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January 20, 1961     The Observer
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January 20, 1961

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? PAGE 10 THE OBSERVER "FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 1961 ,II I II I i I I I THEOLOGY FOR EVERY MAN Do 's P]'o " " " " : i I,'.i: i 1 : S1S. The following ~ommentary on professional secrecy was ore- A person's thoughts about God, his convictions about the pur-is naturally secret unless th# information has come into one's demanded of them under pain of the loss of their lives. For pared at St. John's Seminary, Brighton, Mass. It is reprinted nose of life his choice of a vocation or profession all ihese ar.e possession legitimately and unless there is a reason of suf- Catholic theologians the secrecy of the confessional is imposed ~,'om the Boston Pilot. Ihis own to'formulate even though he is morally--bound to fol ficiently grave importance to outweigh the harm that will be By divine law, and is not subject to investigation by authorities Cler~ men and rofessiona~l Ilow the indications of ob'ectivej evidence as he develons his sustained by the one to whom the secret pertains. Violation of of the state. A priest, therefore, is bound to resist anYthe attemptseal of ~y p peop e, such as psychiatrists andlnersonal nreferences + natural secrecy, even apart from any promise not to do so, is to extort from him any information pertaining to social service counsellors, at various times in various placesI- 'r~l~ R'W'.~IT NF .~i~.~RI~.P.V fiVER knnwl~d~o of thi~ kind a sin against justice, which will demand restitution ior any re- the sacrament of Penance He may ~!ruthfully .~;a::Wnet + o to an quesuons proposect ~o nlm in u]lS arcd ma~ l,~ u =~ ,v are asked by lawmen to divulge information about their con-lexists, moreover, even in relation to matters that are externally sultmg damage to the person m3ured. kno;y it is lawful for him to restrict these words to their less fidants. Some states have laws giving such people a privileged]~ho,~ hl,~ =n,-] ~xThiPh mlaht nnf h,~ in conformity with the WHERE THERE IS QUESTION OF A secret mat nas been " ' ~ ~ ~ ' " ' " o ellor the obvious meaning tha~ ne nas no Knowleoge wmcn ne ~s a~ character. But when are secrets or confidences lnvwlable. ]moral law Thus a ,~erson who has been uiltv of wron~ ac- learned m the discharge of one s duties as a c uns, . . * * * " ~tivR'" which does no~ affect others ma, claim (he right o~ se obligation of secrecy is even more serious. Such a secret is noerty to commumcate. BY SECRECY IS MEANT KNOWLEDGE which one is un-] ~ . J -- ~' - known as a committed or an entrusted secret When a person IN RELATION TO SECRETS ENTRUSTED to counseuors "~~|~ " . levelsl|$ QUI" ~1~l/icrecy in rem~EKOvner~O inD ~as mar ~otemr ne is reasoname m no~ w~snmgI I]I Home AttendontsOXY 'ger~ t'herapy ' " " ~. II~" ',q " ' + wflhn, to divulge to others, or the possession of knowledge,Inn, thin.+ "urel" "ersonal to come to the a'ttention of others If approaches another person for advice or guidance, he c0m- of other categories, the right of the public authomty to make relating to another which, for one reason or another should not/,~,~ ^.~s ~o ~] P. ~,~ ~o. ha may rhon~p tn ~nenk ~bout ~uch municates information pertaining to his problem with the un- investigation and to demand disclosure wt!!. be hmlted.m ac- be revealed. The right of secrecy in relation to one's own]:V~,~:+'~%=~:+==.~:~.':~"~':'~*~" ==~"~.='~5":.-~.~,-.