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January 20, 1961     The Observer
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January 20, 1961

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Y]- IDAY, JANUARY 20 --W . ekly Cal ndar SUNDAY, Jan. 22--Third Sun- day after Epiphany. Miracles of healing continue the epiphany of Christ before men But His pow- er is not used capriciously. He manifests His command of na- ture for the sake of the truth In the first case in the Gospel, He does it to arouse faith in a Jew, and, in the second, to reward and confirm faith in a pagan it is truth, not power, which is His concern. The Epistle describes and commands another kind of epiphany -- the making-known ol Christ, the reduction of Christ to visibility, by the love, mer- cy, forbearance and self-sacri- rice of Christians The Chair of Unity Octave intention for today is the reunion of all American Christians MONDAY, Jan. 23 -- St. l~ay- round of Penafort, Confessor A one-man :13th century epiphany of the Saviour, Raymund was a a Dominican preacher and scholar, a great confessor, and an adviser to the pope. The re- turn of lapsed Catholics to their spiritual home in the Church is today's intention in the octave. TUESDAY, Jan. 24 -- St. Tim- othy, Bishop and Martyr. Sun- day's Epistle teaches that the Christian victory is won by suf- fering rather than by inflicting suffering Accordingly, Tim- othy, bishop in the Church's ap- ostolic age, friend and compan- ion of St. Paul, to whom were addressed two of the latter's New Testament letters, preach- ed Christ to the end by offering his life in the proclamation of the good message Catholics are asked to pray on this day of the octave for the conversion of the Jews. WEDNESDAY, Jan. 25 -- The Conversion of St. Paul. This feast marks the end of the Chair of Unity Octave observance and the intention of the day is the spiritual and visible unity of mankind in the Church of Christ. St. Paul's is the type and model of all conversions. The Epistle narrative of Paul's find- ing faith makes an inescapable point: that religion in the new age of redemption comes from the Church and that the man who would follow Christ must find Him in His members and in THURSDAY, Jan. 26 -- St. Polycarp, Bishop and Martyr. A second century martyr, Poly- THE oBs RvE : PA E :3 iB Swtss" Monk 1 R d I Classified Adveltlslng m,ays e s i ~ ~ 11" a-| Irlt I FUNERAL DIRECTORS as T O WA e . I PIANOS AND ORGANS !~ ~ ~ 1 l~lll 1-~I~I~LI~L~,lLama|it WiaOW with 30 hrs. COllege rraln-I~ i IL~|JbJ~ /~U~ WILBUR CH,~.ISTENSON ing .and. six years teaching experience] ~v~D ,nn ~ H~t ~ . I bo ,o cuing ,n o -.-=: ---- E ~ ~ I 11002 2ha Ave. WO. 3-6521 /school. Write, OBSERVER, Box T. 12601---~v.a.n s ana urgansro Lno.os.e,j'rom ~ ~ / GENEVA --(NC)-- One ofi ~~ED C OLSO~ /N " Church St Rock,oral. [~v N ~]~K~ON Pt~c~t~aoR~v Switzerland'sfamed mountain- n~ Third Ave. ' WO. 5.1312| Help Wanted--Female I~ ~ B Jeering monks WhO nas ~een lm-[~JSmall town. One Driest. Wrtie box 450] 1574 McHenry EV 5-2251. Northtowne ~ m / . . .- . [ :a : :: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-::::::::::~i~:ii~iii~iii~:~ ~!: il / c/o The Observer 1260 North Church[ Rocl~ford TR 6 190"5 ~ m |prlsonea oy unlnese communlstSj'"'"" " IStreet, Rockford, Illinois, stating refer-/ ~ [] |, ~.