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January 6, 1952     The Observer
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January 6, 1952

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|bree See|lama News Sedlom ~onuarv 6, 1952 ~ OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THE ROCKFORD DIOCF.$| ~ ........ VOL" XL NO. 36 rie: ts rred )r i:,t. Zc nlq: ..... Pries Alarm'ng Shrtac. e eter-A-nd The Crippled Wor/-d- IB Lshop An ! e I t' I n n "= ,t . IRush To Aid VtctLms lOt Clergy Fearel; opre la ul .ffatr Unllty tlqulve /Re& Block Gift West Frankfort, III. ~(NC)---- qle| - | e I | ~ II | | ~ I Bishop Albert R. Zuroweste of Belle- l BY REV. DR. MAX JORDAN" I | |~ K ville and priests of this diocese . /llr0110110Ut Rorl ; ue/a I v I - /r.. - .- _ ~ Iword went out at the disaster here /P zests now residing m the west- =am= . -- _ ilm A | I which, as of today, apparently has |~:n eZOneSrm~tfte2~rl~aanYsf::e, no m,I __ t .... l .... J..= J. 1L L .......... Icost the lives of more than 100 / g P their ....... I n~wRm == ~n ~=m=~ t miners /residence to communist-ruled (This is the first of three arEicles dealing with the world-wide observance of the Chair of ] -riests in oil nei-hborin- areas I zne Secretary of the Interior, who Unify Octave. The author is the director of the observance in the United States and a member of the ~ were alerted to a "s~tand b~'' b iI is known for his hostility to re- Franciscan Friars of the Atonement, whwh, while a Protestant commundy, omgznated the pemod l awoiti,g the opportunity to give I . - .... - y s s, ligion. ef prayer for the return of separated Christians to union with the Holy See and for the conversion[ aid and comfort to the victims and I ~ As there are no seminaries in of non-Christians. The Octave observance is conducted annually from January 18, Feast of St. ~ ~eil~eemers at their sorrowing I~i~s~tern ~0ern~ny,prnUsmt~roOudS Cwa~ Peters Chair at Rome, to January 25, Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul.) ~ The "mine disaster, the worst I hope to be assigned to Eastern . in the nation in some 23 years, parishes have received, and still Garrison, aN" Y.:-- (NC).. -- There.. , I REV. EDWARD F. HANAHOE I walkmgo~_ ,_ ,and.~ ~ leapmg intothe[, was caused b"y an a-^los:^-^~ ,~.,, ,]are__ receivin~,~, thezr" ..... *~,~'-,-.,,~ ,,'- was a man, lame ~rom nls mo~ner s . . waurca oz ~ou. " womb, who sat daily, by the gate cm:raC~esi:::as'ned at least 5,0001 As might be expected, this/cnm~o~Sta~da~h:'~ib;htle:~i~h~ I Wg~t'~ncaSem~e~a~e~ Zh~hne~et~U~, f the Tam le of Jerusamm, ~eg o . P ..... "1 ... " ..... t sermon aroused furious opposition| 220 men hod reported for work [!s bound to cause a serious situa- in . riB was a zammar mgn~ ~o 1sis narra~lve was ~ne occasion I and wao in+e~r'''*^~ ~'^~^-^ ~- .... " "- " ' " " " " " ^" " fl~eg~egular Temple visitors. [Osfg: ~ritfic ~Oremi~Omes4: s~ea~lable to develoTl~i~s~heme~need~es;/ ~onreo;etVt~e~unr:~ oA~ ~tl.'r~'nP?hSe [~en~s~aan~nnn:t ~niii~idmeIa~ frePmla~l~~ n,,o a~, ~ hl.~ " re ~ . ..... I to say, he was never invited to| Baptist here, rushed to the entrance [ , ~t p " y soon be __v.:~_:~.~,-~: l~i--o:a~ie:2SheWs~w l in a ~eacu.p, vu~ its reveroera~ions ]preach again. But Father Paul, as| to the mine shaft and maintained ]w~thout priests. .,,~.*~'~" ..T" ~.~1" ......... ,~m~ ,~ .TeRns Christ Irural,, town of Long Island,. N.Y. I called, for. widespread prayer for| his See City." of Belleville. I trained in Western seminaries for .,~ ~,. ..... h ~ri~ a~d_ _walk. I They were concerned w~th.gather-lumtyw]th the See of Peter. It was/ Foul oar hindered the rescue Ithe Dioceses of Berlin and Meis- m_~.:_=~,~:':'..