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January 13, 1961     The Observer
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January 13, 1961

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e . .e TBishop Lane ,]Urges Umty II-1; ~ z Irrayers me me ]ROFCK ORD -- Observance ot ' /the Chair of Unity Octave from [/ [] [~ [t /Jan. 18 to ,Jan. 25"is cast against " -- -- [a significant background this [year. That background is the On January 18, 1961, the Chair of Unity Octave will begin for /~:~tlhe~ ~i~oE:~The:ij~lCi .uncll the fifty-fourth time What Father Paul of Graymoor started inI ~ ] In a ~claPl letter sent ; the 190g so quietly has become a major devotion in the Catholic ~ [,~ ' . - . Church. It also accounts to some degree ior non-Catholic inter-[ ,-t ]clergy of the diocese of Rock- : --I Iv '" "] ' [ ~~/l~,t,~ 41-:~ e- non t, amoucs mart rdr'e Bt ihSeh l Pna Lu anureatsi a ind .that th.i [ n~ ,4ro one Tmr t/ uath]~ OIIC I ~ ~ ~'~ ~ est in prayers for ChrisUan Unity. ~ /H * L " . . oly Father stated several This Octave .s umque in sev- ~ ]~ / " " - t I Li I [ times that his announcement eral ways. It is one of the IeW[cus great attention on the Oc-I ~ ~ /of +~^ ~ ;' '~-~ 1 devotions m tHe t~nu n 1 ]tare. Pope John has called forl ~ ~79 / 4ivi ^ ; ~ ;.~,^ , had its beginning in the United an Ecumenical Council Among ~ ~ ] " "~2:~:**~n,; o ~tates. It is probaniy me omy many non-Catholics a wave oil1 J~ / ,- ~,~v,~ ,*- -:,~. a ~ ~lsnop Lane statenin His Cathohc devotion which had its mterest has arisen m the ecu ~,A~. - , ' n " " "* " ", /memorandum, 'A most impres ONI IOI Newspaper ot the RockFord Diocese origin --historically speaki g-- menical movement I ~ "" . " " ~ /sire feature of this announce- outside the Church. ] It is an interesting fact of his-[ I, |ment was the hor, p voiced that ' -- How It Started I~ +ha~ +ho b,~ ,;n,qn~ -,f whorl .~ ,~ / -: n ~ ~ ~= mum ~ ~,-z ~ r~ - ~ this uouncu may, in some way, Here is how it started. Duringlis called the Ecumenical Move-[ ~ [i /play an important part in bring- XXVI--No. 2 ROCKFORD, JANUARY 13, 1961 10 PAGES the winter of 1907 Father Paul,[merit took place in Edinburgh in[ q ] {inK back to the unity of the at the time an Anglican clergy- ]1910 -- two years after the be-[ ~" ]Church many minions who are RITIES APPEAL man decided to write to Angli-lginning of the Chair of Unity[ P"~ |separated from it It is not with- GAIIltlLI(, ~I1A ' " Th 1 at" " " " " ' ' ~ L~:.~ns and Cathohcs, malnlythoseluctave, e otter oegan 'l ~ /out slgnlfmance that this an- ~ ~,- P~incerely interested in the ques-lGraymoor, N.Y.; in 1~8 AI-[ |nouncement took place onthe I~/~ mJI. m~ ~mm ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ tion of Christian unity, and tolthough not directly connected,[ ~ |closing day of the Chair of Unity i/~ ~ r7 m~.~. m m.~.~, -ir~, ,~l~ 1~1~2 we like to think f h m a ro " ~ t. ~ m, ~, ~,~ x ~ ~ ~ ~, ~, .~---, ,~-- ask them to pray for unity Hel " " o t e s p -I |Octave (Jan. 25. 1959)." " ~ ' quoted as his motto the prayerlvidentially related. The continu-[ ~,(On this day the Church corn- of Christ "that all may be one."