner in which the fed- eral funds were expended. These provisions are part of a measure which would give federal aid to the public elementary nd secondary schools of all the States on a sliding scale, the total annual appropriation to reach $1,200,000,- 000 by 1952. To qualify for the federal funds local school jurisdic- tions must spend from local and State sources a certain minimum yearly amount, so that by 1953 at least $100 would be expended from all sources each year on each school child in public schools across the nation: In a" statement before the Sen- ate, Senator Aiken explained that he favored federal aid for all the States--not just for the poorer ones--so that "a portion of the tax load for the support, of educa- tion would be shifted from the shoulders of the real estate owner in each local school district, where it now rests far too heavily, to the shoulders of all who contrib- ute through direct and indirect taxes to the federal treasury." In defense of aid to non-public schools, the Senator declared that the motivation for such assistance is "implicit in the concept* of de- mocracy." "It is not democracy's  function," he said, "to destroy differences of opinion, philosophy and culture, but to provide a healthful and proper ertvironment in which they can flourishand mature." Senator Aiken's bill differs radi- cally from the Welch Bill intro- duced in the House last week. The latter measure would restrict fed- eral aid to the poorer States and ,permit the States to assist non- public schools for all current ex- penditures with the exception of teachers' salaries. The Welch Bill will probably receive more favor- able consideration in. an economy minded Congress as-its appropria- ' Lion is only 20 per cent of that au- thol:ized by the Aiken measure. Polish Elections II Rigged For Reds Before Voting Continued from page 1, News See. )artment of the Polish Foreign Office, declared that he was "very glad to announce" that "the Hier- archy of the Church in this coun- try has assumed an attitude of not interfering in the political discus- sions." He added that "we highly appreciate the behavior of the Church leaders"--an ostentatious endeavor to create the impression that the Warsaw regime has noth- ing to hide. The Warsaw regime freely granted permission for the entry of scores of foreign correspon- dents. They joined observer teams organized by the United States and British Embassies visiting all sections of Poland. Coffee Makes Any Meal Better For 61 Years We Have Sold Only The Finest Quality COFFEE, TEAS and SPICES Always PURE-- --No Substitutes Write today for complete list @ JAVA COFFEE MILLS 1708 S. Racine Ave. Chicago 8, Illinois. EL;. 1885 Crystal Lake I R. W. COPELAND, R.PH. 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