~ ~ L ~ .~ IO0en Rate--10c ~ wora--$4,48 oer tnch,|ences end elualifications./ ~ [] lm lloet has written mar all me ontr,cts, '/,-inch. 13 can.-ecutive R tmonks of th"~Ti~'-'~-~,c~,~" m--i-~i~-'l~u=* $1 96 weekly for a total of $25.4S. I . =r~u~.Hur~ . ! IIR~rrrlllt/==~l~/1~lltl I l @ ~ I~ / ]Contricts,inch, 13 consecut,ve week* ln~oB security can. b.e yours by reo,rm~/ ~ ~/now are in communist jails I $3.78 weekly for $ total of $4914. J. ow f0r comm~ Ctv]l Service Exams. For|j ~ ~,|JJ DSY$ tO ~dvert sei [m~ormallOn wrNe, Ni~TlOnal lratrHng berv-/i I "All hri ' " ice The Observer 1260 No Church St I C stmn churches here 'kt ,t era tl DE I N I N G E R S I ~ ~ [are being looted by the commu-/ |~ 11 I I~ ~ []/nists, all religious books burn-[ MONUMENTS --- VAULTS I la,~1 /I flowers for ~tt uccas, ons J " " ' 'J MARKERS MONUMENTS Weddings Funerah ed, he stud in a letter received ROBERT ~'RIGG & SON J~J~tUKUKA J| J ! ~liRegu!ar of St Augustine mI ~:ATNOLICSALVAGE . II For Service Col| TW 2-3?71 ill 1WestMoin Freeport I ~ ~ j vtarngny,/Used Clothing, Furniture, uisnes, Lamps l I! , ~ ~:~: l /and a hnusehod articles. In the Rock I| I~l.l.l~lmlPIl.l.~l~|/ --: ,:.: ~ ~?; / Neverthemss our Christians[ford store, we have a new deoartmenl,rr.=l |r=.~lt |1 E -~ no = ". ~ !"~:~ /still oather secretl, +" r.~.ided,cated to Rehqmus arhcles. Pr,ces tc I " I|l ffanz-Richards. I ;/when;or an opoo;fun tv CO o G2 v VE o.CO' II!, * * :;/:; 1"1 i!i!: [:i:i:i ' ~. |ford n Aurora, Catho c Savage is Io -- --- ~. ' : /such catacomb-like actlvltles,c.ted,201 North Lake St 11 .ATER,A' // !,uc,o u, = I i!i| ii:ll }is offered. There are hardly any --------.5 22 ::-:~ll Rt. 25 NorthAuroro II I ,~v ~ I ~:~, ::::~::i~ t~2F!ll |defectors, but the outlook ]S / Excellent nursing home (:are, AoDroyed/ I"~ lk lk * * ~'ItI ST. STAN[SLAUS KOSTK. SODALITY OFFiCERS--Of.ricers of the .onng Lad es Sodahty of|grim. We m ss}oners do notl ,s e . . III "'I St. Stan,slaus Kestka parish, Rockford, for 1961 are p,ctured here with the,r pastor. Left to |know what ,s going to happenI tI SLO~OT~S It ' '" ' right: the Rev. Roman Malkowski, O F.M. Conv pastqr; Mary Anne Paluzzi. vice-prefect; Di- [to us Should we be deported tutTi . ~ 11" . 1 [I RUG and FURNITURE I'------~ anne Dzielak, prefect; Dorothy Jefko, publicity; Geraldine Nelson, secretary and Patricia Py-/China, we may never be heardilUrleS[8 IFIOS[eI ]l CLEANERS I:l ~ I zynski, study club director. ' . Jfrom again." J ]l "Tacked down cnrpetsI:l rlAKKINt3 l UI~ I / I 2~ 1OJ.~ rtu-~J.VJ, .L II e /,NCLIleY-I cleaned on floor'' ~I'1 ~ .i =- =-~ I / Word has also been receivedl - rl l~O'7"blew~'o;k"S'treet I| ~c~,r~o ~ ~A | / i lanes L~L) -- z~ do-room nosml]zu, ~e o K ~ reef here that ~uddh st monks who . o- ",J p .:II~L~'-~,~:= ~K~.