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January 13, 1961     The Observer
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January 13, 1961

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PAGE 8 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 1961 * / I Fear Name Winner Muldoon Contest ,m --~mm n . ~ ~ ~ ' /Ao lllOt d'~h ][. ROCKFORD --- The 1961[sehool Homemakers of Tomor- I ' . . ~IL ~,IL ~LAJIILLL bll + * I/~ll~r ~ll~lIlllI!~ + ~tl~l+ . ~ltIl~ I~l ilt ltI! itll tl Pl~l~ l~It~ . MAI~IAN classes with mt}srrnatmn co,- ~ Betty Crocker Homemaker of row will be entered in cornpeti- I~~NNNN |@@lll@$ ~@$1~ UlI[[ IIIII[I{[[ItlN lVlicnael Meyer cerning each couege The pro'- l12 ~ t tomorrow f o r lvmldoon High : ' ~ I t iJ Illl l~o I. . non ro name me sLa~e s nome- ~!ll111111/tt![ ll$1t]~!~ltl[~i~ Tllill$1llllIllrlll ~,~tl~k WOODSTOCK -- The Senior ents of all the girls were alsoE ~,yp %hooJ is Rosemary Cuco, a. [.-~,t-,~, ~, '1" I II itl[li[tflllllP @ $!N J im lli:! class f Marian held their annual invited" ] CAIRO, U.A.R.- Egyptian Having received the highest]" ~? . NlJU lliltl| :"li m]itli |l llF'V ll/li l Christmas ball Dec. 27. Mistle- Tbe night opened with a short Catholics hear that the govern score m a written examination lae $110,000 homemaking edu- tlNN II' TI~INII~ toe Magic was the theme for program in the auditorium fo[-Iment takeover of a Jesu t school on homemak-]cation program sponsored by IIIN NIII: i~, I~ill[ the dance. The Galaxies, a popu- lowed by two haK-hour scssion~ here is the first of a new series ~i~:~; kn wledgeiGeneral Mills offers a $1.500 IBIf~/lINNlr 1NNIHI| |]lll ,li [l Nn lar rock and roll recording on the subjects offered, socialtof measures against Catholicl ili::}!~~and attitudes scholarshio to the first ranking" l~t!i: ~l[ll~lF IlIIINN| ll[llnl~~' group from Fox Lake, provided activities and ~eneral curricu- education in the Egyptian oro- i!i~taken by grad- : s m: ,~mnl~gtr ~I1NI~ "~[,i [~t :~!~k lively entertainment for the eve- lum of each college. !wnee ol the United Arab Rep'ub- ~i .uat!ng seniors parpmpant ~j' ~ .'l/.tilr'~l~.~i~ ~' ~ ', ,~m~ m ~ ninct T~ ;,u^ ~ ; ~, ,r ~~:~:ln n e r SChOOl ne award mr orate home- . ~' ,' --,-~, ~,~ ,~u=~ w*u~uu~ ~ay n~ Lnat I n e COtleges represent~o ae ~:n . ' ,the dance was a real success, were" Marquette univerdtv Last year 20 Catholic schools ~~.~::rmsemary o e- makers of Tomorrow and tbetr !:~! ~ Tuesday, Jan. 3, marked the Clarke college Loyola unive/s-;in the Asyut area of Up~r ~!~" !comesoa can&- faculty advisors is an expense- :da fdtht~eh;~danYnV::a~,i ~::sr'; ietYfleE:g~V::rdnoC :ll~gg'e, t~ :~::Y]ErgnYmPPten~erea:l Stdehyp,!oh:inge v:/ ~!"}: s~ii% I~tor; ~:~ ~;]d n'~r W lliNem:buYrg:k Ct:y(i ::ii:: for Marian students Everyone Heights college. Loretto Heig.ts Minister of Education, E1 Saved -r -]Washin~.ton, D. C. At the con- J;::7 ~la;:~!i; s il I B '',~:!~!ili~ii~!.Oslntli!iI !i~:i!~ii:?h:~Hfflisl!ga::i I ~t .