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January 20, 1961     The Observer
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January 20, 1961

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, FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 3 Priest Savs Ithe Ceylonese government's school grab more a protest 'against] More than 52 years of dioce- ~ what it believes is the last remnants of colonialism rather thanTsan history were spanned in aI M~ religious persecution. ~[~cOment during the Christmas ~]]~ I At the same time he feel~roi ].eason just past The event was] ' .~ yen an ormntal Interpretation . . that good may still come of the[~uth ' ]the meeting of two eyewitnesses ] !~ ' i ~ ~uu~u" / " s tuation. While in the midst of "Tha h " " ,to the history of the Rockford] ~ !teaching and studying for a] t s uld have been start- diocese. ] [ ~ ,masters de~,ree m mathematms[ I One of them could speak lntl-I ',~ ea oo or bu years ago. In a court- . : HB . try where lo per cent ot me ~ . . at John Carroll University here matel of the be mum s for she iFather Silva has been recalled mnnon popmauon is Catholic,[was t~e sister ofghe fi~st'Bishon [ if: by his superior to teach in one we s.hou~ not be regarded as a Her name is Sister Mary Irene !i ~ :: ~of the six Jesuit schools still mrmgn ~nurcn. Muldoon R SM I : ~ ::: !:ii G ' * " How Work Carried On :::: :: ,not confiscated by the Ceylon ood to Come . CATHOLIC PLAYERS APPEAR IN GENEVA--Shakespeare s ]government However, Father Silvabe- : "The Merchant of Venice, features Carol Keefe as- ~ :, ] I The other could tell how the] rorria and In an intervie~ before leavingllieves much good will cornel I ::::: ) ~! C. lyde Wadlow: jr, as Shylock In the new production by Players [here Saturday (Jan 14) for his]fr m the government's sehooll~ rx,starte oy t~lsnop lv mlooon[ ~ ~:.::.:i.:.::.;:: ::~:i:~:.'.~ . ,ncorpora~eu Lo ne presenteu ~unaay ,tan 22 on the sta'e of ", ~orab He ~id " / as oeen carrlefl on ourlng me/ ~: ~ ~::~::~ . ' s [rip naii way arouna me worla ~, oa : . ii: ~. :i:i- i:? " ~. Sacred Heart Seminary, Geneva, at 3 n m Tickets are availa*.l,~ [ ' [ ]intervening years and especml-/ iii: : ]l :!i:~i~iiii~i~!~ j~ r. ~. ~ Iramer ~nva salo tmnsuanny is '~or me iirst time ninous XI the "as~ fo"r 'rh,~ ~mh/ ~ '"=" :::::::::::::~::: " ~} ]mistrusted by many Ceylonese ]Protestants and many Budd-/ = ~ [ ~ :; I ii~::!ii;~!;ili~: ' ' ", "' ~successor to msnop ~vmlnoon. ne~ ~}i~ s~ ~ !~[::!i!!~i::::i ~: '~" |He explained that the Catholic]hists are tnited with Catholiesho +~,~ ~ o+ m~, r '1" r~ [ ~ ~ i l~.nurcn, as weu as rrotestantlm oppos~tmn to the natlonaliDD / :!,iii~}~::i:.i:.ii!!: : ~t~ I ~|~ I l l~]Kl~m ]groups, did not adapt to the con- |school policy. / ' " . . [ iii!:.::: ii! ~ ::~i~:;i~ : ~q~|ll'q~ I~ ~r r ~|~ Iditions and culture of the coun-] "When the ma;orit~ o ^ 4^] Durmg their recent visit at/ | ]~ . I J, .