~lre~tl. II COAL--FUEL .OIL I Jeseaped from communist op-Jf r VlSltlne, priests will De open-| II n:M *n. . ") a~:l, I ~~i: lpression in Tibet are about to ed here soon. The hostel's chap- ~ I "'"' """'"* "" I ' ~ ]arrive in Switzerland to estab-]el will contain seven altars l~l'l'li~/Ij~ ]l Freeport, IllinoisI hsh a monastery m Alps . ~ J ' J A guide was taking visitors " J~ ~ / According to this information, I . ~IA = i --sa = through the Metropolitan Mu /the monks are coming under thel "l . H#ALI:NA . . . ^. . |auspices of the Dalai Lama,}seum in New York. As they[I W~kl. MKIL.I.IIN~ I! ~~ |exiled spiritual and political|made their way through thai N.L. PITZ I J ~~~i:!:: Jleader of Tibet. /beauUful room- to view thell Auto ~mtlcWoterSystems II METZGERIS I . " ~~:~~!; l The monks would not under-|works of ~reat artists the ll TR 9-1243 I I . I ~~:~. ltake missionary activities, but| " ' il p s. m~ ~yAVlA II Grocery and Market I ~?~! |would try to discover how theirlgumes aualence nstenea el:ten-l~li I 2 I ' ~ [mode of life can be adapted to|tively. ~ Jl -Where the W,se Economize" I ~~~ ~~'/ " /Western needs and traditions. J "Now," he concluded at the[ i}1 To, 44s G~o.o I ~~~ lllll~~i J~ lend of the tour, "are there any I I Tiernev's Hiwav Fo0d l t t ] /Fortv Hours lquestions?" I --;;:: ;,;Z5::dj-- ii l I I ""'" ''" i ' 'u=" ," ~e~tre la Brand Groceries I St. Charles Hospital, Aurora--,' " Third Sunday after Epiphany. little old lady.' How do you ever 1 llg' rave" i ~~| ' ~, ~t .r.oc'. ~ot~.~o~.~''~ .uc ~ " o o~ .our, 0 .o ,' ""'~""' ' -- " /Rock'forci,-- Third Sunday afterJnoorS;Cathoi,c D, esf Januar - ' 'I REAL ESTATE I : kvn --- ~:::::~;'~ l/ ~~ CL FFORD TH EL Phormac st Get the Be~t . I "" :':'::: :' :: :':::: .: :::::: :!;i :~ .!:;::J~: ~ ST. STANISLAUS KOSTKA ~:~~= : :.:.:.:::.:.:.:.:.i ~:::'.~*~;J/ ~~;]:.:~~ " ,- Pr " "i" " I JUNIOR SODALITY OFFI- ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::~::~:1~ ~ cxper escnproo~erv, e Ask for I CERS--Officers of the Junior 161 Dundee Dial SH 2-0482 ftlAMl)AfJll: VflV;TI Sodality of St, Stanislaus Kost- --------~ ~[~ i~::: ELGIN t, ll/41'lr/4v.b =.=. I ka parish for 1961 are pictured ~ ~ . il~,TWIN CITY PRODUCE CO. I here with their ipastor. Left I,| M tl !1 I: R M P A T I N = SterNng Phone MA 6-0184 I to right: Linda Rogozinski, "1111111;l.~k't'll ElI "11 l[1 ~1111 llr li~ l, v =~ .a ~ publicity; Barbara JanCzak, ~V'~" ~I~/~'~' cnRPORATION --~.-~.-~ " prefect, the Rev Roman Mal v w ~v,a" " " Just ,tcross ]rum World Famed Blackhawk Statue If| . . i'l.'13=lll~ kowski 0 F M Conv pastor; " I $t~.~1 ]~1 1.~, '] Mile North of U.S. Hwy. 64 on [li. Hwy. 2, 1. uom.rete r, tectro,tatm Servtce Kotesi i,'treasurer; Linda Cyn- 1 IV" 364 Div;sion---Elgin thin Dobnick, secretary and DielSHerwood 1-1400 Sandra Faron, vice.prefect. carp was perhaps t~e last of the ! bishops chosen by the Apostles.|, 1. lr~a ~RIDAY, ~a ~ -- St ~ohnIt'rcm[e ~les ChrysostOm, BiShop and Confes- sor. A great fourth century ~reacher of the good news of ]~rist. SATURDAY, Jan. 28 -- St. 'eter Nolasco, Confessor. De- tails of the life of Peter are ex- tremely uncertain, but he seems to have been a layman -- a re- minder in this week of clerical ~aints that the epiphany of Christ is a continuing work On- trusted to all Christians. a Woman, What a Check! ANCHORAGE, Alaska--(NC) .