/ous s p r e a d of the Octave] ~ f'~ ]memorates the feast of the Con- ~ g-~ ~' B The response was even quicker|throughout the world has been[ ~ ~ ]version of St. Paul, who, after ~'/~fl ,~~ ]~][~ (~)~ ~' ~ I~)~ ~ and more heartwarming than/accompanied by the growing[ |being struck down on the road ~ ~ ~J~I.A~H ~ J([/(~ .I XM,~/J ~.l~ ~i'lV~J anyone would have guessed. To[strength of the Ecumenicall /to Damascus, became God's ~" ' Father Paul, this enthusiastic[Movement throughout the world.[ ]firebrand in spreading the faith ~, ~ o. th4,nJ~ ~n ~h~-i~f. interest seemed to indicate thelMoreover, the World Council/ |throughout the world of his day.) ,-a d influence of the Holy Spirit be-]has adopted the practice of as-] ,~ [ Favor of Grace On Sunday, January 22, the Annual Catholic Charities Appeal Wlll be eon~ucte hind the work. [signing this period of Jan 18-25[ fl,The Bishop stated that St. throughout the Diocese of Rockford. As charity is the sign of the true Christian, I "First Fruit" ~as a special !ime for prayer for] ~J |Paul's conversion was both a am sure that all of you will wish to participate in this very worthwhile appeal. umty by all its members mystery and a muacle tt was en been said that we must see Christ in others But In what o t h e r s What Father Paul always,re-~ " "" [ ''|,"" --" It has oft " ' " " " " Ierred to as the "first fruit' of] What Do We Mean?,pl~ [a foreshadowing, of the favor of especially? In the poor, the distressd, the children of broken homes; in the aged uoo s grace given to persons the Octave was his own conver-[ A question is sometimes asK-[ [ [,- ' ir who are unable to care' for themselves; in all t h o s e who a r e the unfortunate l / ~ [ ]wno emorace me ealm ascon tr tthha:sJh;ef;th . sion together with that of his ed: What do we mean when we~ - ve :s PouFs example should be tc': yh:: l: n os t;2cnhu:;:~ to~ookSp~:C:p:i?~;:; ~o~?Js u?:ty~ Fniortt ~/omall,t~s S moor on Oct 30 1909 Wit h premise of a "divided church"I ]a paramount example to all; ~;:: : [ in proportion to your generosity. That generosity nas "~ " ' "" '" " " lwhich'is to be brouoht to~ether|wbo do not presently share in it Jan 19 The r e t u r n oflCatholics to work for the exten-j ] ::: ~i~: [ always been forthcoming in years past, and I know the zamer ram were ID assocla[es o ~, . ! : : :~l~;~. I . including Mother Lm'ana Mary[from scattered parts.that we|This purposemay b~seen, m the[separated Eastern C h r i s-lslon, of the kingdom of God onI,: ,~i :( I same will be true this year. woros o~ ~ur ~ord Other earth 's ens we fulfill the law Francis, S.A the foundress of lpray. We do not pray specifical-| : . ' [tians to communion w i t h] .~. I I :: : By bearing one another, burd," 1 for the umt of the Church it sheep ~ nave mat are not o~ mls tHroUgHout me o]ocese the ~;~;:~ h n f r our 1 In is found In these the Atonement Sisters of Gray-J y ',Y ''l ]the Holy See. I ' ";2 I,:: ! :iii:~/:!~: of C rist. A good orm o g'v" g '. " nor At the same time both self We believe that the Cath mm ann mere snau De one Intentions mr me cHair ot umty I :::::::'.~ " " ~mmunities were received into olic" Church already enjoys : fold and one shepherd." Or at[ Jan. 20 The reconciliation Octave wnl be mentioned after ~i:i::: I words from the book of Tobias.: If thou have much, c I - n 'of An-licans with the Hol"'~ ~ "" s - . ~.::: ,: n gtve aounuanuy; it mou nave little, ~aKe care even to " en uni fr m i ri "n rns las~ supper when ne pray- ~ ,y eacH ~v~a s ann appropriate :::::::::::::::::::::: : " , the Franmscan Order as mere- God-gin ty o ts o g~ ' ~: :: : ~ ~ . hers of the Third Order Re-u Why