( " ~'=~P~/Mercy infirmary, 620 Belmont [ :i I~ : : Fr~" /ano me aaminlstrauon realiZe/ave Chica o Bisho*" Lane and,:~:i:~i+~i : AURORA Isored by the Mc Henry Council] Many Privileges [Catholics are not something left|s] /'r ~* r g'' . v . . / ================= ===== == : I . . . ste ~vla y ~rene round a topic i :::::::::~i;~;~;~i~i~ i: :: :} ~ : Feb. 1 and2 -- Prelude to No. 1288 Knights of Columbus[ He said that under Britlsh[:;:rlJrO~cCcO}~:ni;s;Sm~ that We[of easy conversation in their[ ~ii::::iiiiiii.]iiiii: :: :.i I Spring" card party and bake[at the Mc Henry Amercian Le-[rule, missionaries had many[ y ,y,; t e school]mutua1 interest in the diocese[ ~!iii:::.!ii::iii::ii::::i:iiiii:::: | sale in Madonna high schooll 2 |privileges not enjoyed by the[situation will cnange " I, p^,~u n,::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: | ~.lon nau ~rom u p m to t a m " " " / ii: i}iiii:: ::::::}::::::::::@:::::::::::::::[: :.!i ~ " " ;. aud~tormm sponsored by Madon-t~.~oor prizes" and hors' deouvres ]natives The priests were edu-[ Father Silva said that many[ Recalled the Early Days :'!::i~!::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: }::i! na Ladies~ auxiliary,t 10t Feb' 1, 1:301 ]catedbeen faclnmen u andto ltsfr mtaskWestern[Cath liCMost '~ "'nneSChools, ooantincluding the] li q~ |~k VJ~k~li~ e| iii$1iii!i~!i}iiii!i!i::ii~iiii~i]iiii!ii}]i]ii!i ii ii ] ~ :i and 8 p.m and Feb. 2, 8 p.m. / POLO ]countries. They were respected]six Jesuit institutions, now are] Sister recalled the early days] i]i~iiiiii~::iiiiii~iii~i]iiiiii ii,~ : : : " ! Feb 10 and 11 -- RummageI Jan. 26-- Sportsman's Night[by the British rulers. They had]trying to go it alone -- without] her life as a young girl in[ ::::::}:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::[:::::::[:}:::: iilii sale at 228 Main St. -- Sponsor-/sponsored by the men of St ]an influence with officials which[any government aid. ]Stockton, Calif,and later, in[ BISHOP LANE VISITS SISTER OF FIRST BISHOP OF ROCKFORD--The Most Rev Loras T ed by Unit 13 of Sanctuary So ~ even educated natives did not Providence R I She recalled Mar3 parish Chlh and o t But the3 will face difficulties dali,v ,~ c~, t.~,q, ,~ 'a,~[ " " ys erJ~a e ,lt h --i n--i [ ' ' ' ' .'l! ' '" . . i Lane, D.D. and Sister Mary Irene, R.S.M. found much to talk about as they visited during the k',~,~,~"~'~ lsupper beginning at 7 p.m |o,J~h~; ~,u~o~nr)~~']Ab ut 80 per cent ol thequah-]tna~, her ~amer, a contractor,] past Christmas season. Sister Irene is the sister of the late Peter J, Muldoon, first bishop of t, I ROCKFORD /man~ C~e~'ion 7"~ in~ '~ ]tied lay teachers are tmaanists.lna~ le:t remno as a young man| Rockford. March 15 -- The Annual St.1 ] y y ese oeoa to sus-iThe Cathoilc school which re-]to make his way in America./ Patrick Card Party at Madonna/ Jan. 29 -- Pancake breakfast[pert them for being too closelYlnounced state aid to remain in-[She remembered that her broth-]50th year in religion. However ward to the arrival of The Oh-[also worn a Bishop's ring. high school, sponsored by the[in St. Patrick church hall ]iaentifieo with the representa-ldependent' will.not be able to er, the first Bishop of Rockford, lher bond with the diocese of[server each week l Somethina More Altar and Rosary Society of St /sponsored by Troon 31 Boy]tires of Englan,'Imatch the higher salaries whichlhad received his education at]~, ~,~ ~. [ Justifiable Pria, [ - ", ~- z I *" . . /7~UUI~LU.VU ll~l U{~ll btUOll~:~l,y IU/~- ~'*~" '~ closer lance reve Mary parish }Scouts of America Servin,~ 6 Father Silva also said that the]will be paid in government con- St. Mary seminary m Kentucky| I [ g,alea " ed and on the day of the Jubilee ~lster loogea mougnmny at someming more Her Irish eyes /a m until 1 p m Adults~1 Church md not adapt to con&-[trolled schools and later at St. Mary semmary, l* . -. ~.