-Msgr. Edgar Gallant, pastor of Holy Family church here, tells the story. It's about a wom- an who pledged $5,000 toward building a new Catholic junior high school to be started this year. The pledge was to be paid off in three years. A few weeks ago the woman notified Msgr. Gallant she was moving lrom A=.chorage and wanted to pay off her pledge. The pastor {old her she already had been more than generous and was under no obligation to meet the full three-year pledge. " 'I But the woman ms~sted: made a pledge and I intend to keep it." Thereupon, the un' named donor sat down and wrote out a check -- not for $5,000 but for $25,000. It's a Gallant story. Wonder;'ng Who Can Move You Without "Teo rs" Phone MA 5-1282 Or 5-8414' THOMEWAY LINES (Also Charter Bus Service) 305 W. 14th Rock Falls NEW ECONOMY BOTTLE NO DEPOSIT NO' RETURN Blue Ribbon Di~tribut0ra, l%ckford " Dixon John Knobel & S0u Freeport, Ill. DYERSVILLE, Iowa--(NC)-- Reguiem Mass was celebrated at St. Francis Xavier Minor Basilica here fo~ Msgr. Math[as M. Hoffmann, 72, the basilica's pastor and an autho'r. Archbishop Leo Binz of Dubu- que celebrated the Mass for Msgr. Hoffman, pastor here since 1945, who died (Jan. 10) HOURS OF SERVING ~,t,~'~$~Jlt~P~ I Dispensing Glosses Prescribed by Dr. H. Ceren--Optemetrist *' ,~-~o~o- ~1 Ro, k~ord--Ro, kfo,d P o,a . [Nspensing Glosses Prescribed by Dr. H. Portell--Optemetrlst Aurora--6 N. Broadway ~ ~i D~'Pe si"g Glasses P'escrlbed by Dr" Win' Li"dl*y'-'Opt metrlstDixOn-110East 'First St. Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. B. Rubin---Opternetris~ k~l Ster ~2-~ W. ~rd St. Marie s Flower Shop Dispensing Glosses Prescribed by Dr. R. Cobb, o Floral Wire Serviee Planters and Gifts Dr. N. L. St. Germein-.-.Optometrists M~RIE DAEUMER, Ownee 312 Main St.- rhone 8514 Elgin 121 S. Grove SAVANNA ILLINOI$ Dispensing Glosses Prescribed by Dr. H. Moll~Optometrlst GENERAL OFFICE AND PLANT 121-129SO. HANCOCK AVENUE FREEPORT, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: ADams 2-6139 BRANCH PLANT 2500 N. MAIN STREET ROCKFORb, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: WOodland 2-645t Write or Phone Us ]or Details attd Estimates MODERN DAIRY COMPANY, INC. Fine Dairy Products Dial 5H 1-2S36 ELGIN ~uelity end LOW COST Dieper Service #, I# Cell Rockferd Cellect ,WOedlend S-2625 ELGIN C0AL and 01L 1823 Locust St Sterling A&S Dairy, Inc. Pasteurized Grade "A" Dairy Products 42'3 LOCUST ST STERLING STERLING HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. ! ~i~ ~!;:::~::: ": :: ?~:.: ~i~ii} i: i i:i:~:}ili} ?::i ::: :: i:::::::i~ Say You Saw It in THE OBSERVER Alexander-Lumber Co. ~II Building Supplies Paint, Hardware and Rigid Frame Garages. CRYSTAL LAKE McHENRY, ILL, 45 EV, 5-1424 FRIZOL and / BECKMAN AUTO PARTS 141 N. 4th St.~DeKalb POTTERS CLEANING and DYEING Rug Cleaning expertly done Phone 3-8341 end 3.B351 DIXON BURIAL VAULTS ~utomotic Sealing Deluxe VAULTS Chas. A. Miller Co. Beloit, Wis.--Durond, III. E. W. Schmeling Sons, Inc. 1031 School Street, Rockford Lumber.Millwork-Fuel-Point In our Div;ne Ward Sem;n~r;es ;n Ind;s. Philippines end Japsn, we hsve a number of studenfs preparing for the priesthood. MANY ARE VERY POOR end need finan- cial help to continue their studies. / TEAR O'FF ------=----~--~--- Dear Father= Enclosed find $ for sponsar;ng a s~uderrt to the priesthood f=r ~ weeks. .0 NAME (pbe~e I~I~I). HELP HIM TO REACH HIS GOAL ADDRESS. . u CITY ~ ZONE STATL, PURE PORK MAIL TO