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January 6, 1961     The Observer
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January 6, 1961

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Sweet Home I q w I ave USlC B Nell " "es 1 A h r y ie Hugh Ire. s t ays jiggle, lampsI With no grace notes in thelshades sway and the cat andl rose except TV commercials o ;.~ . T ~. t. .~. ] . ' ]d g h,~v ~.u~. me ueu~. i ~a untutored, rresley - like} I unkings from our y o u n g e r[ Negative Side ] " 196 m's cracked guitar, this wholeI That's the negative side. The I PAGE 6 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY,JANUARY 6, 1 wnfl has been starved for mu- [ positive side is that, with expos- [ ~ -- ------ c. Our ~a s t portable record ure, our younger son may climb [ ~;:::,~:z:~z:~:~:~:~ IH a 1 T T ~'T -- " Layer--7~l~e hi-fi vintage -- was out of the jive pit to Gilbert and ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ira(ca 1101 car v amet ~>:~::'''Wedno~d~v .T n.'. 11 ~/ t named ermanent directorY gof[[ ~l at St Charles hospital gunday, D !- I I- D an album apiece Ol;~t:~l iVlllldlll, qkJ.I-,1 ~HIJ~IIUI xJ~ ~.x v ~" ~JLUltUltrk I-- z~ ll~W VUIIAIILt2~Y " ' I] ] matxer ~rum me ~umu.c na~ Into a woman sIlia when ner,unteers iunctlons In edEn pansn lng clay a roe Snellt " !:i~iiiYi::ili~i!::i~:i:/.!, party will be an anmverSarrnnters o~ ~tmograpners,S uvenlr ,ch, ed in st incent de Sullivan level, and our older son[ au! pickup. The salvage work-lmay stop acting like a long-] ~S~ii::?:i::i~ ~ ,~ ~,~- ,~ ~r~'.~'~ .n~+~' +1,-oo ~ ; ~n ~th,qie ~S smart enough[hair and enjoy scores from mu-[ ~i! When a young Chicago mother[lug, ironil house-la he:per This is t}; : eed tt C;Zl~;;?t; S~;;vi~;st;ff ~nemh~rs have been assigned ~ "usa :?at it m playing shape agam. lsl~ls [~ ~ became pregnant for ,:he e ighthfwork, bu Y ,a.ndthomemaker service ee :s to f: operations overseas. Julia Martin, left, of the USO-NCCS Club I ~nere s something else that'sI ~i~ ~ time, she was both pmasea ancltarouous c 'asnmg/--an( this is the g 'e*: oppo in Ayer, Mass will become associate director of the usa All Agreed {mighty wonderful about havingl ~ ~ frightened. She loved children; walls an, ,r thisI Club, Paris, France Eleanor Leahy center, of U~4}-NCCS Club, All five of us agreed we'd wait a stereo. Record albums make ~ilt ~ and another would be welcome, work the 15 perlmnlt: ior unoccupl( ~ namer i" :,',a~ t ~h w~r~ rh,h 1 of/ [r t I [l egln In S the i~nments Yq lPlllllI,1::3q:3|~ "~]'~m,|l,~-~tl-#~n-~o g One ^,r,r,s armed world, director ~ O~o to hundred forces are meet (NC of Jq-F~q:hl~ll in I#,~or, w~]-= work lly]- ^,Photos) the the and line USa increased their with eas '~ ~ ~ubl Club, the da- m t agree on music. Here sI 1 101&-oz. can condensed I at Centro Hispano Catholico, were no handy relatlveskFrmnds[of charity and onethat will ap-lm distress Other parish groupslthe Junior guild of the Catholic/service group a department o[ )w we voted in the record ae-lmushroom soun I T~; r ~u;~,; ~ ; ;o~. ,~ naa young cnlmren oi melr ownIpeal to women WhO reany ap-lsuch as Our Lady's Volunteers,IWoman's 1,~a ,ue will meetly+ ~ ~, ~,'-,~. ~ ~.