More Unity ed: Nor for these only dolSee, prayers wtll be said for thet I::!::: !i;:: ":: I bestow willingly a httle (TohIas, 4.9). A n d let the lar. s A second question arises If I pray, but for those who[ Jan. 21 The reconciliation frumon of these goals. []: :::::: ':d/ [ gift he given out of. love o! God Otherwlse it will pro- ~o-~ Petor's Pence I the Church already eniovs unity {through their wora are to De-inf Euronean Protestants/~ II ::~: ~ I lit nommg. ~s aalnt ram put it: It ~ snoum speak -, ";"~- "; [wh are ra--ers~so Ir'e'~uentl''-'llieve in me, that all may bel r o iA 1, A : I I ~! I with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not r~xen oemre tms Klan nay m y P Y q Y " i " WitH the l-loly ace. '-l~rv z'lllt~lLUgtl~ : ~: : . "^; ~-n the Gra-moorIsaid-- for instance at Mass lone In other words, ths ,s/ c ] [t i~ [ have charity, I have become as soundmg brass or a " " " "'~ .' -- " demption which willinvolve " g" Y .g . . Feter Now they pleG, ed thew faith hope and charityThe,[ Jan 23 The restoration WASHINGTON NC* [ [ ' their memnership in the Mysti t I -- ( ) --]poor, and if I deliver my body to be burned, yet do not have chanty, It profits me complete, energies to the aposio- greater me xaim, nope and l . . .-/of la"sedv Catholics to t h e~Americans are asned to otter " " cm ~oay wnlcn m the Cathohc ~ nothing late of Chmstlan unity Plus X charity among the faithful the[ ' / " "'t " "" is cial ra er " "" [ " , :" "1 Pontiff who had re'/ aa~=ramental 1 1 I e oi [ n e pe p y s on lnaugurauon -reater will be the internal[Church" During the eight days f/ - ] . . / It is a privilege to help Gods poor and afflicted. I trust that all of you will the sam.~)y into the Church-]~nds of unit-, This particularIthe Octave, prayers are offered|Church. [Day mr ~o~'s guidance ~ the[share in that privilege by giving generously to the Catholic Charities collection on celveo mere ) for th~s work of reconclhatlon Jan 24 That the Jewish unltea ~tates ann me new t'res~ gave a special blessing to the]unity refers not to the divine[ .~ "L '" ' - [ ," [deni "[Sunday, January 22. In doing so, your reward will far outweigh whate~er you i!Z! !i ? Z i Zthui:ic '"="Y rrayer ~ovemen, [peopte come into melr in [gnrTo~; :~ [ OC~C;~ O{ YS j theThe~oC2a:s::ntUi~l~t/ Oct;/:yJrS h3iat:n ~nhJ:S~i2h:j:tr'y PreP~iglio::~ee~e/: Tth: glve Cordially yours in Christ, afterwards,~ p. g s ~ ation', capital who form the 7 [movement. The lntentmns for[extension of Christ s kin" } I ~ ~ .~ their messing to me ~ ctave./ anomu ~n~luu~= .um~r~ which we are ur 'ed to ra are' ~ l~e.llg!ous uoservance Subcom- Then on Feb. 25, 1916, P o pc] Another way in whmh the unt-[ ~, g P Y ]dom throughout the world.[m~ttee of the Inaugural Com-[ ~" ~/tt,l,tt~ 1o O(~,'s~L.~ Benedict XV extended it to the{ty prayed for during the Octave as mnows- . . I,Imittee I - ' ' I ' Most Reverend Loras T Lane universal Church. ]may be understood is this: This [ Further literature and detail-[ John F. Kennedy will take the[ Bishon of Rockford A Wave of Interest ]unity of the Church may be con-[ Ja.n;. la *llne .union oI all]ed information may be had by[oath of office as President in| ~- As we begin the sixties, there|sidered as something which t.;nrlstIans in tHe one true|writing Chair of Unity Aposto-/front of the U S Capitol on~ are many movements which fo-/should eventually include others|faith and in the Church. [late, Graymoor, Garrison, N.Y. [January 20. ' ' " [ ~l/~'O "~ ~ " ---------~----I Archbishop Patrick A. O'-| ]1/ 1@@~'~.