~'~ ~=n~5~-~,= ever- derstanding that it will not be revealed Lawyers, physicians cordance with what has been said above, wna~ is ~rue in rela- knowledge is founded essentially in the human personality]~is'e'o~f"~ecr;c'$+~)=t~'e one'~n'w~o~m~h;~confi~de's" +and especially clergymen are bound by the obligation of pro-tion to secrets entrusted to re l!gious counsellors cannot be es- which is constituted by the umon in a single being of a body/- "~-'" ":" I~--T"E"~ THE RI'~HT f " err c arises inlfessi na] secrecy in relatmn to all information which comes tablished in relatmn to other ~mcts or secr.e~s. ~ ~s conce.~vabie with a spiritual soul. The right of secrecy is thus communicated{ ~ u'r~.~ ~ 3 1 ~:~ o s e y ~ ~: !to them in their interviews with their clients. + that in certain situations, the nature of has been mreaay : ~: ,~ . ~: ~ +, . 1. . ,~ + isome cause extrinsic m me person wno possesses it. ut paru-[ ~indicated secrets entrusted to professional groups omer man ~eterm"inXaUti~n'~.s~roUuht"aYbo%Yt ~UU~h;~;~rcugms~aSceUre ~rec~Setcular significance is the right of secrecy connected with another' WHEN SUCH INFORMATION IS emrus~ea ~o me counseuor life and by the demands of the c~mon good s of uman/strictly personal right, the right of approaching another per-solely for theigiurp~:tl~: ;e~lsa~i?ot~ne's ::::tisO.n:t~hthGOd~)mO[;l:;gpm:~bT:ghtclbaeig~:~r:de2 Yr~elud:t:ilgahhr:ghmt~nIi~77 ~,~v+~ w~,e ~-~na* ~,*x*,~,~,~ ~ +h~,~^,;~ .~;~ I son for advice and guidance. A person may freely permit an-Ireasons perth g+ ~ . g P ~ ' "linvestiaation that is necessary for clergymen. The situatifik ~ ~,~ ~,~ .~,o "~ **-~,'~**-~-~ ~,-~s-~-o ,~.~- x i ' flue i o : ire nd on man good will justify its revemuon, wnen me mIormauon is ~, . . tinguish first of all those secrets which are strictly personal J .ther, person toe er,c?e an in,nee on his. wn. ,]: a ]entrusted to the counsellor for the nurnose of regulating one's!which they might be legitimately questmned "~uld be ~'~ w~,~,~-- -- +~-:- ,-: ,-:- : trne aevempmenr o~ ms personm powers ~nJs ngn~ mus~ oel - . . ~" " Itional andthe riahts to which their obligation ox secrecy- ou ,~,v,-,~uge 0~. tuxa ~In~ purtatnS So lntilnateiy to one s personal " " h 'n 'vioual rou s orwire me cam,-- v relations withat er ~ al s or g p 12 to $ p m F i . . respected as guaranteed by the Author of human nature. It . . ' .- be re uired to ield should be unquestionably urgent Profes- ~ +1. :,~. + ; yr.^ :.~u+ t |must be respected by others, and it must not be u du y e d n-I ~, sional secrecy of whatever kind should be surrounded w~th hfe that he ~s jushf ably unwilling to place ~t at the disposal n 1 n a muntty as a whole the right of secrecy must be determined in q Y . u~ t,~uv~ w~.uuu a=~u~uuun. .rue r~gu~ ui b~r*ct uwnerSmp lS! '" -" ' " - t-~"*;~n "O me other rightS wire wnicn it may come into con-i ~, . . gerea py provisions oi law wnlen woula atscourage peopm 1rum ~ ~ " af u d" bOY it can- possessed not only over external ob]ects but aIso over thought I ,0;, N,~ ,;,h~ ,~ *hio ~,~,~ ;~ -h~o]-to ~* m-- h,~ in conflict withlevery posmble s eg ar but, except as noted a e, 2+. : ' . . }exercising it, or wmcn woum aemana me revemnon at in,or-; ~, ~: - ~: ++ "~ ~'~ - [nat b~ ro~arded as an absolute right which would never yield in processes ann ac~lunS WmCn are exerclsect oy numan powers the more urgent right of a thirst party Jmation entrusted to another the obligation of secrecy. + " ' " ]-,~,~fli-e* ~,ith other rights - " ~' ' " ' I MANY SUCH MATTERS WOULD NOT BE, of their nature,I y+OR EXAMPLE, A PERSON WHO IS contemplating m~rddi:rl'"~El~A"iN STATES II.