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January 6, 1961     The Observer
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January 6, 1961

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,'RIDAY, JANUARY 6, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE TWO 4.H MEMBERS RECIPIENTS i IN TH E I11" f I 'I 1 i i| D' S' ~0D ~l~e, I POPE JOHN" has been namedlhas been chosen president of th~ [man of the year in religion in]New South Wales Liberal party -=r'~ ~, ~ ' Ithe annual Associated Press I in Australia. A lawyer and war ~ 1 ~ ~ ~r ~ lr I ~ "~ Ip ll. It was the third straight[hero, he is the first Catholic to -~.~ LPJ X~,~" ~[, I[.~,~ ~ ]year the Pope had been ~hosen.]hold this post. , I1t I JOHN FY K;NN~DY, presi-I FREDER~CK~H. ;O L A N ]9, ROCKFORD -- Two diocesan,j |~&nt - elect was chosen news- United Nations General Assemo 4-H members were given God-', "~.: d"~l :~t;. XT .-. J. ' I]~1~, ~,f ~he -ear'in the As [blv president will spea~kin Chi- ,[ Farnmr,a. a nr, .oca.o. ,i :" ,'%-~ Y,-[ca~o Jan 27'in a lectur~se ~es nome-uountry a~aras ny t n e i ~ ||sociatea ~ress pou. ! r. Most Rev. Loras T. Lane at By Michael J. Dolan you shall receive it." We as], .~ ]sponsored by the Catholic Coua- .~ the chancery office here. ] Farming has always been the[farmers put Our trust and faith] WILLIAM D. TAVARES ofleft on Working Life. -: ~ Miss Elizabeth O'Malley 18 basic indus;rf of the world.]in these words. ]Honolulu, Hawaii, has been/ THEREC LOUIS~M COLON ' ~ ' "~[From farming the people of the Although sometimes c r o p slawarded the Vercelli Medal for/ " . :." ," " :', .: ~t. ~wary parlsn ~terung a n uI .' ~ . lx~ ot ~oavenport Iowa nas ,~:~.a~.~ ' world obtalri the one reqmre-lare destroyed by wind, rain 11961 by the natmnal headquar-/ ',', ~ lvne.nae~ .o. Joolan, zu, ~t. lvlary ment m o s t! needed to sustain hail or tornadoes we accept ters of the Holy Name societylbeen, eieete? nanonm ae~emp. parlsn, l)urano, were tne recl- ' . ~ . " . t ment airector ot the xoung ~ ~'ients of the honor award "-re ]life namely food Ilhesethin~,s as acts of God. llor his leadership. [ P " P - ~,L.nrlsuan '~tuaents movement. : vided by the National Catholic In the pajth0 years farming W:s;::nftorfUtllysund:hr;tna:d ;hu~t * * * ' [ ~:ii ,arish Rurat Life ConferenceIhas steadil ~,rown until now it, ~ g,I THE REV. JOHN M. POSI-/ J U L I ~T S ~ARDINAL nnp ~a~ and presented by a Catholiclis "b!.g business," and poss!bly[We must accept them ITANO, O.S:A pas!or of S!.