~@ m~d'~~ n~~': "'~ ~' ~,~ ~ I ~ -.~ ~ IBoyle 'of Washington represents[-/- .L ~.~ ~J~l[ ~ 'l ~ LJ 1[ ~ I /~.~ $~ ] IPa~,'~i~ f ~ IlL II ~ I i" [the Cathohc Church on the reli-[ Bernaoeue t rusaoe or 17 oU erv nc I plans a lengthy statement be I ilffonl s ,go t, on o t naos ~ I Other members are Rabbi| ~ k Y .ll.k Y [Washington; Rabbi Norman/--(NC)---Six months of chaotic !g AM.[.~ ~.~.!~ii~i.~!~.~:.~i)~/~;!: ~.~.~.).;).~.!~;!~;.!~!.!i 1. ]Gerstenfeld; Methodist Bishop[independence in the Congo have{ ~'::-:-:i:!:.).::v:7::::!Lo(' :'-'~':::.!.'::::.:.: ~ ~~~~/~::~2: ROCKFORD -- The Crusade homes where one or more faL once at the forum is open to 120 men of the parish. John Me-[John Wesley Lord of Washing-[left their mark on the Church[ ~:::i::::::".-'~:!:.-; (:':~r:~/////////////~.~- for Souls being conducted inllen away Catholics reside. Thistall. [Hugh, M.D general chairman, lton' Dr Clarence T Nelson |but have left it substantiallyl ~~.~:?/'2:?".!::.~::!:::).:::~~'~./~/7//~,~tZ::::::! Potash is now Speeml Challenge reported that all the workers President National free to carry on its work ~ St. Bernadette "," [information could not have been [ " " [ "," Capital Area[ '- - [ ~':]:.:!:i:~::::::.'.!i.~'!.!/[.!':.(i::~~/~J/~,::"v:~" $7% complete. The Crusade ^ ~;,~,Fallen away Catholics have{were impressed by the cordial{Council of Churches; Dr. E. C.] In about two-thirds of the/ ~ ::!(.::::::i.':.~i:".:'::-!:!:;i'~~~~///,~UGA~OA ubt d e cept through a sys ~/;o workers have met and talked " -received a copy of thepam-lmanner in which they were re-{Smith, vice president of the[c untry's 33 dioceses the Church[ !~'~':~-: ~C~N'6"{~"-~~'~ :.::"!.:((:.:: to a total of 3500 families as a tematm door to door canvas of phlet Come Back Home by the[ceived in most instances. Re-[Council of Churches and Revlis prospering. I ~:~iREPUBLIC~':':.@):~ {the partsh, lucy. John A. O'Brien. "De- ~/John T. Tavlarides, acting dean [ . The menace of communismI i(.:.Z::.:::.::::::!i ::: :.7.: : ~~'i~~ ~1 ~0a Uome* [pending upon individual circum-[ l~ |St. Sophia Cathedral. Jthat hung over the Congo frame-{ [:~.i.i~(i.:~ :.i!.?!}.).]:]:5))::.~~)~".:!i~ .~::s '? I ~f *l :Z2Z:,~,~,Z.M1.A ,m [stances, they have been invit- ~]~ /diately after independence a.p-I ~.i-ii"(.:-:'.':':::;':::i:':."[[ ""~" (|ukavu~Rui~D(~ ~-'."-:~l 1 "led to return to the Sacramentsl ~/~-,~ r~ /pears to have receded, though| [-~ |tallavlll .]~]LEoPOLnV[LL~ tt I ~-UnU~.DI.~ on, ~t ~as learned that there it casts adeep shadow over KIVU , [ " v ]or attend the Inquiry Forum or[ /Lastro tarts / i :,(' ' !,;.: lore 1870 families professinglboth. "These," Father Geogh-~ [ [some parts of the country. / l.np01dvill0 RA|AI ~,~ ,~:?~.':' ~.~ :. [membership in Protestant de-[egan said "witl constitute a[ ~~[~ ~ ~| Hindered by, Feuding [ =---.O O'Ma id tLvluab0ut| "~/~])~!} S'!'~J . ~ ,; '~ ." ~ :,':: ~ " "@- ~ nommatlons. There are 97S ac-lspeclal challenge to the splrR-[ ~~iil|Olll-~ 2~k~lLlll~t| In other parts the Church is[ ~.~ ~ ~ ~,2~I~Z~:: ~.:!!~ C7 . . . : .: -- '. :.: ~ - ~ - .:: ]hve Cathohc families. The to-]ual forces of this parish until{ ~~l[ C7 ]hmdered by savage lntertrlbal[ ~-~- i]~:i':~|ikwD .s~/,~K|b~[ei~'.~.:i:~! tal number of families profes- they are safely back in the fold feuding Thousands of women] [~ ~.