~r~ ]children 60 cenis [lions of the country in other| After Hours Only [Baltimore. She spoke of his or~]Mass the Most Rev John J.l~le ring worn oy ~lsnop ~ane.]were anve wire warmth and in I ' " I [t [ [i I s ne answered her quesn ns]her heart mere was surely a Jan. z4 ~ Annual Card and F ' ways, including: all churches . . dination in Brooklyn in 1886. She Boylan, Bishop Muldoon's sec- eb. 8 -- Pre-Lenten Lunch- The overnment in itsat- about the growth of the diocese, prayer for the present b~shop of Bunco Party sponsored by the eon s were of westernarchitecture' g . ' . told httle of herself but surely, . tyle show at the Wa on ond successor was in the sane h SS Peter and Paul Cary-Grove - "g statues and ,~aintin~s of Our empt to bringalleducation in her memory ~ianlf~o~,+ ,~.+o~ ' " s e was evidently pleased. An Rockford that God would pros- Altar and Rosary Society at 8| el 12.30. Sponsored by thelL . "h B1 ]under state control has agreed ~ltuary of St Patrick academy ]onlooker might have detected an per him m all his great efforts ',orn t e esseo lviotner and ' . m her llle must De entwlncu p.m. in the church hall. ]Catho!m Womans League Oflsaint'S were of western design It permit religious instructlonlwith the events of her brother'slChicag . The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Iair of 3ustlflable pride as sheIto carry on the work of the ELGIN /tmcamra" land mostmissionaries did no"[ n school premises after hoursIlif IL " " "~ r .- . r[thought of her brother who,had[Church t . e. ouls o. J:raney, p esent vlca [ STERLING [bother to learn the native laura I--If all schools are surrendered] .~, |~ [ Jan. z8 -- Maroi ~Jras ball,/,! ~ ~ -]to the state "! ~nurch A Testimony Igenerat of the rtocK~oru fliocesel -. for the benehtof Catholic oan 21 Parish supper at age --- '. " " [Newman CTntral Catholic ~-i~,~-/ "-~: I' Jesuits and other Catholic re-[ In 1895, only a year beforeland the Rt. Reg. Msgr. Fred-] Three Priests in Nine Years charities, i,- - " " ~,"l ine result, he saio, was matl,:~; ~ ~'~'~i"~ ,dSister Mary Irene's nrofessionl------ -m ,-, r u I FREEPORT ]SChOOl cafeteria -- sponsored bY]the Buddhist majority began to['~uu~ '~',~./~**~.^~"~['~ u~as a Sister of Merc~ FatherIc- ,~ o~,u~, p ~z~/ RANGOON, Burma --- Three Archbishop Victor Bazin of 1' [look upon Chrlstiamtv as a part]'. t ~ ]'~/I,1.4 thon the chanc,qlor ,~fl ' iP 'ests were ordained here (Jan.lRangoon was the ordainin~ nra pash Angels parlsn, Aurora were also rl I 1cU.'L~[][ ~O -- All v'arlsn bake * sLrengtn WIIC/ ~V~U p~bbl[Jl*J [.~,*u'.u'Ju~*, ~ v . . --. ~, r --" ] VIRGIL ]of colonialism and imperialism'].