[PFNER' Bisho; of BerlinU'has :: ~{$ narish to a worthy 4-H C I u b~ ne oi our country's most scten-I in our prayers ~o ~oa we lvIary church in ~ast vinelana ! been a""ointed a member of the ~ member. Uric businesses. . . . ~should ask for his help a n d N.J will r e c e i v e, an award/ u~n,~P~p,cp,~a~u~y uumm~uu~-'- ~ii We who farm the soil. raise blessings but above aP t h a t from the Jewish Wehare Board| for the comin- ecumenical coun ::::: Any L.atnollc ~,-tl ClUe mem- . I ',* g - ~,' I the livestock and harvest t h e,"Thy will be done' [in Philadelphia Feb 23 tor h~s/ell ": oer wno nas compmteo at least] " " v o ' " ~t four ,ears of satisfactor--4-H]cr ps' are still as we alwa~ s[ I, as a young farmer, feel that]work arnon, servicemen. [ * * "k ~" c.lub work and who has aacom-[have been andalways shall be,[in farming I am very close to[ * * * 1 EDWARD P. HANIFY, Bos- ,aepenaent on Almlgnty L, oa tO,Go m ~ ~ farm work I n ARDIN~,L OT RECEIVE GOD-HOME-COUNTRY AWARDS--Miss Elizabeth O Malley (left), St. Mary parish, mendable record el individuall ",d don~ e-| ALFREDO C. -/ton attorney and civic leader, grade us and p~otect us a n d Sterling a student at Newman Central Catholic high school and Michael J. Doland (right) St. and group activities in the " " ' [joy the work of cultivating, pIant]TAVIANI Secretary of t h elbas been named chairman of the ' ' ~our farming business from dis- . ' ~ z. Mary parish, Durand, receive the God-Home-Country Award for outstanding work m md~wdual Club and in the work of t h e life and caring for farm am- Sacred Con~,rebatmn of the Holy[executive committee of the No. and group activities in 4-H and Church work from the Most Rev. Loras T Lane (Herzog Photo- Church is elioible asters. Imals that God created. [Office has founded an organiza-[tional C a t h o 1 i c Community ra hers," " ~ ' God has intrm;ted to the farm- . ' ' r n,* hen " g P ) Miss O'Malley has been a ~ ,~ ~n;~, ,~ ~ m ~[ I see farming as the m o s t tmn to preserve and st e ~,t [Service, a use member agency. t ~t. c, m ~ ~" ~ ~lim,~rtant business in the world [the influence of Christian ideals] memuer ot u~e oternn~; o-oo~-Iother v,eonle I "" " ,-- w w A ~ ~ f~ -I in~ Stars since 1954 Her ,~ar I Y " " . . /By farming the nations of thelin society. It will be known as|l- i '~"~ ~"~ ~,r-~ 4~--J'~-~,~ ~II~'~ ~-a~f~ ~ ~!~'-~-~, ,~. -~ ~4 -~,-~]~ =re Mr ~na Mr Ri h~ar~[ n.els ever reafly to. give US[world-are fed and clothed.[St. Plus V Institute. tLatlu america Ot t l--Ottt t ltt ()':Mal~ley,"Ster]in'g["" ianSg~Sto~nC:tr Yo~:t :mg sbelee~- Therefore, I can fee[ that in * * * [lp~ e'. lr~ ~, I Mr Dolan has been a mem~ n"; 7 ." .'/aoin~,mypartIamnmpingcarel ALBERT HILGER VON|DenelltS rrOlll ,- a o our nvestoc~, we pray to for God's children SCHERPENBERG now Ger E~ her of the New England Banner God to send rain when it is " ' " ."~"~JF]IJ"~ fJ~]l~'~ tdrll ]~]~li~t'~ 111 "J I11 1 ~"~ 1 4-H club for 11 years. The son needed and fair weather when Because of these things I be-many's Undersecretary of ForJp aver Crusade ~t~ ~ ~.~t~.~ ~.~[.~ ~ ~X.~[~$~' ~' I .~1 of Mr. and Mrs. ~aurence Do- it is needed ' lieve definitely that farming is eign Affairs, has been named[ J .~. - .~ Ilan, Durand, he plans to make/ Jesus said, "Ask anything inla "Christian Vocation." I~erman ambassador to the Hoiy/~ WASHINGTON ,7~'S" C~:~: . . . ~farming his life work. the name of the Father and ~ee. SEAT~ILE, Wash.