~k';~)::'."::::-~ "~'~'.; '2~ ~7~~H)J~ ~'::'~:! ~ {stag Church membership or the{of' ' Christ." . ,mcadon and children as well as war-[ t ~-"~ "~~i:'7 'i.'.:~~~Z~/~'~:,:]~ : '""::"" """:"" " '--'" "'" ]need for such membership was[ Object of Prayers i ~l[ I riors have died in the mutual] i~-~.::'(':i:':" "::::::::::::'::)?"i:.i.~" "'"-'."::|~/'/~ ~ATANGA~/~'~ inin familie~ ~vualvu -- ~unan rremler ~-* ' "'" :: ':"" '" " :" ,%'7//22 ':"~ 3176. The rema g n in n he more than butchery and in famines that [tT~ "" :" v : -.'.:: :: : v v. ~ ~/~'~l~:-:i!:-.-.-.:.v ::.::, Comme t g o t del Castro s mlhtlamen have oc- ~ " :':. .' '-.::: :.:.:.:-:.:: :.: :-.- ~ ~/~,/~/, :.:.- ::'.v.:::!l ~[more than 700, have no rehg-[ [ ~~il[ pursued those able to escape[ ~ ~--~' . "" . " -. :.' ' '- '-. !)'~i~~,b,thd~!~ii:i!, ~I ' It~ l~ITllUeS wlLn nu ret~l~auu~I ~~:::~lCUpmn xu t~atnouc cnurcnes l ~'~I "6""'":"',:'i:'":':'"'::.:"~.'":'.f".~)~,~llllllll~;:~;":L':.'i itous amnauon. [affiliation, the youthful pastorI ~~:. ( ~]schools seminaries and organi-lmees~nlves ot metr trlom end-{ l~z~c, zl:- ~ ~l Follow-up Measures Iof the three year oId parishl illN~i~i~ ~:~ll~R |zation headquarters on the pre-I " . I ~:-':".-"Y::" -:./.;~-;.i'f.::': " r St Virtually all the missioners "~ .:: .v.:.: : :.:.:::.: - v : 'v.'.v.v v.:. - ::.:::=: : ~ : - - ;.-] ~[ Asked what follow-up lea-[had this to say: They a e .[ ~~i:.:i~]text that the country faces tm-[ [ ~,~:.:: .: :: : : : :.v v~)/f::. ,WHO were mrcea ou~ ot melr ~ " . 'i "'. "'" "":: ~'::~:{':;i {surds would be taken as a re IBernadette s share of the un-I ~~;~/minent invasion by the U S ~ [~ '.i.:::.:.: : - v v~ .: v '. ' : .~ ]sult of the Crusade Father Geo-[churched millions of ou~ coun-[ ] They also arrested priests posts by mut.!nous troops or/ ~.5:.]i:))::{i!i:!::i!::':.:.:: ::!/:-!~-).'i'~-::::~S::!.)).)~il):{::~:i)::i::::::!-: N:'~'0"D[:Si'~":i:{.::}::.:.'S:('~ THe lien. vantei B. ~eogl~egan,] ghegan explained that the{try It is sad enough that they[ ~r" Jonn M.cnugn, :Brothers and laymen as they[ ram pagmg tr!pesmen in }He[ ~:~./.:.:.:~:::(.!.::./:i:i/!i::::::.:=i!il :'i:{:!: :/:-'.".:::::':: :.:-:i!:;i'.: : " :/:.- :: :- : .:.~/:-':~:~: : :~ pastor ~ "" ~00 non Catholic~ are without the t~'uth It is~ ~eneral unalrman ste~'~'ed u" theiranti Church weeks~mmemateiy mnowlng/ ~ .- -.-.v.v.vv ;-.- - - - :- '.:~'. :-:'- :,~ more man z - . ~, ~ - : . , freedom from Belgium have It of their calls at 3900/families that had expressed an{worse yet since they are not[marked Dr McHugh "In 99% campaign, i ] CHURCH S STATUS IN THE CONGO--After six months of tur- 1 long since returneo ~nere are :~" ~=-- l interest in the Church have re-{even ,aware that they are m's-| f +1 ho-~-- w ',~ ~ ~,o,~ In Havanamilitiawomen oc- i bulent independence in the Congo the Catholic Church has been Homes WitHin me oounoary ~uu- " . . u ,= ~.~a, .~ ~.~ . ',: more man 4up native Gongolese " I ceived a cony of the pamphlet~smg the fundamental doctrlnes[ ~, ~ ~i~li, " cupled the Old City s Franciscan ~ left relatively free to carry on its m~sslon work. lu area (1} I~S ot me parlsn, i " Y"' 1 " e . ~,~. ~wu=,t ~.u,~. priests ana anout.b,uuu iorelgn/ ~n d ~.t~,r~t in Church i Finding Christ s Church by The[that wou d gw true meamng] ~ L . ~.:. ~ ~ church and convent, which hous- . ~ which includes the provinces of Leopoldvflle, Equator, Kasm and " "- '--d -ur-^se to their lives The'" ~uue~L tromp, u--e u~ uve a~- ~ .u : . . ~ . m~sstoners,mcmomg a~ou~ ~,-I Kivu and the narrow stri-" of land tha" lead- "- *~- ""--"- o "+;-'' "-n +he nearly ~ev. norm A, u t~rlen, xney[an p 1~,~| . . ~ . . eu Lne prmtmg paan~ o~ a I is t ~ ~ ~v .'