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January 6, 1938     The Observer
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January 6, 1938

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Page Four " : %= : ., - i THE The Official OBSERVER . Newspape  Published of Every the Diocese of Thursday Rockford THE OBSERVER--Publication affices 845 Bluff St.. Dubuque. Iowa Entered as second-class matter Nov. 27. 1935, at the Post Office et Dubuque. rows- under the .ct of March 3, 1879. Subscription--Prepaid: United tates, yearly $1.00; Canada, $2.50; Europe. $3.00. All communications should be addressed to the office of THE OESERVER, 845 Bluff St. Dubuque. Iowa. or 704 So. State St., Freeport, IlL Erief correspondence, especially news of the, Diocese of Rockford. is welcome. THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD -The word "Epiphany" in the Greek signifies the appearance of a divine being. For the Eastern Church, along with the feast of the baptism of Jesus, early piety associated thought of the physical birth of the Lord, of the star of the Magi, of the miracle of Cana, 'of the feeding of the five thousand. The Greek Fathers found themselves cramped for matchless expression even with the resources - of their matchless language. Theophany, Day of Lights, illumination of Jesus, Light shin- ing on the Jordan, are examples of the bent of their minds. Clement of Alexandria tells how this feast was celebrated in the fifteenth year of Tiberifis on January the 6 or the 10. "Philip the Martyr, A. D. 304, speaks of the "holy day of the Epiphany." At the Council of Nice, the primate of .Al- exandria was charged to send on the day of the Epiphany a festal letter setting the date for Easter. For Leo the Great this feast was "the Declaration"; for Filgentius, "the Mani- festation"; for Others, "the Apparition." "We little fishes," says Tertullian, "after the example of our great fish, Jesus Christ the Lord, are born in the water, nor except by abiding in the water are we in a state of salvation.", Whilst from the earliest days faith recog- nized that Christ not being under the law of sin needed no baptism in the sense that the rest of us require it, still it teaches that in the rite which John the Baptist performed for Him in the Jordan there was a solemn attes- tation of His divinity by the Eternal Father and-the Paraclete. As one homily words it: "Not vet is the feast of His origin fully com- pletecf, and already we have to celebrate the solemn commemoration of His baptism. He has hardly been born humanwise, and already He is being reborn in the sacramental wise." But we must understand His baptism not as a sacrament, but as a sacramental act of obed- ience, a lesson to ourselves to submit duti- fully to all the requirements of the divine law. REFLECTIONS OF THE HOUR Is not this word "reflection" a part of St. Augustine' frank admission that man is , bit of flesh/and blood and immorality, not like i a peninsula but a real isDnd surrounded by the evidence of his own frailty? l',,'llection, refraction, broken light upon troubled waters, there is a ring of sadness in the very verbal suggestion. "Entering into the house, they found the Child, with Mary His Mother, and falling down, they adored Him, and opening their treasures, they offered Him gifts  go!d, frank- incense and myrrh." Is not the gospel simplicity of this sentence from St. Matthew really appealing. It sounds full of tears. The \\;Vise Men, representing all humanitY,, are obeying a dumb instinct, offer- ing a few baubles, when they need to receive eternal life. They, and all of us, are men- dicants, beggars, tramps. He is the solitary Giver. And His day of magnificent splendor ha dawned. Light has appeared to the world and the Glory of the Lord arisen. Tharsis and the islands bring presents. Kings of Araby and Saba do homage. Micheas knew of hat -he spoke. In the obscurity of one of its out- lying stables Bethlehem is ennobled, forever established, not least but first amongst the princes of Juda. What ought we to do in the spirit of the feast of Ephany? Be grateful for the celestial light poured out by proxy upon the royal sages for the whole Gentile world. Hail the Messiah, the priesthood be- gotten before the daystar. Sympathize with the silence of Mary. About the very besti tlfing to do, would "be just that Ponder in your heart that God, God Incarnate, is here, that Herod trembles at the Holy Infant in the cradle. \\;\that shall the world do when He comes to judge, when the wintertime refuses the flight, and the hills fail to be a coverlet, and when the trumpet of Gabriel tells the foretold heraldry of the end and the com- mencement ? .... "And thou Luke 1, 31. JOIN THE HOLY