-~::~,~o-~]~,ht hand ling funds for foreign missmns. A la real stroke of genius when he[ workers as they made the,r tar- sen. It was issued with the av- ~~m[~l~V~aa~S~tii~~~ehe~sn~!fdiil~~eaV!i?e~Sttwth~i/ ~d~bW!iYti~~!~!~On~ba~! I~!oe~hd~h~!~a ~t~i~ "-~m~c~e~tin~.theatvhen~, and ,,raising ~o~d'[Episcpallan" r~ligious community ]observed on January 18 and the[ day. Today, as rescue work went [receive their training in Western ~- ~'- ..~ ,~ ~.~-~1oo ,~hichlon Franciscan lines at Graymoor] Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul| on, a mine official expressed the I Germanly automatically lose their ;;~r ~s ~hiseven~, ~e~ates~i~a~ this ~Mnastery here in Garrison. ]on January 25; the period embrae-| beol~1~be19thattthe final death toll Irightnfresidence inrthenrovi ces Thusthef xtEastern For some time this man had/lag these two feasts was eightl . IP " Bee change _= t studied and vrayed over the posi-|days--an Octave. That was how/ ~ lot clergy between Eastern and r|_ ------J ltion of St. Peter in God's plan forlthe Chair of Unity Octave was| .... , _. [Western Germany appears effect- ~vexy and alarmmgly blocked by urnnn Ln@ rPQlHis Church He related the event[ born. " [A~ L|~ZA~B ~|AU. l" " II IIVVl~ ~==~'=~ lot St. Peter and the lame man atl It was first observed by the|~ IlatlgH) IIglfl/ Icommunist fiat. -- ~ n | the Temule ~ate Then he launched ] community he founded and some| I Simultaneously the Red rulers f',ffi,J ~---A||m~a~a~ ]into a fiery~ appeal He declared I sympathetic readers of The Lamp] rJ ....... J._J AA J continue to use every subterfuge +----=.dill --~-~U~lllllfllI__.....___ /that the lame man "was a svmbol l magazine, in. 1908. . The clash, be-/~,~p[~H~U ~ " I in order to. wean the peo~_~le away r I of the Amzlican communion: lame [ tween oppos,tmn and enthusmsm| I from their churches. Wolfgang . Em I from birth-and lvin~r vrostrate Just I which greeted the first observance / ~l m if' m m I Groth, one of the top officials in ~@ ~tP ~#~1~1' I be-and the door'ofentranee of'thai of the Octave, served to spread it|V~T|~e~n ~T~T~. Ithe department of education of If ai llNllt l Catholic Church, its hands always [ allthefarther. . " ............. i communist . Eastern . Germany, ....... |outstretched for alms. The only] "Y u.c.~ooer 30, 1909, the ,!ny Increase Of Ten l aSu~et]heSsnov~tPzr~nc*p,~ a~vo~ugh" Prelate utters rive [hope for health was for" them to/commum y of me ~oclel;y of me ...... ] ....... o~d th? rot More/nan /,o I -- or rope rms t ~ ~ -- l instead, in order that Christmas RRV. PATRICK O'CONNOR I CARD|~| V|~|T{~ THE Vatican City-(Radio, NC)---The I observances become "demonstra- _ _~ n ~--t~- m~us@ I number of countries maintaining azion~ xor the will to preserve Seoul~(NC) -- Thousands. of[ !diplomatic representation at the peace." Candles and fir-tree soldiers in the snow-carpe~ea,[ I Holy See has grown during-the branches were barred as decora- fronz fines oz ~orea tans at such obse frost-bitten ... ~ i Pontificate of His Holiness Pope .!~ .. ~rvances, .unless :. t ; tur: g I PiUSeX:Ie:rOfmroYttoe ~8w Thiissth:~ ~!~!t~lereaC~mV~?l~ealn~,~?ee~Cr~:e~ Francis Cardinal Spellho ke' t hm'l the Diplomatic Corps which has communist president." Such bsshov" of New York, wp I ,,~e-,, issued b-'~ the --Vatican ~ecre- pictures took the place of the ~rom[se to spend Christmas with l o~o- .qao o,,a ~h~,,~ o~o~,~o usual Christmas tree trimmings. tourZne vroOpSof theVYhnes.maKmg = u=~=- : the status of the various countries" in communist &splays and pas- s o- of December. 