~!oit!: ~0ha:S:c~t~!d asketba ~--i phone call on Thursday electri- ] ~ I t,onal,'' have tried to convertl[ ~ I Orthodox students and ha~e dis ~:/~ fled faculty and students of the [ I ' -1[ I VD/ I ] Tmmr'ATBn- ~%@Mk ~~ Mount The "day hops" had [ k~O|'~ |[criminated against Moselm stu-[i u n munl n n~tt u ~c ~ ~~~ departed but everyone else] n:dents, iI "-' .-~-~ ([~',~-~'7W ~~ - ~ plunged into a spruciw" u" o- ~t Joliet n/ The Jesuit Fathers have since! BYRON, ILLINOIS /////~~lI" [ ~':!~ # .--~- - ~--~ ~?- Joiet Catho c 61, St. Edward 59. brought suit in the Council oil[ "" / I :]1~ ":'>-- : ~IdLIUII J-UI" I.ll~lllbelVl~S allC1 Lqe - - - t~. . T:, ~- . . I~perelea e~ Infes PIOll~, well Know~ [ sch l; abs lutelyn thing Oundee'"starE~w~:~:es'" I~'ta~e'-- ~gYp~S nlgh' """~"'"';'-- g'~h~,l could be out of nlaee because At sterling i s~rauve cour~ -- agams~ me~I "n~ ,[,~ j~ I ~~~ . -:~ - S'erling High n, Newman Centra, 3 /Minister of Education. at whose i] I = ~+::::: . ~ me. mysterious caller was no Newm~in Central ~6, Riverdale 64. - ,1- " ~- ~ *-u--I tit / . ,order mew so.on, ~as We wish to inform you that the Byron ~~:~ l~h:r ~han H!s Excellency Eg- st Thomas ~' ~o n%~e r% s~ over (Dec 22")' ' 1 ! ~!;,~~l~ Delega::n~ :o~l~n,t~t~xc Marmlon ,2 At ~Oc~nous 87 The Jesuit school is located I T~ 6~ Class A Legion I ] ~lk" ~.~ cited with such an important Belvte At Moosehear! [in the Kolali quarter of Cairo.[I of Decenc'v 6ict~res." Sunct~v n [v I -:- -"~- -- -- /~J~ dionitar about to "r I "d re 58, .Moq!gheart 3 IOf its 80 000 inhabitants some,I ~.-,~-, ~o. .o~, ,~ y ~ ' ' ' Y I ca~npus.~ s IWarren ~2, A~i~[en ]30,000 are Christians. ' I Class A~s will be shown. Your I ,~~- -- -- 2! His Excellency, accompaniedl A,uin ,s, t.e~at ~;n%Po wr's I The teachmg staff of thel[ ~'r~,~ 2~.-~27^3 i " -- I : = -- --: : :=~b *'- :- ,d . . .I OrangeviHe S3, Aqoin ,1 lschool hit by the government W,a--v, ,vahg~ YV, u,c u lC~.lUt~U. ! y ,v, ons~gnor x~urKe, remainedI At South Betoit n ' II p,-,-, ,u, hl~ ~, u,c u}J~'ICt, lUt~U. [ -,~*---~--,- with us lon~,' enouah *o ~.l~illl st. Thomas 79. South 8eloit 3~ [taKeover incluoes mree oesmts II I mm~v,t-ru'~a~x~t~---lv, auonna mgn scnooh Aurora, nave ttve semi-finalists in the Illinois State -, -~ - ~" Y ~ "'~7-1 l a Co-tic Rite riest anA 2n b~', II ~- 2- I P l-*J 31 i I * | ,tit ut our expectatlons Ine ~" ~ II~ ~ ~ J~l~ Scholarship Competition. They are (seated) Marilyn Neubert, Sara Jungels, (standing), Maureen "" I ]teachers, both C~hristian an ]l pecmu ~,nlnaren s Morlnee I Doran, Terez Johnson, and Lynn Flock. (Park Place Studio ) mgm~y an(/ gracmus manner! ~.~ -" /Moqe-- I I ~ I were mere out the warm " ,a2em h:l:n t~uUrbl?: s a, ~" [P eM I " Ira",| ] Began Last Year tJ very baturday at Z PeN. J win over o:o:he= om o o: U[ISCrl.e I 31. VINt.I:N/3 JUI/INIJ~ [of Stockton 29-16. ly even before he gave usi / " y Y "/ ',I Our sharp shooting Gus Limas a free day. I [ers, one o~ mem a lvloslem, ac-/ led the red "erse cused the Jesuit Fathers of " i FREEPORT--The past week brought w~th it several mterest- -J yed VmcenUans MULDOON I "1" f l~ "l-i~ ~rffi I [I "antinational" activities and mg events. Thursday was Father Ambrd's birthday anniversary.