~ the Chica-o archdiocese wastthere. The Rt. Rev. Msgr John]ll), marking the first ordma- late in the ceremonies in Raa Dale sponsorect Dy the Aquin ' lna~ s Why .~a~neronva was s " Central Catholic high schoollso[e.b'.5-- Card Party-- spon-[~eSt22thmgltuhrmh biloongetditolc~alled home. [appointed pastor Of St. CharleslLaffeY, now chaplain of Moose-l~O::e2: nm~iYt~ar~emv:hls 6~r~h;[go~iCatwhedral. . home and school association [~ ed by the Altar and Rosary[ ; g] ]Borromeo parish on the city's]heart, Aurora, was deacon of the~ ' ] espread archdiocese I~ociety -- benefit of SS Peter/which was zorelgn to mem. xleln o, Iwest side The Irish immigrants]~,---,[t-amoncs m lower burma. Inas omy b~ priests at present n~t~*.ul'~ [and Pa /added" II-l'leg[~[resses i i~ i - ~ - h ul ~-'arisn in me parisn/ o~ iwno were nls parisnioners navel I ~ II~i~ Jan 26 Card party sponsor hall ~, omers balu rieilo ~, ,~. "7- . . -]],8 p.m "During, British rule mission-IT [given way to the latest arrivals, t I ~ ~1[ ~B~'~ ecl Dy~tAnne SOClety at8 m p' ~WE ~r~ ~,- P" "] WALTON [aries saw little need to learn[Ideal O[ PreouenUolive skinned newcomers from] During Bishop Lane's visitl. in~t22annennall Lunchand ,~ 1 ~ ~ m " ",Jan, 22- n o ]the native ton,ue. About 40 per~ IMexico and Puerto Rico andlwith Sister Mary Irene, otherI ~oor| prize ~ op~nsoreu " y problems No doubt he re [b-- the Altar n~'~" lcent of the people could speak]][--]'ol'tr ('ommulllonlsouthern Negroes seeking a live-[sisters came to say hello. Among: ~ ~ ~s a a r~osary ~oclety n li h I h f i i 1 o ~LL ~ | Mc Henry }of St Mary ~ ' h ~, ~, ~ ]E g s . t was t e o f c a g v-Ij J ]hhood m Chicago s factories.[them was Sister Mary Brendan ~ ~narl)enter Jan. 28 -- Social Dance .~non-'~r~" |ernment language and was un-/ LOS ANGELES --(NC)-- The]The neighborhood has changed R S M, a sister of the Rev Ro- I'~ | , --, p.m. [derstood by all educated classes, lfrequent communicant neces-[but St. Charles church still[bert Troy, pastor of St. Patrick. utSmDUrOr ,~ ~ ~D~ A "English also was the langu-lsarily is sanctified, Father Wil-[stands as it did in the days of[narish- Ambov I [,;~4/././ 4~-4//.Z~,1-1 ct *7 /~" ' "* J I~lOI /YY ~-04iY or /~ /-3/44 ~~ ~~t~i~ /a~,e of instruction in the schools lliam O'Halloran, S.S.S told]Bishop Muldoon a testimonyl The M e r c y infirmary is AURORA ILL i~~1:j ,tl ]Only .*ire hour~ a week werelll0 delegates, to the West. ,C ast]t Christ's love for all men. .[ home f ro a nuroher nf tho " " -.-.-.--~.[~J~,~|l~]~ J ~l~v Jl FREE PARKIN~ ~given to study of the two major/convention of the Priests Eu-l I,~o ~ ~ ~o, ,~ ~ : . . I~l[~Pk~[d ~ u.~ i, DRIVE-IN SERVI'CE 'tongues -- S i n g h a 1 e s e and ~charistic League. I raceu many t'roDJems ~ ~-~ ~r,r,=~,s m*,~J]g |[ J~ Ic [ Whe- n;~h,~, ~n, ~,~ [Order which staffs four schools Loraen t~J~Z~ la q ~ II ~I~";z !/amll. 1 frequent and Ganv t.:ommu-! r, ,&~ uv. ~ uJ~[anA thr,o h,-',-~+~1~ ;, +~,~ m, .~ o. A gi'~;~r"~-I q~| ~ ~. |[ ~: ~k'~l.[ With the end of Br,hsh rule]nion should be encouraged by[ ckford m 1908, he faced[cese of Rockford Si~+~r ~r-" [ |. rlhu lrl 1~ ~ [~W :=.:q " man,o~ ,t v~ a ,7 v ~ ~n. u ~ve al It II ~ .=r,-.