-~*~ ~ v to care for Then she remem v ~rtment: 1% cup heavy cream / ~ ~ a -lpreclate the importance of mare-]which is now organized in more~Thursdav Jan 12 at 7 nm at/;~-. ~.~ ~. ~. ~,t 1 1 be ed an acquaintance h a talnmg the unity at a family, than 200 parishes of the Arch- h h f h ' ild chairman Variety of Choices I 78 teaspoon coarse3 ground/ natmnal recogmtlon for Its aid b^en-an h-hos'qtal for an /te omeo t e ~,u ,/seph hospital The volunteers ,= ~ ~ tu ~ c p lwucn nas dean written aoout diocese m t.nlcago need her - - -I Pc, Polyneslans "Blue Ha.[black pepper / to Cuban refugees, has been ~ a ~, ] / ' ]Miss Ehzabeth Abel. Followm~,wil1 wear a cherry red uniform, aii." I ~,~ cup buttered soft bread] named one of Dade County's ~7:~=7 ~/ "~ '~' %' .Ld" ~:~.' " ~I!' w to m~ m~,vo)~ .~a,t cu,ne~/capame nan?s, uur ~aay s v.ol-[a business meeting the grouPlMrs" j. H. Root, chairman has Ma South Pacific' crumbs i " - will la ca d ' , outstandng women for 1960 " v t P Y . announced Oldest Snn" Vzn Cli~ ~ [~/. teasr~on rosemary [ : : : ties had stepped Into the a- children have grown up and left as the social action wing oi r oun~ women . ~ t. :~. . ~ r~ x~ [ ~ ur *o.~;.~ ] cancy and for a reasonable fee, home She should develop an the narochial women's club and/ ~,~,-- v~,~" ~ ~" ~ uy mc ~m,um uauy ~ews, Guild membe s, y .~ ~ . ~ "~ . Committee members asslsung ~c.amuw~y ~ ~.u.Ue[LU ~u./ . ~ ~ov.~,~ C~o~,-.o ~ I v ioriua. (NU vnoms) t ~ ' .~', ,~- ul. ~" " /zrom .L~ t. rough Z0 years oi age,iMr ROd" -re a~ ,-L , =ha "~vm~io D,~.o.~ i~ " |sauce I .au careu mrme ~amuy eac.imterest in tnmgs oesloes net has been very effective in or-|A, ,nh,n~,~,~, ,r, rlr =+ St Eliz~-I . ~' ~ '~ ~umes. ,~.anes ~ " ~ A l r n day until the mother could come famfl it is said to sustain he~,twel Ve no Evans Edward Daughter: "Oklahoma," and[ 2 tablespoons dry sherry [ .~e~ ~ ~ [ . y ~. . .riganizing and recruiting neigh-,beth Social center Their advisorl.~ .' . .~.' name ana takeover l-'ernaps whenme are one~neShOUld r l~annmg Lawrence .elynn rlom qafonte's calypso [ 1 family size tuna [ ~N~"~'~l~v'~ g"- ~t- ' y. g ' . ibo s for the alleviation of prob-!is Mrs. Charles E. Martin. Miss] '~ ~. ~ " ,may cutoff neap her xnere wa learnto paint oI weave or make tern situations In homes er ~:ry dames naoegger ,~ n Youngest Son" Kingston Trial 4 slices processed Americanl ~ [i I # ~1 " :l ",i " " " I Jean Thull is vice chairman [ ' ' :&," " . i t. I ~'--t~ t t t "~,no narm in trying ~ne olaleo~ceramic ashtrays But thoughl ! '/t~artman ~vl. ~. viaooen ~nil- m ~,lvls rresley's"b l./cn~c~e 1,4;1 I/I / J J;. . ,~.1 t.^r ^, r~ ,~.oli.~ Pharitie~l "' I Ain me Mcg land ~vnss danlce van nard is/ ~. . - , ^,/ ,~ 1 1. ~. t ~,= "~ tz ~z'tVg, g .4glr~Ir~ ~ line ~mmuc ut ~ ~m u ~. ~ suen mmgs nave a place In IUI- ] ~r^,^r r~r [lip rxar-lnelser,dames ,acey, :u~s . . ~ u oo~ u.roc oa unt? mr~-tenuerI ~ J ~{in Chicago. [filling her need to do somethingI The volunteers aid the sick,/ ~-~ [Bernard Moisant H. C Murphy ~,oest ~on, wno as a someaay~an~ drain, l 1eanwnne comDlnel -,~ ~=~ ~ "~1 '--rovide services in time of~ ' ' " ' . . ,~v Hel Arrives creative mey dO not sauszy ner P . lvl. lVl.watKlns, donn r~lrwan wyer is not adverse to glvlnglthe soup, cream pepper, rose- ~I~1~1~1~ P -- " death "~re-are meals do house ~t ~f ~-"o|~ ~q~ [ ~ I-' ~ .