-~tl~tt~t:, ~omme s ontinual ob'ect of SOClate cnawmen, reporteo mat . . ~au priests. I the h ch ha b " v " " " ~eted ,~ro~ect t h e Rev have also received a special{will be a c 3 I ~ ,L Qulncena, last Cuban perlodmal C ar" s den hmdered cry httle. In Oriental province r~"i"l B Geo~he~an St Bern~ personal invitation to attend an{the prayers, works and sacri-I~ ~ ~ " .~ to dare to criticize the Castro Co g - . . ~ (2), a stronghold of Red-oriented leaders supporting ousted =n~,: ,astor ~ sa~d 'that "cer- Inquiry Forum now being con-[fires of the priests, sisters and{He fppr acne~, were ^evl~en~ regime. Machine guns have A third of the ^ C,ongos ap- Premier Parried Lumumba, a constant threat of violence to the '~ ~" ' ol on la o le of this amsb v w- been mounted on thech rch proximately l~ u~ uuu peopm Church em ms n e ~}a"tors which have come ducted at the parish scho/ ,Y pep "- P " I " u " r a" . I t rtribal warfare continues to ravage se- ~" '~ B Men of Parish r~ven mougn mey e~pressea no are Cathohcs u.~+ could not have been Monday and Thursday evenings[ Y " i: .~ :~ tower and publication of La " ~: cessiohist Katanga province (3) where even some religious ;':.~d,:~" ~,'~ h ordinary nor- beginning at 8:00 p.m. Attend-/ The Crusade was conducted by] ~mu~u~+~. ,~,~^v~,~^~] ~f~a~m,~ Quincena stopped kmufcn Has recenuy neen have been victims of the violence. About two-thirds of the = ~ ~- -~ ~,~ ~.= ,-u,w,~-~ Bel na enjoying ~reeaom to work ann , "~ ~ s" O r I,' e nd La Salle schools country s 33 dioceses are prospering. isn census roceoure u 'to Know mat the ath ' . . ~ p -- t ohc Church were also seized as gun rotes worship m the narrow fmger of . . . learning more a b o u t the Leaves Ior l~ome via jet Cr a e, .Dec. 4, was. one of the Also occupied are the head east to Leopoldville into Equa; of the separatist provinces of ed untainted and some young Church We al~o ]earned of 128 " coloest ol the year, it apparent- " . . ' " ~ -- ST. LOUIS -- Cardinal-desig- Marling, C.P.P.S of Jefferson! ly did nothing to hinder the en- quarters of the Catholic Univer- tor prownce and eastof Leopold- Kasai and Katanga. Dioceses of- Cathohcs have interpreted inde- ~ ~.~ ~ ~ ~' n~+~,r Arch- City, Mo, and Auxiliary Bishop t'husiasm of the w,~rkers On,~ ,~f sity Association where seven ville into ~asai ann Kisu pro- fected are Baudouinvine, Ka- pendence as freedom from all .-.~= ,-~r,: =. ----o,~[- -~ Glennon P. Flavin. I them remarked "M, ~fo,+ ~:; students were arrested --- the vinces, mina, Kongolo, Kabinda, Kindu authority. But a youth move- s b,snop ot bt. ~OUlS, le~t pere Others are Msgr. Adrian I. real cold but it was a"reat" wa''~ Knights of Columbus and the Fears Focused in Oriental and Kasongo. ment under the patronage of St. s "~ Francis Xavter has been notabl (Jan. 10) for :Rome with a per- Dwyer, Italian-speaking mem- to "~re'~are for Chris*mas " Union of Christian Workers.Most of the fears that commu- Some political parties built ' Y sonal party of seven persons, ber of the St. Louis chancery' v ~, ~ " Outside of the capital, the