NAME SOCIETY. A TESTIMONY UNTO THEM- Members of the Holy Name society throughout the world will approach the Holy Communion table on Sunday, "Jan. 9. May this act of public homage and intimate union with the Divine bring strength t carry on throughout the heat and toil of.the day may their example .and open. profession bring converts to the cause of the Holy Name : may every human creature be brought to realize the honor due in our naming of God and of all sacred things. And surely the most dreadful of names,he sacred and saving name, the name that is above all other names, the name in which we hope to be saved, is surely a name worthy of honor. And woe be to us, according to Scrip- ture, if we do not honor it. But why dishonor it? \\;Vhat is gained in the way of pleasure or profit by profanity ? Profanity is the silliest, and most senseless, and most unreasonable of sins. .- JOIN THE HOLY NAME SOCIETY. Neither as there salvation in any other. For there is no other name under heaven given to men, whereby we must be saved." Acts 4, 12. shalt call his name Jesus."-- BY OTHER EDITORS % Do Not Let Them Die The little practices, the truly Catholic practices, that were so much a part of the Catholic life of our parents and grandparents: Tipping the hat or bowing the head on passing a church; Using Holy Water on entering and leaving your home, on rising in the morning and retiring at night; Wearing scapulars or the scapu- lar medal; Saluting every prie@t you meet; Carrying youi" rosary with you at all times; Saying family prayers together at night; Beginning and ending every task with a little whispered offering of it to the Sacred Heart. Little things, all of them, but they grow big in the protection and grace and indulgence that God grants us because of them, in the constant reminder they offer us of God's presence, inNthe strength of character, and thoughtfulness and care they sometimes demand of us. Our age especially is inclined to grow scornful of these littl things, these simple things. But--"unleas you become as lit- .tle children . . ."--Exchange. Actions, Not Words John the Baptist sent messen- gers to Christ to ask Him if He were the Promised Redeemer. In the Gospel we read the answer. "Go and relate to John what you have heard and seen," said Christ. "The blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead rise again, the poor have the gospel preached to them." Christ believed that actions speak louder than words. His acts --the miracles He performed and the sermons He preached--proved His divinity, answered emphatical- ly that He was the Promised Re- deemer. Followers of Christ ,re expected to sfiow by their actions their be- lief in Him. There are t.-o many Catholics who say, when asked, "Yes, I'm a Catholic" nd let it go at that. They do not live like Catholics Their actions gie the lie to their faith. When Catholics live genuinely Christian lives their actions will proclaim to the world exactly what faith is theirs.--Cath- olic Herald-Citizen. How -Communism Works Winston S_ Churchill, eminent British statesman, recently wrote a book entitled "Great Contempor- aries." He has a graphic portrait of Leon Trotsky, alias Bronstein. The following imprint, taken from the chapter on Trotsky, s exceed- ingly illuminating and has a note- worthy last paragraph which ex- plains the present trend in high circles in England: "The creation of a mild Iiberal or Socialist regime in some peTiod of convulsion is the firbt milestone. But no sooner has this been cre- ated than it is to he overthrown Woes and scarcity resulting from confusion must be exploited Col- lisions, if possible attended with bloodshed, are to be arranged be- tween the a&ents of the New Guy- ernment and the working people. Martyrs are to be manufactured. An apologetic attitude in the rulers should be turned to profit. Pacific propaganda may be made the mask of hatreds never before manifested among men. No faith need be, indeed may be, kept withnon- Communists. Every act ot good will, of tolerance, of conciliation, of mercy, of magnanimitydn the part of Governments or Statesmen is to be utilized for their ruin. Then when the time is ripe and the moment opportune, every form of lethal violence from mob revolt to private assassination must be used without stint or compunction. The citadel will be stormed under the banners of Liberty and Democ- racy; and once the apparatus of power is in the hands of the Broth- erhood, all opposition, all contrary opinions must be extinguished by death. "Democracy is but a tool to be used and afterwards broken; Liberty but = sentimental folly unworthy of 'the logician. The absolute rule of a self-chosen priesthood according to the dog- mas it has learned by rote