[with 19.points, as he dommated Karen Honl [ III IlIP. I h~;.~.~ ~s ],~ ~;./I LEGION OF DECENCY LIST I ~neerful wishes were extended Father throughout the day A play w~m nis accurate jump .vu a I wv w~ m~ i~. ~.~:-s.-- ~,~ [I I I ' 'SflOt" anti" ruggea" reoounaln" . ' *.ur~udy dan l,~ ~Isnopl ldenuneiatlon the SChOOl was ~[ouPi~ittrleitftt;fstagedr:ad~lght~)ap~:gram and presented[ In the preliminary game giolyMuld n high school held its[ /%1 /closed (April, 1960)pending in-l] M.r.[ Mm, lae [ g p y g tu t ons. ~ very speclal[ - ' annual College ni-ht Re-re-I n,qLaa nJll IA II / ~ti~=#i tS, n,~o 99 ~h,~?l ~.u In, u~mnun~e,~nnevnnu Vu awwevwm~ I prayer of ours is that God in His Goodness wil grant Father many cross edged our midget team 16- sentatives fro~r~ 1" ~ ~1'--~- " [ [] [],1~211~ rllll IV %" ~ ,"'" Y. . ~."~ iI I i15 o u.=~c~ pre-l .11 w lI1 .n lMimstry o~ r~aucafion seized the [l nne tonow,ng is a moral estimate of motion oictures showing | more olrtnQay celeorailons nere ar at vincenUs ~ " sented-irls f r o " ~ I Ume~JF~ m~UF m ' " in t" ~ "' " " " ' l ~ m au t o u r SChOOl outright, l ne r~ocKvora u,ocese prepareo unaer me alrecnon at the ~ationat l ' l| Le~O"rOf Decency. 153 Modison Ave New York 22, N.Y,with | On the Feast of the Epiphany ordinary This welcomed guestI S u n d a y evening everyone I |ll c - p arid o the Motion Picture Department of the International I the children noticed an evident was Father Sullivan, and he lgathered in the little girls' rec- J ~ ' T 7~"~ I Tl~lr'~lrlr |[I Federation of Catholic Alumnae. J change had taken place in the]Sp ke to the children about the/reation room to view the excit- [ H J~.', o /i .-,~ ~ .~,-, !/ J I/m At-# Ill A-I--kIORALL UNDBJ[ T,ONABL| FOR GENERAL ~:elY Criibinthe chapel Thel~i a~dyekrnf:~1 uMr~g%nS :i~tYlltof/ingm vie' ''Kidnapped''' I JL~[~'t~.~ .~'lmtR~Wt[~; t.~ .~ ~.~r~] ~ .~.~,PATRONAG| I e K" gs, who had been/ [ I Itl Alamo Little Angel Swiss Family Robinson I pray much for the Missions and Each Chmstmas for the ast Apara ~to (Unvem Little She her of K n Sword and the Oragon steadily making their way closer[ ~ . ~. .! P Doris Revere Peters I mother financially. Since she is l five pairs before investing in [I J '. " p d " s- . I and closer were now in the im lI r gulnance to Know melr owntt~ years mr Schadle and the r r~^.:o L:m ~ . ~ ~ 1 . Jl qu,snea; doe t.oma 5wore,t-ores~ I t "l *. ~t J .' ' " I.~IL UUI|D~ ]WlLIIII~ bU IIli~ I.lle ~aCllllLCe l any more snoes ~, Ben-Hur o. = .arzan, Tne ~e .den I mediate nearness of the Christ|v can n' ~ very special teamre/patrons oi his store have pre- I'm ~ etching, in h;~h ~:ohnnl/f~b-,~ ~ -~,~ .-. *k ,~ .-. J " " Teacher and the Miracle | "of F-'~--' " . - ~, ,~,~,~a~ ,~ -,~ -pFo [uear uorls: I1 i~eyono lhe lime Barrter Magic Boy Ten Commandments I Child in the manger, hi ,~me/s ploeasam v s~ was [semen ~t vincent's with that and even though we have finish- ]tunity. In gratitude make your I I read your answer to the 14- II cimaroon Man on a String Ten iW~n D~ I An event connected with this I s snowing a nne movie depict-~ur.lque g~tt --~ a large, bott!e, ed only three months of this [immediate goal graduation from lyear-old girl about taking care I| ?nderfe,a . . . M~L~Ise of the Congo ~33 %~sts g | Feast which has grown into a mg a oapanese zamuy %ne/~rom nay to oay mroughout the term I'm sure I'm ~oin" to fail Ihioh school It's eas- when ou ^" ~-~- ':-'^ k ^.