~ ~ ,solicited opinions was openly/mary and Worcestershire sauce They could' they would they'~nee to oeoz servme.--ner need for newb, ' delivered]z~t ~'~" x.~u ~t,~aut~ /,~%~y -~,~f.~,~-- 6 " ' " " ' I ~*URUKA--I~ISS /~llerel~ ;- /~oore arid ~O De neecleo~, l-' ~ d " ~ 1.11~ ~Ulll ].l tb~'~::: ~ :OllllJIlS~,~b (11~:~ mtemptuousof SouthPaclf-/Heat, stirring until smooth;add~Thomas a. MUl gan nS~. Mary church, did. During the confinement and l l mothers and the like Let her l ST. PAUL Minn.--Two ydung]c h a r t e r membershi-" of the ,* Dec. 31. NaEural ttole ' ' ~-' ]the sherry. M~ss Judith F. MacDonald and Edwin for a week thereafter a home-[ inquire of her pastor where shelwomen from the Rockford dlo-/group' and at its initial meeting Buy GoodMusic ] Arrange the broccoli in a shal-[~ auckte, ~n Ho~v Angels church, oec.lmaker from the Catholic Chari-l It is me most natural mmg m can be of help Even an hour a[cese are enrolled as students at]thov dofin,~rt th~ nnrnn~ ,~ th, " iO r d k~iss Nanc M weis a~d t.~ " ) ties took ov r when the young the world for the mature woman! o le e of S Catheri -"~ ~'--~" Why. waste monev~ on that w g ease casserole; cover .~oma Y ~' " in ~9,~ . . . day could be a godsend. In an the C 1 g t. ne orgamzatlon" ' m' three petals,' " nd of stuff. Buy good music." with tuna chunks. Arrange the[dec, ~. ' " ' . . . I . . hour she could do the shopping here. They are Miss Joan Ryan/service to God' service to the .~ ~ s N ems ey ~ nerese cnurcn woman s husband left for workWith a grown Iamuy to continual uur CUltural leVel, music- . ' Jr in Sacred Heart church, Nov. U. " " sense to continue What she doesI ,~ ,~ ,~ ,**~= w ,t:ovc ~,~ ~ ~'~ nospltal; and oeGlfiatlon to tile sauce over all to with but M,ss carol Ann Cook and Thomas H late afternoon Boy was It ever ise, differs as does our decibel . ; P, " ~ucih in st a h.h,r.~ "l . .; ? 1 ' ihouse; or amuse the children so tersvflle and MissDlana Demp./assigned work. leranee. Ma and Pa like it t.ereo crumos and placeln,a I ~/|Z.AeE+n~Mhs~"B"a;b;r~rl~ ' Hi, memomer recauealul~lL3 ~: dllll~l .ll]~b " ~l|ll{ z J.~l" Ilyi~!a mother can take a much need-lsey of St. Patrick parish, St.[ Mrs. Root will act as director r, t l~za degree oven until crumos/ann ~nomas ~-itzsimmons, Jr in st.~appreclatlvely. ,'~no, oecause atlummren ~ cmmren, out mr allied r~" or h,h, ,~+h +h,~ ;, |Charles / i anlsslmo, c, augmer,l~es It IMary church, Dec. 27 ~ .- ~. the weak sick and hel'qess the"--~, ~' "*~" ~"" *"-'"'| " /oI me new department, assign- ildlv loud Sons like i+ for~;~ lard golden drown aoout 10 rain./ STeRL NO--Miss Ka~ Zlz~er and An-tmls parucular ~amliy s nnances,[ ' ', ,~ ; ing and the housework. I /; rt~ ~, ,~ h ,' ~,r *o rod-plus The moment Ma andlutes' Serves 6. [2~ a~er,st. Mary church, oec.lthere was no charge. Anotherl.httle ones WhO he,ca ,her bheI In every city there must bel'~/]i-~tF ii,~ ]~). /cording to her qualifications ~ ~ :. ] ?