is to be imposed upon mankind with- out mitigation progressively for- ever. "All this, set out in prosy text- books, written also in blood in the history of several powerful nations, is the Communist's faith and pur- pose. To be forewarned should be to be forearmed. awarded the Catholic school sys- tem for its multiple and manifold benefits to the general public. Evangelist, Albany, N. Y. Turn Over a New,Leaf Few calendars around, the home outlast the period for which they were intended. Along about Christ- mas the new calendars arrive in all .their pristine glory. Everyone gathers around them and exclaims at their virginal beauty, their artis- try and their sweetness. The chil- dren want some of them hung in the living room but somehow or other they adorn the kitchen. This seems to be abo*ut the end of their, admiration period. About March First household- ers begin making notations on the calendar. These consist of little memoranda about how to bake an angelwing cake, where to obtain tickets for the concert and be sure and get dwo cans of dog food on Friday. The calen- dar is the worst place in the world to chalk up a reminder, as everyone consults the daily pa- per when a person asks: "What day is this?" On July first the calendar is ta] ing on a shop worn look. All the remaining pictures have b e en thumbprinted or penci led by youngsters who took the calendar down one rainy day. The heat curls up the pages; several of them have been used for pin cushions, and one is liable to be looking at December in place of August. Then comes that disastrous move on the part of an observer,-Seeing that Sep- tember has been over for several "I wrote this passage nearly sev- en years ago; but is it not an days, the householder snaps off the exact account of the Communist[ page' pulling .one or. two other months with at Nothing is qmte plot which has plunged Spain iuto l . . , ; ..... s as tragm as nommg a curren cal- the present hldeou welter agalnst] ....... enoar monm m your nano ome the desires of the overwhelming[ majority of Spaniards on both go solar as to try to. pasteit back sides"--Brooklvn Tablet [put oners pm it on m cruue zasn-  " ]ion, only to have it dangle like a n" 1 n , f ]rope OVeT a cliff. The calendar may Dlsnop r-eterson un [as well be taken down and the eye- o, , A-] Isore removed. Most homes nowa- orate /-icl ]days- have as many calendars as do Outstanding among the proAbarber shops. And like clocks all nouncements at the annual meek- ins of the Hierarchy, held in Wash- ington recently (at least for those interested in the longstanding pol- 'icy of discrimination against our parochial schools), is the statement of .Bishop Peterson as episcopal head of the Education Department of the N. C. W. C. In his report the Manchester prelate stressed that various changes were bound to come in the set-up of our Ameri- can educational system, including among others, some form of State aid for our Catholic school system. While the Bishop made no pre- diction as to "the type of public remuneration desirable or the time when State Aid might be expected, his insistance on the admonition that oqr convictions should be clear and our stad firm in matters of Catholic educational concern, gives distinct encouragement to those who, have backed the cause, and definite foundation for urging more widespread popular support. The issue is unquestionably a State problem. Few Catholics are willing to relinquish school control beyond the State Calitol. Here ill New York State our progress in this regard has been 1/mited to re- stricted free transportation legis- lation The limit of a few other States has included free text books. The problem, however, will not be settled until full remuneration is showing a different time, each cal- endar seems to feature a different month.- Southwest Courier, Dio- cese of Oklahoma City and Tulsa. r T-HE D B S E K VE,K - An Editor's Report Ordinarily, the late George Hor- ace Lorimer was a man of cour- tesy, but ecasionally a cantanker- ous author would get under his skin. One of these once sent the And Life Goes On BY J. P. M. America'= Most Widely Un-read Columnist Passers-by This morning walking up the street Only one person I chanced to meet, A young lad he who skipped along histling away at a snatch of a song. He grinned at me as he passed me by With sort of an elfin smile, "Who 1S that boy?" said I to my- self, "With that look so free of guile One other soul was in the block, An old, old man with such a shock Of long white hair and a sad, slow pace And a weary tiredness in his face. They passed each other with just .a glance--- The lad skipped on with his airy Wance, The old man sighed and glanced around To watch the youth's lithe, care- free bound. Then I knew that the Boy with the cocky gait Was young Mister Nineteen Thirty Eight, While the tire.d Old Man was Thir- ty Seven Making his slow way back to Heaven ! The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of From An Ad in A Chicago Daily: "WANTED: GENTLEMAN WILL PAY W'ELL FOR QUIET ROOM IN REFINED NEIGHBORHOOD. MUST NOT BE A RADIO WITH- IN A MILE AND A HALF."