~ E ADOPTED statutes according to II~I~O| I~ i ~I T~I i~ I~I l~Ir~i~ Ipurely personal secrets, as we have defined them above. They]mL,ht confide his intention to a lawyer for the purpose o .a s.:lwhieh doctors lawyers clergymen and other similar groups /11~/~.-I~ II I /I I I~ I ~1 I~ + Idt l would, however, demand secrecy by reason of the promise I covering means at evamngme penames at,the law. ,~gam%at]cannot be called o2to 'testify in court unless the privilege of : . " {exnressed or implied, made ~, the one from whom advicelmay be in conflict with the more urgent rights at me one WhO ~ ,MAYOR deLESSEPS S~MORT- THE. REV, T I:IEODORE .M.lhad been sought. In any even{, the fact itself that help had/:3 r2S a e sg;e d re ~Ta2p~e,laa PeerrS:: t:b~ut t;o d ;m:~t~e3~Yi22t w;i:;?.i~Y:::r::;::ew;2Th:tewYeSh:;ee 2i2~h'at r~ ~uz,~ m a message m ep. .IHt~ut~tJlt, C.b.C president|been sought brings the existing obligation of secrecy into rela-[ Y. " . .Y Ithere should be in every jurisdiction suitable provision for the Hale Boggs, has asked Federal of Notre Dame University, was~tion with the common good, which would certainly be affected~e~tecdve~y at nis proper~y. ~gain, it may De in contnc~ w~ml assistance for 40 girls who are elected~president of the Associa-]adversely if professional secrets were disregarded Moreover [the rights of the one to whom the secret information is en-lcP;:~ec~ n ~h?:~lmu?lC;~ot n~i:n~ :h:Pdrl~:~ bnroatadreenmo33~ ~3 in New Orleans as refugees]tion of American colleges, althe obligation becomes still more urgent when the one an][trusted" Thus a person to whom a secret of minor importance] gY g. p from Cuba~ * * lfede:?tl%o~] S::ts publt~ic tand}proached for help occupies a publicly recognized position whichIitse:~ustewdit~2~dthbef~ru~3?e~t~r3~e:hnIgni~&?eiTuhati~hr~eI~v;~:t:~ca~3s;rn~b~:m~cn o~ Cam:pgYr~tanlIS:tPPr?a2e~&aEc; lp s m onslidentifies him as a counsellor, and which presupposes a deft-| [nnt ~nlv cn~ in which the cler~vman is annroaehed for the THE REV W PATRICK/at their annual meeting in Den-~nite measure of com-etence and skill in dealin" with the "er lone to whom the secret information pertains could not reason-i ~ :"%+~ "-- '::: - . 7: +'. ~, s ~ - " e ' u i 1 help whicn nis posnion enames nlm ~o a~rorfl. + snou d nor DONNELLY, S.J president oliver, Colo. ' /sonal problems of others. [ably demand that lt r main nd sc osed. /ha HmitPd to camera in which the confidential disclosure is made Loyola University of the S uth',] * * *,THE VERY FACT THAT THE RIGHT of secrecy exists im-~ ' IN ALL THESE SITUATIONS THE relation of the obliga-]i~~ ~'~)~r~t~v-~Y+ith-the dlscl" 'n'hne of the church to which" the has been elected to the execu-I BISHOP CHARLES P GRECOI*-Iies the obli-ation in others of res~'ectin~ it It remains to con Ition of secrecy to the common good will always be importantl+7 ~Con s - ! v ~ y ~ - . clergyman et g . tive committee of Independentlof. Alexandria, La was electe~tlsider the extent to which this oblization will stand azainst other/in determining whether or. not it will. be lawful to violate ant From a Czthnl--ic ,n int of view ther e can be no uo estmn" as to College Funds of Amerma Supreme C h a p la i n of thelri~hts, with which it may come rata" confhct." In ~eneral it" m%.v| entrusted secret. In relahon to stmctly personal matters the/+~ o,~ ~n,qono,~ nf ~noh ~tntntnrva roAsmns,~ v'" with' the divine * * * +,Knights of Columbus at a quar-lbe said that it is never allowable to reveal information which]best interests of the common good will always demand the]and canon'[cal legislation pertaining to the secret of the sacra- SALVADOR DALI has neentterly meeting of the organiza-I " /preservation of secrecy, even