-, |112 years ago, Ceylon like m0st]priests among the faithful, he/ . "/Irene told of her desire to k e ~ ~/,:41~,J I w~ I~11,",'I U~,u~r~VilU II ~ 1 in.~ n.~ + nations lootn c mm,nio. i~ a-ormq[ceived encouragement from his] ep DialW03-5409 ~~ ,r",~' "~" ~ ~,~ . sister' who was dlstmgulshm up on me activities ot ner com- ROCKFORD, iLL ' J M~W~'A L J J J'~/l~ fl~~lmade a break with its coloniall;art of going to Mass J . g~munitv in the diocese as well " "*~ or auno~a heiself as a Smter of Mercy As~ ' I 2vlur[Imr[t Ill "!' : o' auoo.o I[past. [" 'Mass is not complete for their." ". [as her many friends who are I TWO cn~v,~, ~T II ~d~~s~w~Pl[ Singhalese, spoken by aboutlperson unless he receives Com-[mrectress ot studies and novme[here and said that shelooks for -- ' - - - mi r " " ' " - st ess and later as prmclpal I LOCATIONS IN A'R~'* II J|65 per cent of the people be-Jmunion " the New York pries.],Patrnm ~llr dv rfl r V vn4"q, ~ ' of " ~ . VlllmV VVi nllv IU~Vl~W I II Downer & River Sts. [came the official language. Eng-[told the convention, of which[ .St. Patr,ck academy, Des[ n,gn ond Lmerty Streets AURORA IkL hal McIn Plames, and superior of the ,So. Lincoln Ave nnd"l II,hish instructions in schools was[James Francis Cardi . -[ /Hl. hnn. Moot I . .o, e,rII FR~ENDL~ & COMPLETE [iimited to five hours a week. [tyre, Archbishop of Los Angeles]Mercy novitiate, Des Plaines,|-~ "~ v]u her 1 1 f e was one of J ALL PHONES TW 6-7734 J[ . SERVICE SINCE 1871 J Not Persecution [was host [ " generous[ MADRID-- (NC) --Enrique ,~MBULANCE S RVtCE |[ Member of F.D.I.C. [ "So the ~overnment's confis-[" A Los 'Angeles ~riest Father]service to the Church Sister also]Cardinal Play Deniel Primate |l P ~.~.{~P/,~g~ I I ~ "~ "- ' ' "~':" ~ cation of schools was not reli- John V. Sheridan, director (f served as a faculty member at of Spain, presided here at the "~ ,[, persecution," Father Silva]~he Catholic Informati0n Cen-/Siena high school, Chicago. ]annual meeting of the Spanish A V I: ~~'~ re Marked 50th Year Bishops Demslons of the meet J KAIJSCH Ill I] asserted. "It was more an ex-[ter said there was 'no g .ater/ [ " "" -,r~i~[~J/.~ KPrUDLI~ hn amst the or rate x resslon of holiness Bishop Muldoon was dead mg will not be pubhshed until I -- ~ --":. " "---- Ill Ilpression of fee "g ag" ]c '~o e p " ' . / " . t ~ I/ IIPI~~IE~ nearly 20 years when ]n 1946 they have been made known to ,;OAL ~n Ill 1[13ritish, against ~ colonialism,[than the family at holy Com-],| ~ V ~.'~[~1~ I ~,~-e Ill lr~ I" IIr T Ilagainst the West " ]munion " ]Sister Mary Irene marked her the Holy See. LIP I ~~ /i,iii I~IRI PiPnl 1F I" / ~ ~m = ,V/4dl iii-bli " ne sam the uamonc t.nurcn, V' I UALITY III [[since Ceylon independence, has[~,~ 0 I LI IJ r Jl:)A I|[III II I AND SERVICE I/I SPECIALISTSIli g p " I: Yl M A I I liHII 11 I Ill ]]missionaries have learned, orl / ~ 1 1 /4 1 L IWtllt II~ ~ I Coo, Co e Wood po .ts I/I v^llcv utsvme Ilare learning, to speak the nalttOldS l'otluck / : . Ill lb. IILM/II1. |[tire language, fluently;,] ROCKFORD --'St. Anne] ~/ 'nNl:l '; Stokers Oil ond Gos Burners art and architecture are being . :: : ~.~. 