-- Some folks c-ertainly expect their Heaven right here on earth, don't they ? The Old.Blue Serge Gets a Break Comes now the item out of East Orange, N. J., that one Carmen J. Battaglia has invented a machine for taking the shine off the seats! of men's trousers. Well, lads, at tong last it begins to look like the machine age is really beginning to get somewhere. Americana Minnie,-the Singing Mouse, in addition to earning $1,000 during the past year by singing (or what- ever it is that she does) over the radio, found time to raise two lit- ter of offspring. Which, it seems, to me, should put an end, once and for all to the old contra- verey: "'Can a Woman have a ca- reer and a home, too?" DEADLINE There are still a few copies of the 1937 YEARBOOK avail- able, but from the way they are going, the edition will soon be exhausted. If you wish to keep your 1935-36-37 collection com- plete, order while they are still to be had, as there will not be a re-print. Twenty-five Cents per Copy. Address: J. P M., Box 85, Dubuque, Ia. From the Moutbs of Babes One day during the holiday rush when I was autographing the lit- tle book in the department store which handled them, a little boy who was passing the desk where I sat scribbling away, surrounded by my fond pubic, all six of them pulled his mother back by the coat. tail and pointing a grimy finger practically down my throat yelled in a piercing voice which I know was heard in Epworth: "Oh, Ma look! Is this where Santa ClauN gets his mail?" I've been thinking, when the i kids start mistaking me for Santa I Claus, Time certainly is marching on. Anyone know of a nice, pleas- ant Fountain of Youth, not too far away and where the tariff per day is not too steep? It must be re- spectable--and NO radios. Sincere thanks to Mr. Meisch, the cheese man; it was de-lish Pax Passeth How can we keep the Yuletide Pax When, full steam ahead, the In- Income Tax? I Wooden Wonder (Ouch!) Comes now the word that E& Bergen's partner wishes to known from this time forward as Mr. Charles McCarthy. It couldn't be, could it, that success has gone to his little (block)head? ., Suggestion to that fellow-who in- vented the machine to take the shine off the seats of men's trou- sers: why not get busy now on one to do the same thing for the shine ou the girls' noses? SUdden Thought: Of all the mo- vies I've seen this year--and they were plenty--one thrilling moment stands out in memory: the final episode of "A Star Is Born," when little Janet Gaynor, head erect, eyes straight ahead, valiantly said into the microphone in a voice without a tremor: "This is Mrs. Norman Maine speaking." Swell, wasn't it? Life is pretty much of a Dutch Treat. In the long run, each of us must stand his share of the "freight." They're Still Saying It MAYOR EDVARD J. KELLY. Chi- cago, Ill.: "I deeply appreciate having received a copy of 'And Life Goes On" as a Christmas remembrance from a friend. I shall take the book home with me and enjoy it from time to time in my easy chair. ' DEaN H. RESSER. ;nsurance Ex- change. Chicago: "I.have read for some time past your pungent cont/'i.- buttons in the WAKE and LINE of the Tribune and r was indeed pleased a day or so ago when our mutual friend. AI Fritz. of Dubuque. sent an autographed copy of your 1937 YEARBOOK." e '.UKE' ;ECL- u. 2 Tacoma, Wash.: "This year's book is the tops. It's gone half-way around the Navy by now. and maybe you think the Du- buque boys didn't go for it in a great big way. It was one of the very nicest things the folks sent me for Christmas. Jack Doyle got one, too." BOBBY LUCAS (aged 5}: "It is nice. but why didn't it have more pic- tures in it?" (I'm dying} "UNCLE EZRA." Station WLS. Chicago. Ill.: "It brought back mem- ories of happy days together. You don't mind if I nee little things from it now and then on the air. do you? No. I thought you would.n't." ANONYMOUS. San Pedro. Calif.: "If ynu never write another line. you will never be forgotten for 'Third Street Hill.' I used to climb it. too." ANNA POVER SLATTERT. Chi- cago: "Your little book never fails to awaken fond and loving memories of old Dnbuque in the hearts of all who have ever lived there." CLARENCE ROVLA'ND: -V h i t e Sex Scout: "Anything about the old town. iways hits a soft spot in my heart." Tough Luck The saddest girl in town is the one who just found