--(NC)--Theldehberatmns of the Sister Fer-[of religious communities eL / ~~~{!i~:::~[,[part m a year long 1961 Crusade n '~~ ew campus of the second U.[mation Confei'ence a voluntarY[women ]~~ ~ :~ 7':~i~i: I ~v P~ ~A~O~ rlON~l~R Iof Prayer for Latin America S. college for Sister-students movement among U. S. sister- [] rln] ,r~l * 1 ~,r "~rr i [I - !ii::}i:~i~[ [now under way throughout Cana- l ~verett curriculum only is expected to be ready hoods to bolster the academm, ][ llle tAlrls[lanAHltU{leln llv Work l $I Ida. early in 1961. professional and spiritual de- Known as the "Everett Cur- iil Prl~e# (}}tl~olr 1 By ~hoir on ratinn UR Providence HeDhts colle,~e ]velopment of young nuns riculum "it suggested five By Eliza~eU~ u'Nlalley someone who I can trustto/ ~ ~=--'~" It, ~,- 7- :" ~, ~," ~ ', . . ~ I . . { ::~iiiili uatnones can make the prayer oln u on 243 cr f n~ o h i1 o r years of training for y o u n gI beheve that the two most come to my aid t g'g p a eso rolli ~,l B t co eges a e teaching] s 1 l,]~-~-for Father I crusade "an act of spiritual sol- nuns ~eattle umvcrslty was the ~ ~,~t~oo ~ , country.ride n e a r Issaquah,]courses especially tailored, tos. - " limportantand the greatesttI enjoy working with youngl i:: [ ]idarity with Latin Americans ' /site of one demonstration cen~,i:~' about 15 miles from here, will the n e e d s of Sisters, mostly " ;. -' ' - commandments are: 'Love thy people very much. I do this for iii /f]l ~ ]~ ]~ -~tt 1,~ [declared Richard Cardinal Cush- ,'ter winch tested the pro osed ~ ,~ t~oL.~.~t~. L.Pm u, ae, m~ have about 300 Sisters enrolled l teachers, but others in fields l ' -. "- P ] ~;,~,~-,-~ ";,- th-self" and "Do[several re~sons I first of =11[ ~i[ ling Archbishop of Boston . . course. The other was at St '*~s"u"~ "~ a - * ,~ : College of Sister Formation such as nursing, as well. m,'I [ I~i ~[ ~TCHINSON Kan (NC~--[ Cardinal Cushin~ chairman of ~ I l~eresacortege, Winona Minn unto omers as you woum nave reel ma~ a person snoman t Lena ~~: ~ / "" ' " --" " / ~ ", ~ present me cone~,e~s Major Role ,~ ~. . ' "1 I I~~~ :~ }Brother John Taylor, 80, an in-lthe Episcopal Committee for La- ' . lne mverett curriculum is no:mere fie unto you. a ne,pmg nana just to see wnat ~ . . functioning at Seattle umver-I wh, ~ m~, ~,~,h, ,~ ~,~ol ,~ i .[ . [~~~i: J~i~]terr~al Oblate of St. Benedict,[tin Amer,ca of the National o snap com se v.realts are re In the ast years i nave used you can get out of it sity where it is known as the . ~,-"" "; v,:~o~ ",2 ] ". . " ". -[ P" " t " I~:' f~: ~[use~ to point out Father Martin|Catholic Welfare Conference, College o[ Sister Formation.]PemYF cr; m~;l r roi: In me ~}S-iqmred m philosophy, theology,[these two commandments asl -k -~ -k [~~~~[Taylor at St. Benedict's abbey]noted that the Canadian prayer h n i n ' il 'n~ o mat o mo ement. he psychology, socio]ogv political " "H ' m Wen o ts ew elght-bu d, ~.