~ss Lois Mc~ei| and ~obert W ]family had safely weathered a]oecomes an ame at me hospital, hundreds perhaps thousands OfI ~JL~'t~t O~:auta "=''" /-- a leave the room, the bo~ pullPutat~ amman rio ~'rh0ma~, ~r, in St M~rv churc~ Dec 2~ I ' ' - -1 :----'--la volunteer a~ th~ ,r,~han~, a, I |Numerous posts may be filled MI I crlucal perlo l and was SII1gln~ t" "~'~ o" e volume control at full throt-I ] ~ssa ~; ~ey" see, a~d E~warci all I .'. experiencecl, ~,enerous womenI ROCKFORD -- St BernadetteUby volunteers in hospital work" . P Is s " Sacred Heart church Dec ~ [ the praises of the nomemaKert t acnea social worker, me 1. 1A ~.^ 1 ~ ~ ; :tl ' . i " /IORRI$ON . ]~a~urV%~c~ ~c [Serv;Ce;artment O| Catholic I ~o anm2 St~aaY~i :!eh:{t:n:li~h!:g!nl~!r !h:@d:~n~:~:7:iit~::!ei::~!!! ~l.mmeme!~:Th~Ccsnh~ ~ h~a~?;~::a~ ~i:;!g:tm;;;;~:~:l ~tgnd llln~!!. ~ I~/m.-.~i ~ I~/E ~.~.a- I Charities I,;~, "ldreds even thousands, of faro- Owens will show slides taken on zincs. II 2 cups thick white sauce !J.VlLUtllq~[~ .L 1tU~Zt I ~ Iclude other names. ~nere is ur- flies "h^ fin"~ J l II Bone and flake salmon' addI RO KF R,!More than 100 families werePgent need for the motherly qual I w u u gum~ ~ mane |St recent trip to rtuss~a. I VoJunteers hours wiu ne re- ,C O D -- The Mothers " 8 b this de art " terribly difficult. How wonder- ~ c o r d e for r "' ROSS V. li060TT served In 195 y P z h h r d ecognltlon and llhot sauce and drainod peas Iclub of St Mar, school " tiesso as spent Oo Oyoars ~ " h i i s in ' ,- ,~ ,o ,-,~, ~,~: s~ ~o~.~. - . merit ofCathohc C ar t e d 1 awards This program is cam Place in baking dish top with n eve aping and they should not Doroth Vinin Winter Dance Plumbing and Heating I]petatoes. Dot with butter; brown 7;e,m at-the--Sisiersaoi o'retto]Chicag,plus some families be wasted, n iple!ely apar! from all money Ilin h,t oven 450 de~,rees for 15~ ' '. Iserveo on a mu-payment nasls.I ,-, .~ I~ I ROCKFORD -- Bishop lvim-tmaKing eftorts o~ the Auxiliary, v -,convent lne program wm t)e a ~vezwuz~,eu VVOIII~ill { , [Iminutes %ryes 6 I " iThis number is multiplied byI Idoon General Assembly of theIVolunteers comprise a v it a l "~ ~mm and spea~er ~rom me in a recent arucm dames 1 14:11 l~kll~)llq2;[ You Can] In " s . ~ isimilar services in other dio-f : ] y [Knights of Colombus will hold[part of the hospital team. - IT/ I~?"I1 r~ I~ II lne adore recipe,areIroml'v/ental ~ea/m clinic, i ~ "~" ~'""""he Uni*ea~Micnener Calls me ~mericant,I:,- . :- - ~ .~ ~- -| " ~" t II rxt~Je~z z,~rt~, a COOKOOOK I -- -- -------- I States I woman the most overworke~ i,m B 1,da" Ja- 14 i- "h- ~'l'-- -T '- [ " "- "~ " ~or sou. IIPublished by St. Mary of Pray-.~ [ " iwoman in the world. In Asian]l'~ l(leS ned(1 E ard" u 'e--"faithf navi '/Meet ~undav Ilidence School~ Chicago Read- II I OI very zew oi me tammes amea ~ ~ ~, ;+ ; ,~ I 1 ~' ~ "/ ,/ h,=, (Or=) ~3~ (Re ) 3~lt liars are .invited to send their q~,l I ho/ h/'l~ are able to pay. Most of them :r~'"~;' ;~,~ ~-~'3~,-,~ ~ ROME --(NC)-- The Rev G !tar, has appoin}ed John P, War-/ A U R O R A -- The regular IIfavorite recipes to this column. I III UIi=q~IiImiIi~= ]have many children and a mar-~launtsto help t%e'yo'un;motherIFrederick Heinzmann, M.M ofilie as dance chairman. ]monthly meeting of the Third 201 W Market St M,rri=,- II~-I "~'~ e,~q.