~. . = I k nsp!ra. ~ o.t Heart= ~."': . ~---W~r I ' I P--l-l----g: I, /% " .~ b b "I ~ ' .Y J iVL ll~l lll~Llq~ IFIULIII~I l~ I~IIILqlULIUL~ el ueserT ~.TTaCK ~lcnael ~TrOgoff 39 Steps well-estabhshed trad.]tlon, as the m~'?2ed ;;*u~nnst" r uur me.sen: ]year, customers ~nrow coins mto I had to go to summer school Imake up yourmind. Make it/me of the time I had to take I ~Iva~ei~dS~r Arrow ~io~tr~n C%~ers Th2~a~a" ~nidhtOne I search for b e a n s in cupcakes g,gs e s apprecla~ea ],t as l,vlr. ~cnaale has ~t des~g- iast year to make up a failure. ]easier by praying to the Holy Jeare of my nephew I didn't [| G enn M I er Story Mouse That Roared Threeb Came~o Kil I made bv our very fine baker tamer ~unlvan s trea~ and our/natecl "Ior tne orphans " Before,v .l| 1L .I.~ i 1[ a .iJl |/~I L g *~-- 1- 1,][ A |" ~ ~ " / /I Hand in Hand My Dog Buddy Three Worlds of Gulliver ~ " . ," :I ,romi~e of ,-ra,ers for' him and | "--" :. " " ' *" i Will De 1~ in Jnn~ anu cunlu [unu~l. Iut- help. |mma [aKlng eare oi mm de- l| Heaven on Earth Noose fo'r a Gunman Timbuktu I ~ister i~azarla inree wnlte and ~ ~ J uuun~in~; *I, IS In~eresungto,H h T me T ~ /- ~ 1 1 1,/,get a job I d like to quit school/ 1- icause I loved him I lovo all/I "q " ok ahoma err tory Toby Tyler | three black beans are hidden" zn' nls WOrK was maae as we oaae make a guess at the total This' " . . uear uor]s: [ " '~ Hound Dog Men Operation Amsterdam Tom Thumb [him ~-" ] " i but every tnme I mention it my [ . little children a~d have given [I Hound That Thought He Pepe Town Like Alleo I these cakes The finder anxious- / ,~uuu-u~e. /year 1~ amoumea to $545 20mo Ar a^ ^ ./ wnat age uo you [UlUK 1~ Sl ,:, . o l1 Was a Raccoon. Poacher'a naughter Twe)ve Hours to Kill | ,/ " " I~lllv ~1~ Ul$;~l~l~* I U~Jq[I Ib l%llUff [ I lip lily 111~ ~ ~a~e care o[ She ]| In the Wake Of Podyanna Twelve to fhe MOOn | ly awaits the draw which deter-] ~ [ we are deeply grateful to why as she eould use the money ]pr per ~or a glrL to emer me]children of others /| stranger Power Among M~ Uncle ~om'$ Cabin I mines the lucky color This year[ anomer undO-dye was stud[these good friends for the size- M" father is dead What do - ^"/c nvent? Almost all the priests l ;~" ./I Israel . . Raymie Under Ten Flags | " ,---' -- ,~*'. I .7 * .