against the demands of other con-/,o, ,~ p no,nnn +his however it would seem that the contracted to paint hi~ impres-/tion's board of directors inl -- ]flicting rights. In relation to all other obligations of secrecy,|co~mongoo~l-deman~ls S'ta utory proteeiion for all communica- sion of the vision of hell seen]Washington, D.C ~ T R A H ~ E B U T T R U ~ ]there may be situations in which the common good would|t; a,~ +, ,-1 en The- are annroached for nurelv snir- by the children at the 1917/ * * ] '~ Iml |Justify the revelatmn of the reformation in question. While the|i+u~ --ur--oses It would be harmful to the cause of rel~mon Fatima visions, according to the~ DR. JOHN LESTER REI-I ~ LiI|leoKl~oWll ~ 1 |$ ~or Co holic$ L-'|common good.demands that professional secrets of all kinds|,]ep~;r,~llyeif tlae impression were to gain currency that com- j ~, p Y'" ] d " 'la toI |[ m ,nu~-~;a~,~ ~t,P ',- Q munications made to other professional groups as having the reported to have a recurrence]that provided public schools. [ |[occa~n~.a~:~. ~ [that the possibility of conflicts does exist, and that the bbligaols.m~ ~o~reo of ~rivile-e It would seem that any legislation of the primary chest cancer '~: :~,~ ~ tion of secrecy, sacred as ~t is, must m s me cases yield to " other rou l / Rt~i5'~ ~ ~|. . ']for the protection of communications made to g ps that hosp~tahzed h~m m 1959.|Bi 1 / ~ |h~gher r~ghts. [should be limited to particular situations for which it can be . . . ] o ~t~.# x' uul/u~,~ THE PUBLIC AUTHORITY CAN NEVER demand .the re-lshown to be necessary. The state should, indeed, protect the BISHOP JAMES A. McNULTYll:) r. ~.~.~.* .~ 4 l l velation of+any secret which is purely personal, and which islright of secrecy whenever it can be shown to demand protec- of Patterson presented the|!L~'L-~lllllltlly ] ~t~~~~-~ I|conccrned with a person's relations with God. It is to be as-ltion' The state should not however enact legislation which Benemerenti medal, a papal T -. o ~ :~,[sumed that information entrusted to clergymen in their officialtcould be construed as applicable to cases in which the right of honor, to Mrs. Geraldine R.]Latlll CllOOl [ |capacity is of this kind. Hence it would be wrong for a publiclsecrecy would be required to yield to higher rights, and in Dodge, a noniC:l~holi3s~itrtg:n-I PITTSBURGH (NC) Anl [official to interrogate clergymen about any such mattlters. Re-lwhieh the communication made ann professional basis would, erosity to C .I -" ~ ~l |gardIess of the relation of the secret information to he rights|in the nature of things, lose its privileged character. . [unprecendented response to ap-[ [of others, the fact that it is made known to a clergyman estab-I MRS. CLARE BOOTH LUCE]peals for vocations to the dio-[ |lishes the presumption that it pertains primarily to areas all ~ili::i!iiiii~ii~ii~i~::::::ii~iii~ii~':~i=:~ ~:~~fi~ will address the amusement in-/cesan priesthood has led Bishop[ /the person's life over which the public authority has no juris-t ~i~ii~i~i~!~i[i[~i~i~!!iiii!ii~ii:~ii~iiii~ii!ii!i~i~i~iiiii[i~i~i~!iiii~:iiiii~ii~~] dustry's I0th annual Commun-[John j Wright of Pittsburgh tol I ~{ I[ ~'~ ~ ~~~'f'~ - I|dicti n",ii~iii~iiiiiiiiii~~i~i!iiiiiiii~iii!~iii~[iii~iiiii{ii~iiii~i~{~i~!iiiii~i!~i~i~iI~iiiii!iiii~~~ ion breakfast Feb. 5, in the~+~r,]+ h +,o~,~[~"~~TOI~ 'INff $1~ALI.I~S'rC&TH(OI1AI~ I/ The influence of clergymen would be seriously detracted] ~i::::::i::i::~i::~)iii~i::i=:iiiii::iiiiiii}::ii~iii!iiii}iiii~}iIi~iii::~~ Beverly Hilton's International/~':~,~ r .~ .'". o-, - =:o] I~L~,T~ROPOU~ I~,aT,~N$ I]from if the impression became prevalent that information en-I ~~~i!