nism will take a hand focus on around tribel groups have ac- untouched by this notion. but with 151 others in his char- staff; Father Fenton R. Runge, World News 2itered jet plane and in a sister the secretary, ~nd Father Dan- People in the New~ 3 craft on a regularly scheduled tel Moore, editor of the St. Louisi Catholic Charities Feature 3'flight" Review, archdiocesan news- ~l 5{ The Cardinal - designate's paper, who is, the press secre- lSSlOa ~olumn. - ~,5 Meet the Cler 51part) on the 10 hour, 2. minute tary. gY i fiight was composed of the three Also on the planes were reid- Special Feature ~ suffragan Bishops of the St. rives of the Cardinal, including A Lesson in Courage Louis province, a press secre-,his sister, Sister Marie Cather- Weddings ~ tary, personal secretary, inter- ine Ritter of the Sisters of Char- Coming Events 7 preter and his auxiliary bishop, ity of Nazareth, Ky who is Doris Answers Youth 8 The bishops are: Bishop John stationed in Clarksdale, Miss. Legion of Decency g P~ Cody of Kansas City-St. Jo- Friends of the Cardinal were St. Vincent's Jottings 2 8 seph, Mo.; Bishop Char~s H. aboard, as was a delegation of TV Movie Guide 10 Helmsing of Springfield - Cape newsmen from both the secu- Deaths - 10 Girardeau; Bishop Joseph M. lar and Catholic press. No Church Bells PAVIA, Italy -- Bishop Carlo Allorio of Pavia has become the second Italian prelate to order his priests to make more spar- ing use of church bells. Last month Giovanni Cardinal Mon- tini, Archbishop of Milan, is- .~ued a similar order to avoid disturbing sleeping citizens in the early morning hours. Bishop Allorio ordered that no church bells be rung before 6:30 ram. seminaries in Santiago de Los Vegas, E1 Calvario, Arroyo Arenas and Santa Maria del Rosario have reportedly been occupied. Archbishop Enrique Perez Serantes of Santiago, reports state, left Santiago for Havana where he will confer with other prelates on issuing a new pas- toral of protest. In Santiago, Father Rafael Escala was reportedly beaten by mobs -- suffering several broken ribs -- for reading the Bishops' December 4 pastoral. Oriental province in the far northeast of the country. The threat is an attack on the Church by Red-oriented leaders, since communism as a doctrine does not appear to hold much appeal for the Congolese people. Oriental province is a strong- hold of supporters of ousted pre- nier Parried Lumumba. Intertribal Warfare Threatens Communist-oriented leaders flso pose a threat irl parts of Leopeldvine province. They are trying to exploit a feeling among Congolese youth that the Church cused missioners of favoring an-: other tribe. Congolese priests with very few exceptions have kept clear of intertribal strife. But some have been its victims. In Octo- ber, Ka~ioka tribesmen invad- ed a minor seminary at Kalen- da in the Luluaburg diocese and tried to force a Congolese teach-! dr, Father Thomas Beya, to telll Schools Were Salvation Observers here credit the mis- sion schools with saving the missions as a whole in the Con- go. The respect and good will engendered by the mission schools helped protect them against widespread attacks dur- ing the turbulent days In]lowing independence. Yet the fact that education was for long the mon- opoly of the missioners (be- cause others would not trouble themselves to educate the Con- golese) brought hostility upon them from some quarters.