[ ;.~.~ t-~ f +h .~ ~; I . ", " '. [my motto II~}[ [here and explain, e s y/campalgn ,s being conducted in c 1 i r -~ t, o~'-* science, pnysleal s c 1 e n c e s " ast summer t nan me op- ' " h r " ampus, t~e college w 11 en aml~ ,; ~,~,a] '1,t- th=f if = n-rson really] . ]~;." " . ~!.~. [Father and I m hls fat e . /conaunctlon w~th a Marian Year ,~ ~ ,~oo -.u mamemaucs nlstory, ~rencn, t ,--- ~ portunlty to work at a camp ' xi ' ' as a divison o[ the Jesuit Fath ~ i }]~~[~I Father Martin Taylor offeredlproclmmed by Me co s Catholic ers' university m Lve Fetl;, gvasn in. II~.Db. lne English and education, believes in and tries to praeuceifor underprivileged girls of Chi-I [Solemn Re-uiem Mass for his[Bishops ' " Irora rounaatlon palcl tneex- . " . ,~ The other U. S. campus forlpenses Special Stud, es thesecommandments, he wfllicago. Thls camp was operatedI ~Ifather Brother John Taylor,I The Mexican Marian Year Sisters exclus]~el is Mamllac The Ill h Imake a truly good Christian ', "' Y "~ ' ' The three-month gathering of "'t year, added fo the ' ']by the Chicago Boys' Clubs andl ~~~~[here in the abbey church onlmarks the 50th anniversary of s ~ . . I . " ' "' a well-liked all- - - college, near St. Lout, Mo. It Sisters and numerous advisors usual college span, is spent inicmzen and ' ];t was located m the state of ~~~/Christmas e~e. B~other John Pope St. Pros X's actmn m nam- was dedicated in October, 1959. lproduced a report which was[Special studies requested by around good neighbor. [I,u*a,a-'a~-"^ ,'~^" m~'~'~ c,~mp *" .au~'"a u*= "a^[ ~i~[had a stroke in October, was ling the Blessed Virgin patroness Both colleges are products ofipresented all major superiors the Holy See. I have used the Christian at-I ~ > ~,~ u .~;,~ ~i~.~/hospitahzed for several weeks Iof Latin America under her title ~" "~ - rn d to the abLe here f "~ "al '~" It. * "lk I it [ lne eight nuns on.t!m facultY[titude in my 4-H and other ac-[ent types of nationalities, creedsI ~}i}~[an~ffetu~,~?~ h l-l,~ ,~,ff~, ~, [ ~ur ~ac~.Y2~l~Ua~ u~pel~,112e ~. A In ~ ILl Ikl ~ Im me cortege nere nora uoctor-ttlvltles in many ways ~an~a races of girls Ft really' ~~ ~ "; v - i~J'~ ' ~'~][N~J"~ ates Three mo '^" I " |~iii~/gained his health (He died Dec leo City .~ ~.~ u~,p~c~- - - -- 'm-d~ m~ feel won'aerful ;n-ide' ~"::'~" e- a~h~- l~e- ~a~h~- ~r~ ing studies for a doctorate be- I will help others wnen tney[ ~,~y, ~ s '~ ,~,~.* ,~i ~t [22). [ In joining in the jubilee ob- ,['v~,~'c4.~,~c.4,~.4 ~,~(?~]fore joining the teaching staff, lare in need of help because, I[a~'=" * ::- L'~'~"-t"~h:',~'- ~o~,~:[ God-Home-Country Medal [ Father Tavlor was the onlylservance through their Crusade [ The o4.~ff~s" ~[ All are Sisters of Charity oflknow that when I am in nereid'( = /~[son of John William and Mar-]of Prayer, Cardinal Cushing NATIONAL BANK e rYso~im;hiIgtrYb; Police Search i of I~ -. 