out you can't divide 1938 by 4. SIMPLE CONFESSION Jesus Savior, I am sorrY, That my truant life re-told the story Of ingratitude and sins that stain, Purity of soul Thou bought through pain, I am lonely, Jesus, since I deft Thee. In my penitence now beg Thy I mercy. Master dear, how sadly I remember Once my soul would not accept surrender, 'Twas my wish to do Thy gra- cious Will, Yet I clung to mine in rudeness still, Savior, see my tears Of supplica- tion, Take the will I give in mute sub- mission. --Antoinette Kuhn. The Liturgy and Its Meaning FEAST OF THE THREE KINGS On January 6, the feast of the Epiphany, the Church celebrates not one manifestation bf the Lord but three. "We are celebrating to- day a great and holy day, glorified through a three-fold mystery. To- day the star led the Magi to the crib; today water was tarned into wine at the wedding of Cans; today Jesus submitted to baptism by St. John in the Jordan in order to re- deem us" (Vespers of this feast). Sister Emiliana Loehr, U.S.S., writes well about the Epiphany: "In (this feast) there are three r e a I i t i e s, three "'theophanies" (manifestations, appearances) cor- responding to the three principal occasions in Our Lord's life where- on He "manifested" Himself to the world as God and' King . . . The Star in the heavens revealed the poor Infant in Bethlehem as a di- vine King to the three Wise Men from the East; and they came to kneel in adoration, offering royal Saturday Evening Post editor a gifts. At the baptism in the Jor- long manuscript with pages 800 and 801 transposed. They were still transposed when it was returned i to the author, who thereupon wrotel Mr. Lorimer that this was positive! proof that the Post did not read its rejected manuscripts. The editor wrote back: "My dear sir: Is it necessity to eat all of an egg to find out it is bad?"--Bul- latin of the Catholic Laymen's As- sociation of Georgia. CONDUCT ADULT SCHOOL Troy, N.Y.--A Catholic School of Social Sciences--a school of Cath- olic education for adults--is being conducted by the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine in the Catholic Central high school of this city. The sessions are being held every Monday evening over a period of two months, ,and the courses are free, dan, the heavenly Father acknowl- edged, openly and solemnly, the man Jesus as His divine Son; and above Him appeared / visibly the po'er of God in the symbolic form of a dove. At Cana, with the mir- aculous changing of water into wine, Our Lord manifested for the first time His divine power. His unlimited dominion over material creation. Although the adoration of the Magi occupies the fore- ground in the Mass, the Church by no means loses sight of the other two "Epiphanies" (The year of Our Lord, 56). The prayer, or collect, of the Mass begs for a deep, active faith --like the Magi's--so that we may through a good life know Him tn His glory in Heaven hereafter: "grant that we who know Thee now by faith may be led on to the ontemplatlon of the beauty of Thy Ianuary 8,JO3g i S T RA NG E B UT TR.,( E Little-Known Facts /or Catbohcs j e) 19. by N- C W' C. News Service By M. J. MURRAY FR.I(3BR, II::L RICPtARD, OF DET'ROIT, SERVED IN TE 18  CONRE55 1813- Z5 /1," W00/a/ls I6 vs, ;$ f/d1, METAL ]$ 2 ft Tlfld ] rt ,RAT W10/4r I1P .uPPORI WHEN /T WI lN I.II.IN eN #g$S/A IN" 17.,R AN R AFITR l.Ayr40 WHER tr iM.  A CN'rUR,, 7"rf TJA.R _T IT LIP A$A (;ILIRCI,(. ]rWd$ 0 u,gD t,lTtL "/'t.IE YOL(JrlO 4 JT IT NOW 5rAtv$ #v A Af$COW a, ,L44:,r00e,00 NOTICE It is important that all questions be signed with the sender's name and COMPLETE address (not in- itials); otherwise, the questions willnot be answered. No names are ever publisiaed. Questions which ask for a private answer must be accompanied by a self- addressed, stamped envelop. AVe invite only honest and worthwhile questions. Q. Is it'a sin to refuse to speak to a person whom we do not like? A. We should not/bear hatred toward anyone. If the refusal to .speak arises from this cause, it is a sin. Under certain circumstances it is not advisable to associate with another, but we can greet that other, in any case, with a bow and a word. Ordinarily speak- ing, we should be on_ speaking terms with all. Q. If one should forget to make a firm resolution to sin no more is his confession good? A. If a person has real sorrow for sin, there is in his mind the day of obligation is one mortal sin, while to miss Mass on Sunday ten times is ten mortal sins. Tell the number of times you have com- mitted each mortal sin--and do [not wait until the priest asks you I--and should you forget the num- ber and you think of it at your next confession, mention the fact to your confessor. Q. Will you kindly answer