~uu i I ~way,e you won ~ warn ~o prm[E1Journey To Tne (.onmr Sand Castla Wackiest Ship in the 1 the winners were those who had/TM past weeK. lnls one to our lame contrmutmn. I think I should do'~ lanu sisters unsagree. L uon [ithis but I feel if tk~' "~;-' ~ a|l of the Earth Santa Ctaus Army 1 ,~ ~*LX .ttU Jungle Cat Serenget| Shaft Not Die Walk Tall good Father Ambre as he ]eft us k W discovered the black ones I no whether I hould enter a - " " . [ /~-~--~- " Jim H / ~ ]any love for her brother shell Kidnaped Sink ,he Btsmercl~ Warrior and me $1eYI I ~for a short while for a well-de-I1/KTM rill T3 .n : ' ' /Juniorate or wait until I finishl 2 |lKi,ers at Kilimanlare Snow Queen Girl | - . i rtan tamer. Why give up so easily9 There's | ~/wounun t lose ner padenee. ~ne/u Las, Angry Men Song of S/ster MarUe When Comedy Was Klng l -- served vacauon. 1 i ~ . ~ " " lnlgll SChOOl. wuat UO yOU tnlnK. [a ~o ~ ~.~ I - ~.- :-/1 Last Days of Pompeii Stop, Look. and Laugh Wizerd of Baghdad l It is not unusual to see visiting |c-, ~, Ia reason wny you're nor aomg| Riat H [ ~ A ;~,y ~.~ ,~/I Last voyage story of Ruth Would-Ee Gentlemen m priests around St. Vincent's, but] St. Vincent's gym Sunday aft- ]~on Lommunlon well fn school All girls differ even those It have a little brother [I Libel Swen Laxe Wreck of tho ~ary DearS, ~ ould it be lack Elizaoem when it happens to be a Mary-[ernoon reverberated with happy[ ROCHELLE ~~; . - .~,[with religious vocations The] I'm ha"---- to -'rent ~ [| A-II---MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS I Knoh priest, that is quite extra-lcheers as a full house witnessed]. -- ~vmmoers o~ ~sr interest. Ur|age at which a girl is ready to[ . ~v v, .?.~ AND ADOLESCENTS I I~ne ~ocneue councu r~mghts ot ~ ~:s at poor studY[enter a convent differs also It/excerpt zrom .~our Jetter. lwost/iA, the Youn~ Men ! Aim At the Stara Sundowners | kAn~Bnnr I&mBr" ICOlUmOUS will receive Holy /~-I labits9 ~oI us reanze that all children|lA.gry Red, Planet Ice Palace Sunrise At Caml~obello " " de ends on the irl Some are . As the See Redes Jailbreakors Surrender Hell ~'~ it ~rl3e ICommumon with their sons at] DISCUSS IT] pe g lneed lots of love and affect,on.[|Atom,c Su~mar,ne Jou,ney to the to,l i~, Tarzan fhe Mag,lflce,! I [the 7"30 a m Mass Su-~--- "-- ' ~ .:,~=~ ~ . u Ireaay earuer than omers. IHowever we can't be hara ~-in Babette Goos to War Magnfcent Seven Ten Seconds to He l | llu ~y, tJdll %"/11,11 ,yuul. t[::~l(~ll- ~ - u UIl B t T rI . " t,a Msn In Cocked Hat Terror In a Texas own = lib n ~ ~ ~ . ~'~ t~ ~ I 15,in St Patrickchurch Im-] ~;r counselor or| ,n order to help you reach,a [4-year-old Its not easy ~or]| aattle t fhe Sexes Man who Dtea Iwlco "tess ot fhe Storm Country I ' ' ' o r ci " n h ad Because They're YounB Marie Octobro Thunder in the sun 1 1 R Iil111711 l/'t ll rmed'ately after Mass breakfastI /;dv,sor ,nlyu de sto you need t e -one that age to shoulder the[|se,s Are Rin-ine Mating Time Time M. h,n. I Ii I1 Ill [].F/I [] ~ ~ ~r K== II will be served in the KC club-t ~}./school Perhaps |vice and counsel of one person,responsibility oi a home and II sell Boy Midnight Lace Tingler I nlsn ~.m nmu m ~ ~,~nl .k'~Jl ~ " ~l " [who kno v ll "~hoo on ~sm ll "r "" "" . . II B ueprnt tor ~obberv Mountan I~ood Tormented. The n I IU I ~l --1 1 IB~,~. ~II. "r li rooms. ~they can help/ ws ~ ou we . c se e t a o omer. however, I nope II Brides ot Oracula Nature Girl nil the Trapped m Tangiers I JP~/~ " " " v Cage of Evil Slaver Unforgiven III/Illllll II ~2/;~W~g~.ll Tickets are available from[Dorl. R you make somelPnest t0 whom ou can talk we have been able to show herllcoun,eroot Nio, Fiohtor, V.l v .t I"-, Ret~w~ds I - - -, -- --v.r v committee members John Low-.