1951 Countries ters Stalin was shown as Santa " : " Claus for the "progressive" Ger The Cardinal returned to Seoul whose d~plomatm representatmns - - with Gen. James A. Van ~le.e~, are at present suspended are in, maned t~o~ rmanufacturers were n the hat of 48 g o ego their customar Eighth Army commander, after cluded i " . ...... " . Y celebrating Mass five ~imes zor moaezs ann ~o aeliver carvea cam- troop congregations estimated to total 7,600. He visited corps headquarters, divisions and an American hospital. He gave 11 talks and spoke individually to thousands of soldiers. Represen- tatives of all other U.N. forces also.met him. His Eminence traveled by light plane, helicopter, jeep and staff ear. A snow storm failed to stop him and he went within range of communist artillery. Returning here after a close-up View of devastated Korean towns and villages, he brought back with ~n addresses of thousands 'of atives of soldiers and promised ch man to whom he spoke he would write to his family. Non-Cathollcs as well as Catho- lics crowded to meet the Cardinal. Greek soldiers, members of-the schismatic Orthodox Church kissed the Cardinal's episcopal ring with as much reverence as Corp. Joseph O'Neill of New York, who received his graduation di- ploma from the Carding. at Car- ~tinal Hayes High School there a ~ew years ago, His Eminence Francis Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of New York and Military Vicar of the U. S. Armed Forces, comforts a wounded UN soldier at a hospital near Seoul, during the prelate's Christmas visit to the Korean battlefront. Nurse in background was unidentified in this radiophoto. (NC Photos) In 1939, the 38 countries with diplomatic representatives at the Vatican maintained 12 embassies and 25 legations, while one country was represented by a charge d'affaires. The new tabulation of the diplomatic corps lists 23 embassies, 24 legations and one country, China, listed separately as having a charge d'affaires. Three of the 23 embassies listed --those of Germany, Japan and the United States--have a distinct status The embassies of Germany and Japan have been without a titular head since the end of the war. The post of personal repre- sentative of the President of the United States, with ambassadorial rank, has not been occupied since the resignation of Myron C. Taylor. The other 20 are listed as follows: Argentina, Belgium, Boli- via, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Haiti, Ireland, Italy, Peru, Poland, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Venezuela and Paraguay. (Paraguay recently raised the Continued on page 12A munist "youth pioneers" and other "democratic" playthings rather than angels, trumpets and other "capitalistic baubles." More than 50,000 Christmas packages sent to Eastern Germans by friends and relatives in West- ern Germany were held up at the zonal border and confiscated by the communist police. They are to be turned over to Red welfare agen- cies under the pretext that inter- zonal traffic regulations were vio- lated. In spite of such ominous fore- bodings, preparations for next summer's Katholikentag, or na- tional convention of German Cath- olics, in Berlin continue uninter- rupted. According to an an- Continued on page 12A No. ! Car Tog Springfield, Ill. ~(NC)-- His Eminence Samuel Cardinal Striteh, Archbishop of Chicago, for the sixth straight year has been as- signed the No. 1 Illinois automobile license plate, a list announced by Secretary of State Edward J. Bar- rett here disclosed.