000- ' "" ' build-someone I always remember COLOMBO Ceylon- Ceylon . . - . . s - I o~ [ . ~~ ~[of Divine Provtdence of S a ntbrary an admmlstratmn -] ,' / [cago resided also in Balhmore]tfful tribute to our Blessed Moth- I ] ~AYAIN.NA [i~ /~"'~ ~ ~ ~ Antonio Tex. holder of a doc- ing class room and recreation]my m t~ :, a:2VedmYn.nelg~ r[p uce nave searcnea ~amonC]and Kansas City. He was traffic[er of Guadalupc as a fur- .' ' ~ ' " asmyse a O tOOtl ersscnools wnicnareoeingnation- I I[~ -- N~ ~i]torate in English from Yale/buildings a dining hall and/ ] [manager for Standard Brands,[ther bond with our brothers to [ "Your ~ For Every,~ ~r~ ,l:i:/[University [~-uildin,~s' for Sisters in the pro-]as you woum nave mem ao un-[anzed unoer a new *aw etxecuve|inc for more than 25 years and]the south " he said in a state- ,~ . ~ ~ " ~' ~ . . to you.' December 1 ." ' . I -;~e;;ic~"~ I!~ M,ri,~ ~r ~.~ ~] T [vincialate junlorate, and nov,-[ ] ' ~rehred m 1946 [ment directed fo U.S. Cathohcs. |1 I~s'~ - ;7,~, ;~ollae ~. ~-'q~l ,oarge bnape! [ ' [ It is easy to remember thatl Some 570 Catholic schools are/ I~ ~"Y rlorol w~re bervlotl ~ . i tlaLe. , ] |[/'g~ Plonter~ ond Gifts [ What does a campus for S~s-i . in,]everythmg I do and everyone I]affected under the nati~naliza-[~i~C:~Ci~i~:;ii~:~i~i~;i~i;~i:#.~i~ii~:~ii~i~{~i~::~i?~i~}ii~;::~}~{C~i~i~K'g~}:`;i~;]h~|.~ m~L. ,v.temnet I~DIC MtRIED4ELMER Ouner {~ ters on1 look hke* There Wlll Oe a swlmm ~, I ~vlemDer r.U.LL IN ~ "~'~=',a'ii ~/ Y ' I "'~ nis~assist I do for the Love of God.[tion program About l00 of them] Ir t. ! 31. Main St. -- Fbon 5 ' ' " ool and gymnasium. Aen " " o ! " 1229 Main St. Savanna, Ill. I ~ S.~VaNN* n,LINOIS ~ The expansive chapel, with P { lan-[ We must always remember have been occupied by Catholic[ ~L~ 2 ~.$w.!~Jn i~ - '," " ] aIK1VUIJ.~yu~-u-~ u~*uo~-,-- ~:" I ~p dramatmstained glass windows 111~" ~'KYP~ I' "~ "~ "~J~ "~ '~1~ "~ - ' ~ ' ]that the credits we add up herelpupils or their parents in pro-| II,i . .- ~,:a--~ :~,~ ~ " neo | ----I~~----~---~-- and a copper roof, is the heart] . ~ . ]on earth don't really Count Godltest against the natlonahzatlon ~ ]] D~'~l ['~ [ 1 ~|[~ of the complex of buildings. I Four Or~lers uooperate [will be our judge, not our fel-[ .--~---~-g:-~. ,~ [I,v'-v I 1 rr~ . |!l ~ Other units will include a 50,- Four communities have co-/low man [I t'l~[1]~' IDI A I~11~ ./I [lIDMITIIDl: ~TflD~ I "l we lnvtte lott I!1 ~ ~loperated in the pioneer effort.] I hav; alwa-s tried to live~L'~lj~i~ r~'~ /I I-UIXIIII~I~[, d I VIM. ] :ll To Come ~n II ~ TERLING e [They arethe Sisters of CharitY]like a good Christian and I havel| ' |I[ D. Seidel --- R. |town I U See and Drive Ill ~'[~i Iof Providence, wno. Udo rr/also fried very hard to bring[] Ill I I wrlnng tne iour mnno ct [ II III 2""7"; Im f the Christian way of living Into ) The 1961 Line o cam " " "' ' ~ ~ Chevrolet