through your Question Box if the gifts of the Wise Men to the In- fant "Savior have any special significance? A. Various meanings are at- tached to the gold, frankincense and myrrh which the three Wise Men presented. A very popular explanation is: The gold is a sym- bol of love; incense, of prayer; myrrh, of sacrifice. Another mean- ing sometines given is the follow- ing: the gold was offered in ac- knowledgment of Christ, as King; the incense to honor Him, as God, for in Israel incense could be of- Apostleship of Prayer BY REV, M, A. KISSANE, Diocesan Director The general intention of the Apostieship of Prayer for January is FOR THE GENERAL AND PAR- TICULAR INTENTION OF THE POPE. The Holy Father earnestly requests the prayers of the faith- ful at the beginning of the ncw year for his general and particular intentions. From the Chair of Peter His Holiness views the press- ins needs of the Church as crisis after crisis arises or threutens, and' h.e appeals in a special way at present for the aid of your p-.p v- that Almighty God " ere strengthen the Church and e its leaders in meeting the emer- gencies of the times. Pray', there- fore. this his intentions may i)e most pleasing to the Sacred Heart. MISSIONARY INTENTIONS The. Holy Father's missionary in- tention for January is "That all Christians in Abyssinia may return to union with the Church." Chris- tianity was introduced into Abys- sinia at a very early age but al- most from the beginning it has been deluded with schism. In Jan- uary, therefore, of this year the Holy Father wishes all Catholics to pray particularly that the non- Catholic Christians of that section of Africa may be brought back to union with the See of Peter. Con- ditions are now favorable for the expansion of missionary work there. The nationsl office of the Socie|y for the. Propagation of the Faith says : "Since the annexation of Eth- iopia by Italy in ]936, the mission situation has been changed. The opposition formerly made by the Coptic clergy is expected to di- minish. Greater development of mission work, particularly in the centers, is planned, and the mis- sionary organizations of the coun- try in general is being rearrang- ed." intention not to commit sin in the fered to God alone; myrrh was future. He ma not make- an act presented to recogmz" the human of firm purpose of amendment in]natur e of Christ which was des- the sense that he put it in so manY]tined to suffering, death, and bur- words, but the purpose of amend-lial; for myrrh is a bitter, though ment is in his heart, and it is thislsweet.smelling substance, which isl that counts th God "" laid on the bodies of the dead to [preserve them from corruption. Q: What is myrrh, one of the gifts offered by the Magi to the Infant Jesus? Q. What is the name of the star A. Myrrh is a gum-resin, a thIt guided the Wise Men to sticky, heavy sap, seeping from Bethlehem? various shrubs growing in Arabia. A. There are many opinions as Somaliland, and other districts to the nature of this star, and no- bordering on the Red sea. Myrrh one knows its name. Some think exudes from the bark or is ex-it was a conjunction of two plan- Holy Name Soc tracted by cutting into the bark eta, such as Saturn and Jupiter; from which it comes in resinous BY REV. M. A. KISSA! others that it was on of the stars, e DIocesao D=rector Majesty." We ask to have Jesm yellow drops, which gradually of th firmament that shone with ' " in Heaven whom we have only in thicken and harden. It is used in an extraordinary brilliance, or one Holy Name societies throubout faith on earth, medicines as a tonic and stim- of the comets that periodically the diocese should make every el- Meaning of the Gifts u]ant, and in ancient times the make their appearance in the hen- fort to secure a full qa:.ra at the The gospel relates the Three Egyptians employed it in embalm- vens. But in view of what St. communion railing next Sunday, " Matthew tells us of this star, the for on the second Sunday of Jan- Kings as falling on their knees] rag. and adoring Him They offeredl The Magi offered it together above-mentioned opinions are not uary we shall observe the annual Him gifts: gold, frankincense and[ with gold and frankincense as the very probable. For this evangelist Feast of the Holy Name. In an myrrh. These gifts are rich in[ chicest and most precious pro- tells us that the star "came and indult dated Oct. 23, 1929, Pope meaning. We are told they renre.lducts of the region from which stood over where the child was." Plus XI granted the canonically es- sent, or symbolize, the nat'ure and[ they came in token of their hom-]A natural star, whether it .ere a tablished Holy Name societies of dignity as well as the nurnose of[ag e to the new-born King of the comet or pmnet or conjunction of the United States the privilege of the divine child ann o-,,-,o ,lJews. [planets, would have appeared over observing the Feast Of the Most motive of the Kin s  .v:.  / -- ]all the houses of Bethlehem. More Holy, Name of 5esus on the second hT::::f:g I Sunday of January. I Q. Should I make a general probably a miraculous meteor or " they acknowledge C Men of the Confraternity will by offering frankincense, the sym- confession? I was satisfied at the some extraordinary luminous body, he interested to know that on next time of former confessions, but have worried about them since. A. If you were satisfied at the time. do not worry now. It is not advisable to make a general con- fession without consultation with your regular confessor. Scrupulous persons are often forbidden to make general confessiohs because such confessions often upset and torment penitents more: let'the past be forgot; attend to the pres- ent. There is one sure cure for scrupulosity--strict obedience to a good confessor. Q. If a person forgets to tell the number of mortal sin they have committed, do they have to tell this in their next confessions? A. One is obliged to tell in cori- fession the number of mortal sins which they committed since their last worthy confession in so far as they can remember. To miss Mass wilfully on Sunday or a holy- Myrrh is bitter to the taste but often aromatic, pleasant to the smell. Likewise with death to the world and living for Christ, it may be bitter and disagreeable to hu- man nature but is perfume and pleasing to the spiritual nature in man. It preserves man for the fu- ture, a glorious resarrection- haxlng the appearance of a star Sunda afternoon n o " [ ."  . "'ore 2 to :30, and rather near to the earth, iS la special Holy Name service on designated by the evengelist, the "Church of the Air" progran will he broadcast over the Colum- Apostle of Peace I bia Broadcasting,syste'm. "The priest contributes most ef- fectively to the solution, or at least r * , o . " l" ll"Up " i the mitigation, of social conflicts, Farlsn cnool !since he preaches Christian broth- Win F.**.v Awards] erhood, declares to all their mutual ...... J obligations of justice and charity, brings peace to hearts embittered by moral and economic hardships, and alike to rich and poor points out the only true riches to which all men both can and should as- pire."--A Papal Peae Mosaic (N. C. W. C., Washington. D. C.) Curbing the Usurer "Without a doubt, a not incor- ;iderate section of this usurious business could be curtailed by healthy decelopment of p a r i s h credit unions and other credit un- New Orleans.--Parochial school pupils won eight of the 10 prizes in the essay contest on "Jefferson Davis--President of the Confeder- acy," sponsored by New Orleans chapter No. 72, United Daughters of the Confederacy. The contest was open to seventh grade pupils of all parochial, public and private schools in the city. Catholic Law School Largest In America ions."--The Parish Credit Union' New York.--St. John's Univers- Institute (N. C. W. C., Washing-]ity School of Law, Brooklyn, still ton, D. C:) ranks as the largest law school in America, according to statistics of Prison Governor: "You say you law school enrollment in the have a complaint to make. Well, IAmerican Law School Revie'w. what is it?"  , - The figures show St. John s Urn- Convict: "There aren't enoughlversity Law School with an en- exits, sir." rollment of 1,468. Harvard ranks .... l second with 1,390, and Brooklyn Join The Holy Name Society JLw School third with 1,250. bol of adoration, they professed their belief in the divinity of the Child (that He is the Son of God); by presenting bitter myrrh, they indicated that He was to suffer as the Redeemer. Myrrh is a yellow- ish brown, gum resin obtained from a balsam shrub. Since myrrh was used for embalming, it also sig- nified the death and burial, and in i general, the humility of the Re- deemer, that He is man as well as God. In imitation of the Magi. we ought frequently present to our King the g61d symbolic of love, of charity. As gold is a most prec- ious and necessary metal, so love, charity, toward God and neighbor, is the queen and the greatest of virtues. We ought present to the King our incense symbolic of prayer of adoration. To Him we give our ervice; Him alone we adore. To serve God on earth is to reign with Him in Heaven. God alone do we follow and obey; be- fore no false god will we bend our knee. And to serve God faithfully we must be mortified, lead a more or less penitential life. This sort of sacrifica life is expressed in myrrh symbolic of death-to-self; putting off the old man of sin and wrong tendencies and habits /