[ : p r o g r a m lfreely and discuss this with him.]that love could lessen the bur-]crazy fbr Love Oti~e,o - v;ib%'te6 I ~ [ Don Quixote Pay or Die Village of the Damned I~'?~t~ er, Fred Hickey Bill Ha es changes If it s poor study habits He will be able to give you the den of her responsibilities. Enemy Genera! Place n the Sun Virtuous Bi emls~ I ' Y,' I . g III. t' . . ~'~ It Vince O'Brien, Ken Shelton and [you can help yourself. Organize guidance you need. I Doris Revere Peters answers II ~r% ~"Jae'n~ Pl~SseieDOn'! Eat tim VW~ T~,~WS~enalllff: ~evtW I ~ ~uttru~ a r tne$[ utntn ttoom ~ bO~ letters through her cohtm~ not Gazebo Porgy end aess Walk Lnke A Dragon III g ge II Eugene Caron. [and p]an your time Complete [n~r n.ri . I,[| " " I =. T . ~ . 1 . . ' .-. I I b-. nlail Please, aO "* . . [I Generel Deila Rovere Prisoner ot 'the Volgi Walking Target | III r, nloY umtne t ere. II /asstgnments each night. L, et ex- [ ,~ u . ~ n.ut, as~c Jar a In GTant of Marathon Scent of Mystery Warlock III MA,co's is twice its former size ond com'-IeteP-li ERIE . . . [tra help from teachers when r get real dressed .p I always Paer:S nna:t:dPlY" allp6 sttehe' ~:gon SSeChrOeO: :~hS:op.Uund~eelSReetWh~n all:2 f:erokenLoc~en~ J III " " " v Y II /necessary. L*e~ a OOOK zrom the wear ei I " . e~" trill n'n bergeam Rutgea~o women i:oTer 1 IIIredecoroted Conveniently Iocoted in downtown ,Vl~nrt~ A,- II [li~,=~-v ~. ~-,/h, b'H cuer nlaeK or nrown I care of THE ORSERVER I/Hell Bent tor Leather Seven Weys from Sundown Woman Obsessed I Ili " - " li I --|| .7 : S.dl.S. l~,~*h - k;~h h ] ~. k; k I-- -.' I/High Powered Rifle Song Without Erie World, Flesh Ind till III commodations for weddinas ond bonouets I~rn. ~. cm,ll II I I/ TAKE A c. l~r~ I ~ I,1. ~+ ~' v t, ' I I/House ot Seven Hawkl $.G.S. Pacific Devil i " ' I * ~" I think both smart and sensible" ~ House of Usher $talag D World of Apu your goals What do you want 1 " I 6 o:,: ,ys, II Erie Hardware future? Perhaps all you f; :ni~lg'saAy ;~P~;t off ~tt~e ~rl -,- IN / A-Ill--MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS I u! rl V 1/ 1 ~ <, I/ cause suene snoes are smar[erll I// Cannibals Home From fhe Hill Portrait In Black :)A/UKI~AT II A.M. to 1 A M " " lookin g gu ur. e g III II11 ~" '~'~" [}when s,*ak of -uittin g. I have f,ve pa,rs of I MILLWORK I//Angry Silence, The Hy,notl ,yo Reche Ca@e I Ill a ~ ~ ~ .- IIII ~"~ I/, ; -~ u . ~" learner pumps. Should I buy I lip I1~1 I ~V~ I|lApartment, The Idiot Rue de "Perts I suede s s,rlcAI,/ UAK/I:K I . . hoe. to be xn style. ~l~ Best ot Evervthins I'm All ~ight Jack Savage Innocents i scnool necause sne Knows now -- Back to the Wall Ikiru (Ja~) Sapphire III M A R ~ n i~ SUPPER / I v ~. I[necessary education xs for a Carol Ann I HB',ck Orpheu ,nherit the W,n. Senoch Th. Megnl~ I III mnu V .