~?~ nlgn scflogl nere to open in me MMOOATES ;+ Room. Danny Thomas will be/ el k~~gmg~T~A~O"" ~v+S|trusted to them under the obligation of sdcrecy could be di-I ~~+i-.';.i~~ master of ceremonies. |fall / ~j4]~r~ ~''~ ~ o."/"~/P~OPtE. ]vulged upon the demand of a public official And since clergy-~ ~~~N [ s the hrst step m a prog+am] li~/~ ~ ~'+~--' +a+~ i,j '.'~+, |men perform functions which are vitally important for the] ~~ EUGENE CARDINAL TIS-]of iraining for the diocesanl ]'~~.~;~ ~~]common good, it follows that the state, as the custodian of theI [~~ SERANT, Dean of tbe College[nriesthood the school will be[ ~~~~-T-~[common good, must afford complete protection and immunity1 ~~ . of Cardinals, has been nominat-[st .f. ' un.e-[ I~~~|from investigation to those who have gained information inl ~~~" . ed for membership in the] ~atea oy ~esult prms~s a rI ]the discharge of their clerical duties. ] ~~'~" French Academy an,arrangement mace Dy ~tsnop ,~ P[ I~~~N| THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ATTACHES particular impor-I k~'~~ ,wright and ~amer ~onn lw Ex ermnced Conmderote ~~-~ r cll o s i t'iI~[~ " ~~~[tance to the obligation of secrecy in relation to information re-] ~~i~: SISTER M. LELIA, SSND, of}Daley, S.5 Provincial of the] |ceived in connection with the confession of sins. Priests are] ~~ St. Louis, has been named the|Jesuits Maryland province. TheI ]forbidden to reveal any information relating to the sacramentall ~ ' first American members of the|four-year day school will be[ ~P~~~~~||confession of their penitents, even if this inlormation should bet =~ women's promoting group for]known as the Bishop's Latin] ~~' ~,'~.~7~" I| -I :~/~! the Movement ior a Better]School. " / ~ '. + "~=~'~'~~-']~I~~IT~O~ I :9 World Temporary space for thel ~~~-~u~~~ ~f.~A j|,~'~=~z~tl ~wi~,=~. ]~ * * *,school, to be devoted exclusive-] I ~ ~ -tl HYMAN G. RICKOVER, Vice]ly to the education of candi-]~ ~] ]m)~. I| ~ Admiral, father of the nuclearldates for the diocesan priest-[ |1 ~ ~, ~'i#,:-!"J,~/.~'~t~, I[ ~ iLL: [ ; i i!!0id !!ihe fiiit "si!!i !iili;~! -i ~ii i! e !'" ""' i '.:+i~-'" "ii II [ ~' en ' ' n " ",li~ IF I~ ' I ~ I~ ::i'i!i:i!i.ii!i!iiiii~iii~ ' J[ U ianWMTIIR . /a long-range program for sem:}l + + ,/I Ill ++"+"' +" "" "'" i -+ oil Ill "+'"" wo.+.0. +. +ii++IIl e inary training on the high Hr" rv, e-- O $- 673 Frtendl Atmos here school colle fate and seminar 24 Se c y pher ,g Y " i " ~t ~.+/,~> 2~III PARAI}ISE . KNOTT & SONS + IDftPVCt'tDJ' /I I/I,',+ III Com .io. Breakfasts--ZLunclieons ~. ~. If| Privacy available ~or all a~airs JOHNSON & CUMM NG s +I, o. il 2 I WlESLAND I!1 c,ii uur aays nop II - I,-- o +o o. III mmi III,w ,o o wo III hash cornfete -- !/ I'I + ;Ch'IdrenL ' 1'1"2"2' I+++'-+ I[I II + " ,o,+,o wo, -,o+,ooo, il Hotel TooSmol, < +, ' r Nativit st,+, ft, I III - 1/ III,~+ . g,l . " /.~ I II,~o "+o 4-U565 ROCKFORD I 2115 20th Avenue I)I w- " illll,a+'j~P~~~>~i+ PH.Ie P,- ~ lli+l C~,s,mos a,o~ a,~ mo.y o~. t ~ /, n~~. I Rock+oral, I I Itl iiiii+~~~: !+ ~+ : +.~:.+:~:~;+~+ L +, ~- ,I ] lllll propriate Christmas items +or / . o II -;- I " I/I FREE ESTIMATES IIIIP~} +'~~-~. ~. Eli pleasing gifts for all. We hove i / /' I/I " " ,Presents the most comp ere se ect on of I PHONE WO 3 3322 III t S,e R,a,+ IIII : " IIIII = ",I "kJlg " III I I " II llitl . . IIIII Nativity bets and Fore'gn ,on- i~ I ill / ~ ~ Ik,-~I/Jl/JT D'JT /~ I III/ " . III/| guage cords in the oreo. Come BB "tb J,I!1 I' 1' IJ ':~::::::::i::::i:':':'~+ ~'+>"~ i 0 in now ond see out new won- . ~1~ ! 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