1 Ill Ask for Bill Perez I1~ [Sodahty of St. Peter parish.will[ ~~ LqJiliii We poy MI postage Aureru I/I 220 So River ' TW2 4090 1 p m in the school-hall ] ~J Ire got awholenews]aat You rote,re o furl 4 profit Lincoln rnones J ~ :::: .:)i -~, :i:i:i:!:.:. hold a potluck luncheon, Jan. 20 ~ :? :~" ::~:~:~:~:::~:~:",0 " I TW7'8200orTWT-S318 Ill AURORA " iI,mra uraer I hose attending are asked to[ ~~ on life since I joined "10000" r q ~, ~,zour savm s msured to,o ~/ . / AURORA--The monthly meet-[please bring their own service] ~~ Arthur Murrays. People g Y -- ing of the Third Order of St.l~and a dish to pass. Bingo will] ~~~~~ "~i~) i~i are sofriendl," v there and an agency o] U.S. Government. ,For Any Occasion, I]l ~,~u ~m^~, I]Francis will be held at St.lbe played after lunch. ] ~'-'~ n .~ all n~ntn ~u~ut~ 1;.- . . n~ t Th " It' ' 1 "~ I ?; " wenavesucnalotoimnag I Ill ^ ~ iltmarles l-lospltai on ~u any,/ e soda ty s regu ar uom-~ 1, i1~ IIHI.IgV.~/UK bU, the wonaermt get togethers, i BUS SERVICE [11 ~w,u~ ~,u. ]]Jan. 29 at 2p.m. |reunion Sunday will be Jan. 22.] ~," ~all~ ' I gl I YY /'i~3 ~Z v Iw= }}~ Iw~L~l~ " - ~UMBER CO ' ~ ",/ ~ : -- Joliet-Aurora = Aurora TW 7-409| IN KANE COUNTY, IT'S KANE FORD |n|/ - . I ,~" "~Jl~ [~ |[ Life is never dull once yourc e I /ranslr LlneSn SUGAR GROVE GRAIN I'll Illb llll,~-'x good dancer* And learning to dane. I AND LUMBER CO. " lalllL- tIlll~ ~1 |] at Arthur Murray' is as easv as ABC. I inc. SUGAR GROVE, ILL i m~m ll ~~ I/ His famous "Magic Step" "gives you r ~ ~ the " key to all the latest dances Stu 135 Trosk St Sugor Grove 6-6521 " 230 GALENA BLVD AURORA, ILLINOIS i! dios are en I " . . J| op oa]ly 1 1".51. Io Ju Car ond Truck Leosmg D~ol TW 2 7636 // P.M. Visltors are always welcome. Come in now, Joseph N. StrotZ STORE FRONTS Furnoce Repo;r;ng and Instollotion Air Conditioning " Ventiloting Skylights Gutters 469 High St. Aurora TELEPHONE TW 2-3126 TWl NOAK5 7-9803 Ray M. Fidler INSURANCE. ESTATE DIAL 2-3226 257 N. Union Aurora Residence: Ph. TW. 7-7088 41 SOUTH ISLAND AVE AURORA, "'SPECIALIZING IN COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY" For Qualit LAUNDERING and CLEANING Call TWinoaks 7-4259 AURORA LAUNDRY CO. 562 S. RIVER ST, Johns-Manville Products Roofing Company Roofing, Siding, Insulation and ~ater Proo]in~ 219 Woodlown Ave Auroro Phone TW 6-6479 COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE COMMERQIAL ~ PORTRAIT ~ WEDDING Ray Gosper, Photographer 42S New York St Aurora, Illinois Phone TW 2-2569 ALL HOME APPLIANCES Sales and Service--TV~Records--Stereo---WMng Cash Terms Lay-Away--All Repoiring---Ports 61 Fox St. -- Aurora TW 7-9171 A trial lesson costs but $1.00 221 FOX ST. AURORA, ILL. TW 6-46S9 .Say You Sow It in THE OBSERVER BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION/AURORA 40//0 Reserves o[ Over $2,450,000.00 On All Savings Savings Insured to Per Annum (Current Rate) $10,000.00 77 S, Broadway Aurora, Illinois Sate By Mail--Postage Paid Both Ways TeL: TWin Oaks 7-8741 AT IMPROVEMENT FEDERAL SAVINGS -- AURORA Know what's ahead by saving for it ! Next year could be your brightest if you light up your future, starting an insured savings account here now! Save Ahead . . . See Your Future! 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