-, i/il I|decent and well navin A JlT. 0,4[ %z l//Capta;n'a Table I Passed For White cent 1 III I-LUD IIiI I/ "-'-" ~--- Both leather and ~,~.~ ~r~ll --,- J~ ~uma I|/Career It Started in Naples Seven Thieves I III I/ II IWf Alr T'n*TIr~h *-~ ~.x.~ l|nlgn scnool granua~e nas oetter . .~'~'*~ " -~ "~ l1 Cash MeCel/ J~yhaw,k.ers Sound and tho Fury III . ni I -~,~r ~r~n.r.~,~, |to-- rtunities than a non-radu equauy smart and stylish lt's II lllchanc, Meerin~ l~oy wimess Spartacu$ I " eatured E er -:uut.t zt * IIII r T~r,~r ]C,I'TX~r -- - i/ ppt, "~ " mor 'a "" " ' ". ~ II I//college Confidential Let No Man Write MY Story on Page Ono III III I LINOLEUM [[ate. The good jobs go to the best . e m persona, taste tl ~ I|lCover Girl K!l,er E,itaph $ ubferraneans I -. -,~, -- -- -', ~ nn~n mt ana style ot shoes --- not ma-Im v| IN 5HI/V~ K I[/Lranes are PwinB Magician Tank Commend~ / (weekends unty) p prepared. . . "%- Crimson Kimono Meke Mine Mink Third voice III IIII Phone 70 730 MAI~ I/ IT'S GENE t.^ terlal Wh,le suede are some-II Hcrowded SkyMalaqa Threat I III ,o,o From #he ]DOS, Of,ice II [~l[concerned w~t~e%Yn~u your times, considered more dressy II HW. ~;:::: '"" ~';~:r~o~'i', }a~ :r rc.n, I u. ~ ~ t~m~ . nu ~ 1 Ior winter wear leather snoes I1 ~ImD~LI~ ^/ hi. ~K~/ 1~ Ill,:no at innocence Norm TO AlaSKa Tunes ef Glory III Monroe, ~flSCOn$111 III /~ - ' /I I1/Exedus Nude In a White Car Unfaithfuls, The | lii " iI i u,L, " "- - - "'--" -~:,~1 |~ can De worJ~ on many more oc-|l P.~ I|/Facts of Life (Fr.) Upstairs rid Downstalrl / ~1! I]~~-~~~ |i PAUL CARLSON AGENCY casions both casual and dressy [I i:~n~ III Fast ond. SexY. Ocean's Eleveo Virgin sand / te INSUaANcE - aEALT,"' U]l ~=eVr~r # rne ~mod, A on the .each r Virgin Spring tSwedish) [[~ The |1 :~s~a ~ - aE*LT -. 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III Eternity Hiroshima, ~on Amour Colf~oe 1 ~1'~~ ~ r = ,r, ~lll -- - " ~ J pP |t|B,uebeard's ra, tns'.ae the Mar'a Shakedown | -- I~Arn, z~ r~rttr~ xuJ~.t~/II - . n I III Honeymoons a.aCK [ne m.por / ~ ~ ~l e'YOI/R In.~urance P~li~v II I1~ - . ~n, --'T~'m~'~l *a III Bramble Bush Jazz moat aonomon ha ~noee / PLYMOUTH -- DeSOTO -- VALIANT -- CHRYSLER [~'" ~-- ~'JI- 01, ~ ~~ ~ sc,od, . .eChns% m: e ,i Lo, / DODGE IMPERIAL D^D,-. .- -- --m 1"" - -- 1 -"i- i]1 ~ Lefts Make LOVe Stronglers of Bombey -- -- ~ %1 nKu~g* -- &IM~,A -- ~ --~ - - I " " I11 ! urrertmlO ~ Li'l Abner Stranal.r~ Wh*,n W* M~*~I / - Carry On, Nurse Macumba Lova Studs*'-I~onlga"". O,r Repu|atio, is You, Guar lnfee 4( iIIid'r PADDI'tl I :,Ill ircus Ot Horrors Mania Sur r[o / [ u .u.a.A.|U THE BEST e;BTA,NABLI= ' ,}:::== III Adorable Creaturu Liane lung e ~Oddes~ No OrcM On The Square i SCLO-THESFI1 EMANS I WI:$T HIGHLAND & WASHINGTON ST. I Ill s (West Side--Downtown) CAPPMuNSINGWE--AREARRowHOESL-- := - Ill u~ " " gainst wrong interoretation and false conclusions.) OSHKOSH BIGSMITH nln Martin Luther Adam end EVO Anof m of u de, MONROE WISCONSIN -- ELGIN, ILLINOIS III Storm Centar C~$tDher. L~;eof t~o~wd!?/y ~l~:i!umm~ . and Many More Ill g o ro c. Ill