Cars&Trucks II l/r: thfet~ogeWc::l~lgters of my home. HURRY. ~[r~| at II ~g,vanna I ~ lithe'Congregation of St. Thomas] ]l Jom" Our 196I I]I v, - I 1 Aquinas' Dominican Sisters of R. ". CARON Ill"' " I ~~~l~" I/the Congregation of the HolylLOVES PARK [ Christmas Savings I/I FUNERAL HOMEI - a ,leaners u ers t Iii " Y,I IIcross and Sisters of St: Joseph,s -3 C ub Now. III I 800 Main St--Phone 6135 IiI 228 Chicogo Ave. Dial 6625 I I/ II IllP~--~l~l I n -~-~ |]| . Carpety . I/STERLING tl I o l: r;;o l:r " I1, il Lo,es Park Auto Ports I,I I MA ~.o:5o I REAL ESTATE Emery Schuh & Geo. Morvlk" il ~ ~ ~ IwOIS FOI gOYI &NO Olllg 11 E 4th ~2.~5"0750' Sterling and " I ---- ~- PARK SlrAI E BANK M U E N H $,o=. =na st. Loves Pork Fuller Chapel DIAL TR 7 5882 Cookin Wo,er Hectic ! Newand Used Porl~ II 5817 N. Second Street Loves Park SHOES ond HOSIERY . ~ ~ II Win. L. DOYLE [I , 309 Chicago A avanna, Illinois,WO SGAS Office and Bulk Plant Rte. 14 & 47 " g Y g Ill II LUMBER PLYWOOD MILLWORK Values a,a Ser~,~e SMITH MOTOR CO. WOODSTOCK, ILLINOIS ' ' ' Phone 1297 ROOFING INSULATION HARDWARE Since 1911" '"~' '" WOODSTOCK Plumbln9 and ElectHcol Suppffes L o,n a-,4s, " "" WEYERHAUESER LUMBER ESSIG LUMBER ELLIOTT JEWELRY CO. --Esteblished ] 889-- SAVANNA ILLINOIS BOATS- MOTORS - TACKLE We speciolize in showing ove 200C Colors of eosy tO clean new rug.' ond cQrpe~s. Lorge Selection ot Used Rugs ond Remnants TIDY MAGIKIST RUG CLEANERS Intersection Rts. 14 & 120 WOODSTOCK FE. $-1000 Personalized DRY CLEANING Save at Our Cash and Carry Stores Hall & Eckert FEde,el 8-0158 Woodstock, III. Custom LAUNDERING We Givt S&H Green Stomps "Always the Best Prices on All Sport Equipment" (SEE "BOB" WHEN YOU STOP IN) Phone: JUno 4-0057 ---:~- Phone: JUno 4-4914 HARDWARE See -- Drive -- Compare Appliances-Paints Ford -- For -- 1961 Now -- On -- Display Phone: Juno 4-0302 ST. CHARLES Downtown Polo .(Hwy' 26) III. and FREEPORT . . . MERCK AND SPRINGER u. s. Choice Meats--Home Made Sausase 116 So. Chicago Ave. Ph. ADams 2-8712 Freeport, Ill. 502 Main Street Dial 8155 Savanna, Ill. Serving McHenry County Since 1947 Plumbing Call Healing Air Conditioning LOEScHER HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING 311 E. South St. FREEPORT Phone AD 2-361~ Lucrative Motel Opportunity A 16 unit motel with 4, room modern home and gorpge on 3 acres at Scenic Savanno. 6 units new in 1959. Owners other interests offer this rare opportunity for a profitoble business to new owners CONTACT: IHE PAUL B SWANSON AGENCY Reol Estate luildet -- Property Monogement 419 Main S'~Savanna, III.-- Phone 3663 & HEATING COAL--FUEL OIL DEALER FOR TIMKEN Phone 28 ---Silent Automatic Equipment --- E st Dubuque EAST DUBUQUE SAVINGS BANK" : "'Care]ul, Conservative Banking Since 189i" L" Phone 42" (Member F.D.I.C ) East Dubuque Telephone Juno 4-4980 O~ Juno 4-4981 100 S. First Ave. St. Chorles Ask For BIG Distributed Throt FRANK 22-24 East Spring Street