~qJ~ii,~l~ lginal income The homemakerslwith her famil, He was amaz ]Union City, N. J has beenl~ ]Order of St. Francis will be held " " themselves are carefully investl ~ " "' ." . "" ed to discover in Tokyo that the P " - " ' L I[MORRI$ON . . . I tkdf~ [gated and medical exammatlons waitress and hatcheck "irl and the Fides mission news agency. Plan Benefit IJan at2p.m. ils i] /~U LII~ ]ar%required They are expec!~d[others poor by American stan-I The American Maryknoller[ h. ~I1/1[ ] [~ lVHOMAS .EWELERo I[I II I 0 - 'h [dards all had servants at home Ihad been named acting directorial uaaonna ]~ J ~ ' cnimrenin me n me, oat e, . " la ' Here in America where none but after the death (Nov. 20) of the r REYNOLDS ' ' 'dr ha "the wealthy can afford servants I " "' [ erman Haeck S J,who d e aux h Y P~;vi~ev~h;i[h:laY~vA:tto tas~' and relatives are often miles had been director of Fides foriary of Madonna high school will O~ Know how**, at ~.~,~,~.;.' V1~h~ I[I ~ ! u^,~, I/ ! Y " awa- the woman with children I~ years, i sponsor a "Prelude to Spring"[ " ~',~,~.~a~ mtt t'uu~;z-~ ~a ~au~: t| i ~,~card party and bake sale in the1 III I/oeq~ I~il~l |lk |~ can make herself ill trying to Father Heinzmann served as school auditorium Feb "an"/Your service. ~~ Itl Estabhshed ,O ?e.r. ,~,~fiL,~ ,l!i~:~!!iii~!OOnmhii~s ~:l~oriili~!!i:;~h!:~iii~igr;~g~i ::be2donT:rat 3~e?im:!~::m y,s F:be la,t th ~P~?:i~gemabe:di;12; "S~rving Our Many Catholic Ill Abe Renkes Owner Lundstrom reennouses ]] " g ' P g " t e,' : "[ " Friends With Quality I!1 -- Ilhusband, her mind attuned to[Faith. The congregation an.L.ana one at 8 p.m. The follow-[rectory for your organization, - ROBERT A LUNDSTROM, PROP urren v n whll Y Jewelry and Gifts " Ill Itc t e -e ts, ' e v~onderinglnounced Father Heinzmann'sl : ^[ " " - book JL"llOne l 1orrlson ~a,;d 'See Us For All o Your Floral Needs" wh r h 1 I helot in me evening omy at t~ let an annual re ort a fman -- . I1| : ' ! I[ e e s e's going to find the,new appointment. I m Mr [ ' P ' " " Phone 4118 Mornson p s uamerine ~lasszor~ an a -- ill Phone MA 5-0893 I]tlme for developing a hobby andl The new director of Fides was[." " " Icial report, a house org , r Sterlln Ilhno~s is president of the auxlhary I1! 20a Eighteenth Ave. "g, " " I] participating in community af-]ordained in 1933 and came toI ' " ]cookbook a new publication. i~ ~[fairs as she is told she ought[Fides in 1946. He is procurator[i ~1 [We offer editing service ar- ]I~p~l~1~n ' |It 'Itisn tt be, w nderedatif'[general for the Marykn llFath'll iL~'~DrI~ ]lists' service, ideas and exper- " l[lO]~il~ l|m the ezzort to stretch herself inlers and superior of their house[ lience Why not check your Let- I'lt~Le~ P I 2 I ~ D s II ~ ltall directions, she sometimes/here. II II ~ " 1 Envelo-es State i I[comes apart at the seams. Thel II Special Purchase II , t I, l tTilili,o.e o, e e I/ oc2 WwhithadV!ses her to re qPuddin, Pounds }1 AO V gl: ?y l I~Jil|ilkr~ r U Ill II t t a iisny stare and| ~l .t-l.ltllll-- I|," l, or1he ~rl ollgca ~f, ' " " [ ~ |~ Rest I d love to rest But who'sl "'~T !l nn * ~,r~zr~n Ilever your printing require ! m~lA.a. ~lI Tha Elderly ana ~na t~onvatescent I[going'to look after the kids toil[children of Nazareth HouSe r I IA '~IklhH |[ments let us serve you; letter- I~q~WV li~ll~ ~, . ' e e- ' . I --- ---- lime that. ' If she winds up in the]ceived a 35- und ~r'~"~*~ I 1" 1 I/nress and offset equipped; hospital another family may -~,~ ~. ;i d2-x~"~Jt~a~L~ |n n I- I/. ]pudding from the Dr,ed Fruit ] II Call Berg.Sundberg iFa apart. ]Growers' Association of Austra- I$ I l ii ll I II " Homemakers Needed Ilia. The institution is conductedi O II In a nutshell, it frequently hap- by the Sisters of St. Joseph of i At" 111819--9th St Rocklord, lUinois, ~, ~l~ili I[pens that a house needs a home. Newark, whose headquartersll II WO 5.4628 3-T SUBURBANITES llmaker or a homemaker needs[are in Spring Lake, N.J. II BISHOP'S [t - - - I ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS I |$ Or,~ " " t W vr e n" ~ ~ GrQYeS* NOW ma e e t:J tt'ng i to ,I" i" Last y,Br's price p, rpair'31) OUR q~D[L)) PAINT B R A D Y' S ,~o Cold ond Flu seoson we get ',L 7~ ,BETI' many coils for Antibiotics and ,~ J, ,s~ 0 ~8 o~w ~.~ ~" CARDINAL FOODS Sulfas. Th0~ .e~s ore .o, ~ ~,1 AGE plus fax and fwo recappable fires COLOR MACHINE . e, only ,worthless but detrimental BARNIE'S Lowest prices ever on best Win- The Amboy Area s for these virus infections. Fur- ter tire, ever made by Goodyear. Colonial Acres ther, it is necessory to h~ve o ~ml~l SUPER SERVICE Suburbanites go, go, go in ,lush, KENNETH t. MELVIN, PRES. Choose From For Every rket -- a DIAL 3i 14 mud or mow, give more mile- Decoroting Need. ~lli E. Main -- Morrison age when the road is dearl MA 6-02~ mr~lU ^U uan~u~ant Rura] & ln.Town Orders John Chiaverinm PhC R.Ph, -- SAVt BIG NOWl AV. ,d SCnENCE R=DGt RD. STEaUN,;LL. rata n ua naavnas Are Always Cordially ElIZaBETH PH~M~Y " - " - 7 Bu,ckPon,oc MC Truck. ~ i ~ Invited Sales And Service JLTON,= AMBOY~ILLINOIS PH. 1:3, BILL BRADY, Owne~ ~Ph ne 68 ~Ph ne 41 R 6 Insurance Agency MORGAN'S SNYDER I "Complete Banking Service O' ' Ph ne ~s" Ph e 28611[I FINE NURSING HOME Ill mt.ral m. I WINES A Horn 'Like |/I ' --si co ,sTs- J h C. Lenihan, Owner For Over 50 Years" w= AND Atmosphere' co e Sixth =.n *i,-Con,t,o.on Hourso]Serving:5.12Mid, Tues. thruSat, jr; LIQU EU RS Licensed b, 5late of zu Sope .ised Di,Car. hooo -- o.oo,CmCKEN SEAFOOD HE ELIZABETH STATE BANK CO-DIRECTORS STEAK PIZZA ~--t----j~I~:~J.0eMember Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. We Welcome Your Patronage Phone 6211 3. M. Foy Fulton Llewellyn Fro, SPECIAL--Fish on Fridays (Orders To Take' Out) ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS 1118 4th St 719 12th Ave.- Fulton John 0 Seesser r Illinois PHONE: AMBOY 234 BORGMAN'S MEN'S SHOP "The Home oI Quality Clothes" a Van Huesen & Arrow Shim Holeproof $oz Adam Hat~ arz & Naas Suit= ST.-FULTON, ILL, BUD'S WOODS I.G.A. F00DLINER PHARMACY For Delicious Home-Made REXALL --BOLOGNA ---COOKED CORNED BEEF "Your Health ts OUR ---DRIED BEEF Business" --METTWURST Richard Woods--RPh. --MEAT kOAF T.E. Woods - RPh, Your Potronage App,ecioted " PHONE 2681 FULTON, ILL Fnhon Hlin~l, NOW i (MEMBER F.D.I.C.) TFeE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN AMBOY Service GUSTAFSON & SCHINK, INC. Phone 136 "~ Elizabeth MURPHY & GUSTAFSON, I'NC. Phone 4D 3-1216 ', Freepert I I Ill,: -- J~